New video of Oyaarss performing "Parejošs kaut kas" as a live band.
Wednesday, 11 December 2013 12:25

New video of Oyaarss performing "Parejošs kaut kas" as a live band.

The feedback received to the video of Oyaarss's "Malduguns" performed as a live band (meaning with live guitars and drums) received a great amount of positive feedback. Good news, it is followed today by a second video from the same session. This time around, Oyaarss and his associates of Nelaudis paired to create a live retranscription of "Parejošs kaut kas" ("Perishable Something"), also takern from Oyaarss's "Bads" album (adn159).

This live rendition of "Parejošs kaut kas" is available here or below. Turn the volume up, click play and enjoy. You are free to share, repost this video and spread the word. Note that Oyaarss is now available for bookings both solo and as a live band. Get in touch to book him / them in your neck of the woods.

Here is the "Malduguns" ("Ignis Fatuus") video again, which was made official back in October.

You can also watch here a practice video from from these sessions, as well as four videos of Oyaarss performing live in Latvia.

Oyaarss's both albums are out now on Ad Noiseam and available:

Oyaarss "Bads" - Ad Noiseam adn159 "Bads" adn159 CD / digital
Oyaarss "Smaida Greizi Nakamiba" - Ad Noiseam adn163 "Smaida Greizi Nakamiba" adn163 CD / LP+CD / digital

You can find the "Parejošs kaut kas" video on Youtube as well here, if Vimeo is having difficulties.

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