Mad EP mix for Solipsistic Nation
Saturday, 18 September 2010 13:23

A couple of weeks after hosting a session with Enduser, San Francisco's podcast series and radioshow Solipsistic Nation is now lending their turntables to Mad EP, for a long, intense and wild new mix. This set, which you can listen to here (or below) contains a lot of new Mad EP tracks, as well as pearls from Ad Noiseam discography, from "Eating Movies" to "The Madlands Trilogy" or "Bass.hed". Click here for more information about this show, and check the tracklisting below.


1. Mad EP “Sap/v.1 (Unreleased)”
2. Interview with Mad EP
3. Mad EP “Noise 11211 (Unreleased)”
4. Mad EP “Scab Removal Technique”
5. Mad EP “Dreme (Unreleased)”
6. Mad EP “Jackwind (Unreleased)”
7. Mad EP “Inf-Enj (Unreleased)”
8. Mad EP “Slack (Unreleased)”
9. Mad EP “Tonem Sevo Lehs”
10. Mad EP “51 Areas”
11. Mad EP “Everything Falls Apart”
12. Mad EP “Matthew’s Lament (Unreleased)”
13. Mad EP “Yuido”
14. Mad EP “Scapegoat Waltz (Unreleased)”
15. Mad EP “Cosican rmx222 (Unreleased)”
16. Mad EP “When It Hurts (Unreleased)”
17. Mad EP “Damb (Unreleased)”
18. Mad EP “The Way It Is (Unreleased)”
19. Mad EP “Graveyard Salsa (Unreleased)”
20. Mad EP “Stepping Amongst Daysteppers” 21. Mad EP “Crocacyst”
22. Mad EP “Shades of Grey Remix (Unreleased)”
23. Mad EP “Iowa City”
24. Mad EP “S-Cents”
25. Mad EP “Optigrab (Unreleased)”
26. Mad EP “Insomniac”
27. Mad EP “Lilies & Libations”
28. Mad EP “Drinking Your Tears (Unreleased)”

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