Full Matta live set for the Solipsistic Nation show.
Monday, 09 May 2011 15:54


It should be established by now that Matta are able to spit out excellent and tasty mixes faster than their shadows. After delivering one two three other mixes in the recent months, the dynamic duo is at it again, this time with a full, 25-track live set recorded for the friendly Solipsistic Nation website and radio show.

This new heavy, addictive set can be listened to here or below. The playlist is after the break.

1. Interview with James and Andy of Matta
2. Hecq "Sura (Matta Remix)"
3. Matta "Puncture"
4. Matta "Chest Rocker (Dub)"
5. Matta "UFO"
6. Matta "Inquisition pt2"
7. Matta "Monster"
8. Skism "Back Off (Matta Remix)"
9. Matta "Empire vs Turning Tricks (Dub)"
10. Haters "Anthem (Matta Remix)"
11. Matta "Bullet Screams"
12. Matta "Release The Freq"
13. Matta ft MC Coppa "Eyes"
14. Matta "Chaos Reigns"
15. Matta "Fade"
16. Matta "Chamber"
17. Roel Funcken "Skarm Sfias (Matta Remix)"
18. Bong-Ra "Megasaurus (Matta Remix)"
19. Matta "Mass"
10. Tomandandy "Tokyo (Prohabit Remix)"
21. Matta "Feed (Dub)"
22. Black Lung "Succulent Bruises & Bruised Roses (Matta Remix)"
23. Matta "Freefall"
24. Matta "Hit The Switch"
25. Matta "Turning Tricks"
26. LDZ "Faith (Prod by Matta)"

By the way, it's not the first time that Ad Noiseam artists are featured on Solipsistic Nation: click on each link to check episodes of this show featuring Mad EP, Enduser, Igorrr, Exillon, Somatic Responses and Nicolas Chevreux (yours truely).

Matta's "The Lost" (adn124, 12" / digital), "Release The Freq" (adn137, 12" / digital) and "Prototype" (adn138, CD / digital) are out and available on Ad Noiseam.


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