Out now: Underhill's "Silent Siren" album (adn156)
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 19:03

Out now: Underhill's "Silent Siren" album (adn156)

Here is the siren. A week after the release of Oyaarss's album "Bads" (adn159) and a few days following the re-release of the "Blind" digital EP, Ad Noiseam is proud to announce today the release of the massive, seductive and deep début album by Underhill, "Silent Siren" (adn156). Read more about it here and get your CD there or your digital files here. Note that the vinyl version is sadly slightly delayed (more about this below).

Somebody will need to come up with a genre name for Underhill's “Silent Siren”. With music written by Dean Rodell, Balkansky / Cooh and Current Value and vocals by Martina Astner and MC Coppa, this album is as coherent as its line-up is improbable. Trip-hop, drum'n'bass, gothic atmospheres and hip hop: all these elements are molten into each other with great care, creating an impressive work which is far more than the sum of its parts. Try it at home, then try it on a huge PA: Underhill's “Silent Siren” is a multi-faceted creation which just invites its listener to dive deeper.


A note regarding the vinyl version: while we had planned on making this format available today as well, we have run with continuous difficulty with the pressing plant, and have received copies whose sound is sub-standard. Rather than releasing an LP which doesn't sound good enough, we have asked for a new pressing, which should be available between March 30th and April 4th, if all goes well.
This means that:

  • we are extending the pre-order / rebate period for this LP version. Point your browsers here to get it a bit cheaper than usual.
  • Everybody who purchased this LP and is waiting for it is entitled to a free download of the FLAC version of Underhill's "Blind" EP. If this is your case, you should have received an email from us about this, and can download this EP for free in your online store account.
  • and of course, don't forget that every copy of this LP comes with a free version of the full album on CD.
  • We are doing everything possible to have this second pressing of the LP available as soon as possible, and will keep every customer informed of the process.

    Underhill "Silent Siren" - Ad Noiseam adn156

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