Listen to a live set by Karsten Pflum for Wunschkonzert.
Thursday, 11 November 2010 10:59

The name of the Wunschkonzert website could be translated in "wished for concert" or "concert à la carte". I have little background information about this site, but the great Karsten Pflum is gracing the latest episode of this size with a 15-track live set in which he mixed both his material (including two from his "Nemo Loon" EP, adn130) with some from friends such as Hecq or Bjørn Svin.

This set, which is introduced by a 9-track DJ set by one of the site's curator, can be downloaded here, and you can stream it or read more about it there. The playlist is after the break.


Petra Lundawerk (Wunschkonzert, DJ Mix)
anbb – electricity is fiction (Raster Noton)
Richard Devine – Kepter (Warp Records)
Opus Finis – Trying Times (Mannequin)
Suspicion Breeds Confidence – Hirnsuite (miisc)
Newclear Waves – Ruins (Mannequin)
Tom Burbank – Gnats (Planet Mu)
Kid606 – When I Want A Gun, Yeah (555 Recordings)
anbb – one (Raster Noton)
Madteo – Deliverance (Meakusma)

Guest Support: Karsten Pflum (DJ Mix)
Bjørn Svin – BowBrow (Rump Recordings)
Hecq – Steeltounged (Hymen Records)
Bass Junkie – Hip Hop Re Bop (Bass Junkie’s Boogie Down Bass Mix) (Breakin’ Records)
Lucine – Sin (Hymen Records)
Acid Test – Test One (Playhouse)
Karsten Pflum – Coda Lid (Mindwaves Music)
Bruce Stallion – Bad Pillz (Tigerbass Records)
Karsten Pflum – Tak One (Boys and Girls Mix) (Mindwaves Music)
Karsten Pflum – Nemo Loon part I (Ad Noiseam)
Nero – Something Else (Z Audio)
Ultrablack – Puff (Play Me)
Karsten Pflum – Nemo Loon part III (Ad Noiseam)
Source Direct – The Cult (Metalheadz)
Squarepusher – Beep Street (Warp Records)
Karsten Pflum – Untitled (Forthcomming)

Karsten Pflum's "Nemo Loon" EP (adn130) was released on Ad Noiseam this Spring and is available on vinyl or as mp3.

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