Of Igorrr and his effects on today's youth.
Tuesday, 01 June 2010 19:47
Robert Smith of The Cure? The ghost of Slipknot's recently deseased bass player? We're not quite sure who this masked avenger is, but his recent fan-made, unofficial video, done for "a school project" is for sure a reason to write a bit about the new Ad Noiseam act Igorrr.

The solo project of Paris-based multi-instrumentalist Gautier Serre, Igorrr has been making quite some noise through and with a couple of self-released album in the past years (one of which was later put out as mp3 by the good people of Acroplane). 2010 will see Igorrr take a whole new step, though, with first a vinyl version of a past album on Impulsive Art (which will be available through the Ad Noiseam online store upon release), enriched with some crunchy remixes by Rotator & alii. In the fall, it will be time for Igorrr's brand new album, "Nostril", which will be then released on Ad Noiseam (you already want a catalog number? adn133, coming in October).

You will hear and see a lot more about Igorrr, his insane combination of breakcore, baroque music (baroque-core is the new buzzword) and metal. But first, let's see a mask fan pay tribute to this project. There are more videos and links after the cut.

And here is a live-video of Igorrr performing a track taken from "Nostril", his forthcoming Ad Noiseam album:

Want even more? Then check Igorrr's page on Youtube, where you can also find videos from his other band, Whourkr.

And before we get asked again: no, this Igorrr (no double point, three r) has nothing to do I:Gor (double point, one r).
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