Re-experience Oyaarss's Maschinenfest 2014 set.
Saturday, 22 November 2014 13:14

A hardcore fan was dedicated enough to film and record the whole of Oyaarss's set at the 2014 edition of the Maschinenfest festival. The result, a 45-minute long dark but reasonably well recorded video which you can watch here or below, is a very interesting testimony of what Oyaarss can be.

While "Zemdega" is a purely electronic album, this show at the Maschinenfest included live drums and live guitars, providing a completely different vibe to the material. Everybody who was there can tell you how intense, loud and beautiful it was. Get an idea of this all below, and check out "Zemdega", and don't miss Oyaarss when they are in your neck of the woods.

Friday Freebie: listen to Swarm Intelligence's presenting "Faction"
Friday, 21 November 2014 13:46

Friday Freebie: listen to Swarm Intelligence's presenting "Faction"
Friday Freebie: we have new mix ready for you this week. This time around, though, it is not a fast, hard and club-taylored dancefloor-packing set, but a much slower, heavier and dirtier one, and something which should cause more headnodding that frantic twitching.

On the heels of the release of his "Faction" album (adn183), Swarm Intelligence has recorded a 20-minute long mix in which he goes through the tracks of this album (and only through them). Following other album medley such as Monolog's "Merge" or Hecq's "Conversions" ones, we therefore give you your Friday dosis of free music, Swarm Intelligence's "Faction medley" mix, which you can listen to here or below.

Announcing Igorrr and Ruby My Dear's "Maigre".
Thursday, 20 November 2014 12:00

Announcing Igorrr and Ruby My Dear's "Maigre" (Ad Noiseam adn184).
Can you hear the drumrolls? As Noiseam is happy to present the label's last release for 2014, in the form of a collaborative follow-up to both Igorrr's "Hallelujah" and Ruby My Dear's "Form". "Maigre" is a breakcore match made in heaven. The fruit of long months spent in the studio, it is a perfect marriage of Igorrr's epic multi-instrumentation and metal elements with Ruby My Dear's sub-basses and rave influences.

Igorrr & Ruby My Dear's "Maigre" (adn184) is coming out on Ad Noiseam on December 15th on 12" vinyl (in which a download code will be added), on CD, and as digital download. Click on each format in the previous sentence to pre-order your copy. As usual, we give a rebate on pre-orders, meaning that you will not only get your EP before anybody else, but also for slightly cheaper.

Hit this link for more information and to listen to excerpts of "Maigre"'s five tracks. Here's already a minute of its opening tune, "Barbecue".

Join Matta for a music-production tutorial
Thursday, 13 November 2014 19:48

Join Matta for a music-production tutorial
Matta were recently asked by the well established British magazing Computer Music to present a video tutorial in which they show aspiring musicians how to create the kind of heavy, catchy and driving tracks they are known for. The whole thing comes in two part, the first one being available for free here, and the second one requiring you to purchase issue 210 of Computer Music.

Free 40 minutes, kick back, turn the volume up and take notes as Matta invite you to their studio and guide you through their productions techniques:

Watch Oyaarss's live-band version of "Divdabiba"
Tuesday, 11 November 2014 14:09

We have been posting a few videos of Oyaarss's ongoing collaboration with Neļaudis since mid-2013, when these two Latvians formations decided to join force to present Oyaarss's material on stage as a trio (something which has been exported to this year's Maschinenfest festival, among other places). Besides an early raw rehearsal, the four videos posted so far were rendition of Oyaarss's early material, though.

Below is a new one of these Oyaarss and Neļaudis videos, this time showing how the trio transformed "Divdabība" (taken from Oyaarss's new "Zemdega" album, adn183) into a much more acoustic tune.

Feel free to compare the above live performance with the original studio version here.

out now: Swarm Intelligence "Faction" (Ad Noiseam adn183)
Monday, 10 November 2014 17:48

Ad Noiseam is proud to announce the release today of Swarm Intelligence's "Faction" (Ad Noiseam adn183). This artist's debut album for the label can be listened to here, and is available on CD there, as a poster with download code and as digital files.

Swarm Intelligence's first album for Ad Noiseam is the densest and most interesting piece of beat-driven industrial music that has been sent our way in the recent times. Drawing from a past in IDM and techno as well as his involvement in Berlin's current new noise scene, Swarm Intelligence marries here some of the heaviest basses around with an uncompromising level of distortion and astute beats. Heavy, enthralling, modern, dark: an impressive new step by a musician to watch (and listen to) very closely.

Watch a nice unofficial video to Igorrr's "Tendon"
Wednesday, 05 November 2014 15:42

No piano, no chicken, but a nice short film. The video you can watch below was apparently written, shot and edited by students of France's ESRA school. It is an unofficial project, in which neither Igorrr nor Ad Noiseam were involved, but which turned out well enough to be posted here.

Click below or here to watch this unofficial "Tendon" video. This track is taken from Igorrr's "Notril" album (adn132), which is available here on CD and there as digital files.

Listen to Ruby My Dear's set for Unfamous Resistenza 2014.
Tuesday, 04 November 2014 18:41

Are we having a Friday Freebie on a Tuesday? Second live-set of the day (following Oyaarss's one for the Riga Fashion Week), here comes a full recording of the show that Ruby My Dear played at a festival organized by France's Unfamous Resistenza in the middle of September. Contrary to Oyaarss's set, this Ruby My Dear one has the regular length of a live show (almost an hour), and showcases well what to expect at this musician's concerts.

This set can be listened to and downloaded here or below. Enjoy.

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