Get a glimpse: Ad Noiseam free compilation for Spring 2009
Monday, 18 May 2009 20:30
Ad Noiseam Spring 2009 free label compilation
Since the beginning of Ad Noiseam in 2001, every Ad Noiseam online store customer has received a CDR for free with her or his order, on which is burned a selection of tracks from current Ad Noiseam releases. Tons of these CDRs have been burned and sent out over the year, and have, hopefully, helped to spread the word about what Ad Noiseam is about.

We've decided to open these compilations  to all the visitors of the Ad Noiseam website: from now on, you can download a CD-length free mp3 compilation  containing a selection of tracks from current CDs and records on the label. We might throw some forthcoming material from times to times, and the current "Spring 2009" edition  features a video trailer prepared by Larvae for their "white label" DVD .

We hope that this compilation  will help everybody to discover some new artists and tracks, or present a broader image of Ad Noiseam to people who are familiar with only part of the roster. Again, all these tracks are taken from currently available releases. The full tracklisting is below.

This compilation can be downloaded in bandwidth-friendly resolution (but still ok quality) here . Note, however, that if you want to say a little thank you for this, you can purchase a much higer-resolution version here , for a very reduced price (5 Euro for E.U. residents, 4.20 Euro for everybody else). Part of this sum is given to Amnesty International (as we always do with digital releases ), and the rest is divided between the artists and the label. Therefore: you can check out  some new sound for free, but you can also support  the people who made them possible.

Happy listening, feel free to leave a comment  about this compilation and initiative.

The tracklisting for this first volume is:

1. Somatic Responses "Reformation" - taken from "Reformation" (adn110)
2. Cardopusher "Low End Legacy" - taken from "Unity Means Power" (adn109)
3. The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble "Shadows" - taken from "Mutations EP" (adn105)
4. Math Head "Terror Inc" - taken from "Stab City" (adn98)
5. Sickboy "Time To Play" - taken from "Time To Play" (adn106 & adn107 )
6. Cdatakill "Imperial Passage (remixed by Abelcain)" - taken from "Passage" (adn104)
7. The Teknoist "Full Metal Teknoist" - taken from "...Like A Hurricane Made Of Zombies" (adn103)
8. Broken Note "Zealot" - taken from "Crux / Zealot" (adn102)
9. Larvae "Turning Around" - taken from "Loss Leader" (adn101)
10. Funckarma "Days Of Night" - taken from "Dubstoned vol. 2" (adn99)
11. Cakebuilder "Mohyla" - taken from "Feeding The Worms" (adn95)
12. Raoul Sinier "Listen Close" - taken from "Brain Kitchen" (adn92)
13. Spyweirdos, John Mourjopoulos & Floros Floridis "Epistrophy" - taken from "Epistrophy At Utopia" (adn91)
14. Mad EP feat. Puppetmastaz "Clones (remix)" - taken from "Bass.hed" (adn90)
15. Exillon "Darkassid" - taken from "It’s OK To Dance" (adn86)
+ video trailer to Larvae’s white-label, non Ad Noiseam DVD
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