NYE reminiscences from Monolog and Swarm Intelligence.
Tuesday, 13 January 2015 15:41

NYE reminiscences from Monolog and Swarm Intelligence.
Everybody should by now has accepted the fact that we've started a new year and got used to signing "2015". It's not such a long time ago that we were celebrating New Year Eve's, though. Memories are still fresh, as are the following two recordings of sets played by Monolog and Swarm Intelligence (both pictured above, together with a member of DFCE) at a NYE party at Berlin's Subland club.

Click here or below to listen to Monolog's full set, hard, fast and clocking at an hour.

There and below are the first twenty minutes of Swarm Intelligence's slower and more distorted show (which incidently took place right before the Monolog one).

Dark, heavy and "hardboiled" mix for Swarm Intelligence.
Monday, 12 January 2015 12:06

Mr Swarm Intelligence probably doesn't get much sleep at the moment. Following the release of his "Faction" album (adn183), his "One For The Abyss" 2014 retrospective set, his new "Tunnel" track, he offers us today a free DJ set of sort, recorded for the Berlin collective Hardboiled and aiming at promoting his show in Berlin on January 16th.

This "Hardboiled Podcast #2" can be listened to here or below. Enjoy, and don't pass on the show on January 16th if you are in Berlin.

"Tunnel", a new track by Swarm Intelligence.
Saturday, 10 January 2015 16:32

Click below to listen to "Tunnel", a brand new track by Swarm Intelligence and one of the first to come out of this Berlin-based musician's studio since the complection of his "Faction" album (Ad Noiseam adn183).

This track is brand new, but has already been featured in a new episode of Boiler Room's "Upfront" mix series, which focused on up and coming Berlin artists. You can read about it here, or listen to it there.

Sixth, final part of DJ Hidden's "Enclosed" podcast series.
Friday, 02 January 2015 15:59

Sixth, final part of DJ Hidden's "Enclosed" podcast series.
Friday Freebie: let's start 2015 with a closure. DJ Hidden and Ad Noiseam present you the sixth, final chapter of a very ambitious project in which this artist embarked in October 2013, surrounding the release of his third full length album, "Enclosed" (adn173).

Over the course of six hours, DJ Hidden's "Enclosed podcast series" took us through drum'n'bass, electronica and hardcore, from hard and dancefloor-oriented tracks to deeper, calmer ones. It took a long time to reach completion, but the result of this ambitious idea was very worth the wait.

You can listen to "Outcast #00", the 6th episode of DJ Hidden's podcast series here or below. Click here for the 6th episodes on one page.

The previous mixes in this series were brought to you by:
- #1 Ad Noiseam
- #2 Hard Bass Dealers
- #4 Mindtrick
- #5 Harder & Louder

Swarm Intelligence throws 2014 into the abyss.
Tuesday, 23 December 2014 15:30

It's been a very busy and successful years for Swarm Intelligence. Not only did Simon Hayes start 2014 with a "Black Iron Prison" debut album on Acre Recordings, but he also had his first CD album on Ad Noiseam, "Faction" (adn183) released in November, and collaborated with his band mate Monolog in their Diasiva side-project, playing quite a few shows and releasing a few tracks.

To celebrate this busy but somber year, Swarm Intelligence presents us today a very un-Christmas-sounding mix entitled "One For The Abyss", which contains only material from his two albums so far ("Faction" and "Black Iron Prison") as well as from an upcoming EP on Acroplane.

Seasonal greetings and a small break.
Monday, 22 December 2014 13:31

Seasonal greetings and a small break.
Everybody needs a break at one point: after a very productive years, we're taking a small pause for the holidays. The Ad Noiseam office is not manned starting today and till December 28th (which might lead to things returing to normal on January 5th only). All orders placed through the Ad Noiseam online store will be reserved but shipped on December 29th only. Sorry for the inconvenience and, of course, merry Christmas and happy new year to everybody reading this line. Thanks for listening in 2014 again.


Glitches and experimentations from Oyaarss's well-hidden side-project.
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 17:40

While Oyaarss is steadily reaching more ears and his "Zemdega" album is gathering more praises (such as this review from Cvlt Nation), little has been heard and even less written about Tripplexis, the well hidden, recent side-project by our favorite Latvian producer.

Apparently started as a way to combine Oyaarss's taste for noisy and epic build-ups with both hardcore techno tones and experimental setups, Tripplexis's output so far has been a collection of obscure, gritty but often evocative tracks, which you can listen to the project's Soundcloud page here.

A new track has been uploaded today, allegedly related to a "super secret multimedia project" and featuring what seems to be some old school industrial drumming mixed with Oyaarss's distinguishable emotional patterns. You can listen to the track here or together with a simple video below. Enjoy.

Out now: Igorrr & Ruby My Dear "Maigre" EP
Sunday, 14 December 2014 13:26

Igorrr & Ruby My Dear "Maigre" - adn184
Out now and immediately available on vinyl, CD and as digital files is Ad Noiseam's closing release for the year, the eagerly awaited collaboration between Igorrr and Ruby My Dear, the "Maigre" EP (adn184).

A match made in heaven: Igorrr, well known for the madness of multi-instrumental epic breakcore, pairs up with Ruby My Dear, one of the finest and most imaginative producers of the genre. The result is an intense EP which seamlessly combines these two musicans' own sounds and takes the listener on an impressive trip. Hardcore beats, metal riffs, growls, opera vocals, sub-basses, absurd samples, sudden breaks: all these and more are found in "Maigre", not thrown aimlessly, but carefully wrought in an EP which might advance a whole music scene forward.

Click here to read more about this release, there to purchase it. You can watch its video trailer here and listen to an entire track over here.

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