Out now: Igorrr's "Hallelujah" album (adn165)
Friday, 21 December 2012 00:00

Out now: Igorrr's "Hallelujah" album (adn165)

Out now and available is the long-awaited fourth album by Igorrr's, the aptly-titled, apocalypse-released "Hallelujah" (adn165), which is now available on double LP (with the CD inside), digipack CD and digital files.

"Hallelujah" is not only the follow-up to "Nostril", but also a definite step forward for Igorrr. An album which was for years in the making, it is the translation into tracks of very old ideas and the combination not only of styles, but also of many guest musician's talent. Together with several new singers and musicians, Igorrr has perfected here the concepts he had touched in his previous albums, improving his production and mixing breakcore, baroque classical music and metal in an even faster, more coherent and crazier way. Both from Igorrr solo and from his high-profile guests "Hallelujah" is the lorrrd's concentrate, the exhilarating, mad result of a perfectionist's tireless work.

However, note that since we're more than busy right now with our very own Apocalyptic celebration (which doubles as a release party for this album) and will then go straight to a week of Christmas off-time, orders for the record and the CD will not be processed before December 29th, and not shipped before the 2nd of January. Sorry for this delay; we all have to recharge the batteries, and the many bank holidays in this period do not help to ship orders fast.
Note, however, that all pre-orders have been shipped. If you pre-ordered this album and have paid for it, it is on its way, and might even have reached you now. If you bought the digital version, a link is now available for you in your account in the Ad Noiseam online store.

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