Friday Freebie: new podcast from Broken Note
Friday, 07 March 2014 13:53

Friday Freebie: new podcast from Broken Note
Friday Freebie: Broken Note's long awaited new EP, "Black Mirror", is coming out on Monday (and can be pre-ordered, with a rebate on both vinyl and as digital files). In order to both quench everybody's thirst for new sounds and make the wait a bit easier, Broken Note recorded and uploaded a rare podcast this week, which features a an array of his own track, as well as material from other like-minded producers (including a track from 2methyl's "Orb").

You can listen to Broken Note's accurately-titled "Black Mirror Mixtape" here or below. We do not have a tracklisting (yet), but it should be enough to say at the moment that it features a lot of material from the EP. Note, moreover, that a medley of all the tracks from "Black Mirror" can be listened to there.

Listen to Oyaarss remixing Amenra's Kingdom side-project.
Thursday, 06 March 2014 14:51

Listen to Oyaarss remixing Amenra's Kingdom side-project.
Back in 2010, Oyaarss was asked to remix a track for the debut LP by Kingdom, a solo-project by a member of the Belgian metal outfit Amenra. The resulting track, so far available only on the vinyl version of this album, has been made available for us all to listen to today by Oyaarss. You can listen to Kingdom's "Elude (autopsy by oyaarss)" here or below.

Incidentally, it is not the first time that Oyaarss work with members of Amenra. He has also remixed Syndrome (another Amenra project) on their "Floating Veins" record. The track, mentionned here, is not available online anymore; we strongly recommend people to hunt this record down.

Straight from New Zealand: free short mixes by Ruby My Dear and Monolog.
Wednesday, 05 March 2014 19:30

Straight from New Zealand: free short mixes by Ruby My Dear and Monolog.
Following Igorrr and Gore Tech's participation to the January 2014 episode of the New Zealand based radio show and podcast series Deep Hard n Fakecore, Ruby My Dear and Monolog are aboard the February one.

The interesting concept of this series hasn't been touched: eight artists from eight countries contribute a 15-minutes long mix each, presenting a diverse array of underground electronic music. This month's episode starts with Ruby My Dear's melodic and sharp breakcore (with a focus on his "Form" album, of course), features no less than Daedelus and Nomex, and makes a remarkable stop in Berlin with Monolog presenting 15 minutes of his Burn The Machine 2013 live-set.

You can listen to Deep Hard n Fakecore's February 2014 show here or below, or click straight to the Ruby My Dear and Monolog sets. Finally, note that this show is made available for free, but chipping in a few Euros or Dollars might be a good way to show your appreciation and support this show.

Out today: Mobthrow's "Unfolded" album (adn176)
Monday, 03 March 2014 17:11

Mobthrow "Unfolded" - Ad Noiseam adn176
Out today and immediately available is the long-awaited and already praised second album by Mobthrow, "Unfolded" (adn176). Following 2methyl's "Orb" EP and coming before Broken Note's "Black Mirror" (out next week), it is Ad Noiseam's second release for 2014.

"Unfolded", about which you can read more here or listen to there, is available directly from the Ad Noiseam online store as a 6-panel digifile CD, a limited edition, high-quality print poster (which is already almost sold out) and as digital files (mp3 and FLAC).

Maturity and depth: with his second album, Mobthrow refines his very original mixture of beat-driven breaks and highly evocative atmospheres, enriching them with a subtle newfound palette. A very original work at the meeting point of the club and the sonic daydream, "Unfolded" sharpens Mobthrow's vision and brings a modern twist on his impressive sound-design. This seductive and personal album is not only the confirmation that Mobthrow is a talented musician to be reckoned with, but also an author whose albums carry their own strong narrative. There are many side to "Unfolded", and they all fit firmly and harmoniously together.

A new format: here's Mobthrow's limited edition luxury print.
Wednesday, 26 February 2014 18:03

Mobthrow "Unfolded" - limited edition photo print - adn176

As most of you should know by now, Ad Noiseam will release Mobthrow's impressive second album ("Unfolded", adn176) next week. Besides coming on a (very nicely packaged) CD and as digital files, this new album is also offered in a third format, which is a new for both the label and this artist.

We have printed a limited run of heavy, high quality photographic prints of "Unfolded"'s artwork, which come with a download code for the full album. These posters are much thicker and higher-resolution than anything comparable (250g, high-gloss photo paper), much bigger (42 x 60 cm / 16.5 x 23.5 inches) and feel extremely nice.

This limited print is a perfect way for you to collect and expose this Mobthrow's album proudly, and a way for us to provice something to all of you who wish to have "bigger" artwork images without having to buy a vinyl record (let's be honest: part of the vinyl buyers want something to show on their walls and listen to the music as mp3). It is available for pre-order right now here, next to the CD and digital versions.

Watch a video showreel set to the sound of Subheim's "Conspiracies".
Tuesday, 25 February 2014 17:39

Watch a video showreel se to the sound of Subheim's "Conspiracies".
Subheim's music carries inherent cinematic atmospheres, as proved over and over by the use of his material in videos and short films, such as this one about post-Fukushima Japan. Only a year ago, tracks from this musicians were included in two showreels by the independent videographers Amin Oussar and Jonathan Rados. The later displays his taste for Subheim's music again today, with "Conspiracies" (taken from the "No Land Called Home" album, adn133) being the intense musical thread to the new video showreel of his Eben crew (astute readers might remember than the same people had also shot a video to the sound of Ben Lukas Boysen's "Eos", from his "Gravity" album).

You can watch this Eben showreel here or below.

Help us crowd-fund Ruby My Dear's new video
Monday, 24 February 2014 16:23

Help us crowd-fund Ruby My Dear's new video
Ruby My Dear, the French director Lisa Chabbert and Ad Noiseam asks for your help: we intend on creating an ambitious short movie for Ruby My Dear's track "Jitter Room" (taken from his album "Form", adn171), and want to do it right.

We are working with professional technicians, actors and movie-makers for this project, and intend at having a 4-day long shoot, 7 actors, 10 technicians and, to cut a long story short, quite a lot of costs. Therefore, we are calling for donations, starting today a crowd-funding campaign, hoping to raise enough money to enable us to create the best possible movie and manage to pay and feed everybody in the meantime.

The donation page is here. There are many "packages" available, so that everybody can support this project according to its mean. As usual in this sort of campaign, some supporters will be thanked with free show tickets, free CDs and records.

A short trailer to this project can be watched here or below. Do not hesitate to ask us (by email or in the comments on this page) any question you might have. The campaign is running for about two months, and we hope that we will find enough people into Ruby My Dear to come up with an impressive video, shot and edited exactly as it should be.

Friday Freebie: Stavros Gasparatos shows "how it goes" with an uncommon podcast.
Friday, 21 February 2014 11:55

Friday Freebie: Stavros Gasparatos shows "how it goes" with an uncommon podcast.
Friday Freebie: while Stavros Gasparatos is known mostly for his neo-classical creations, may it be his recent "Seven" album (adn170) or his soundtracks to movies and theatre plays (such as these three he has given away for free), his musical taste is broad and his ears open. This is something he demonstrates in a new podcast, titled "That is how it goes - sorry for the abuse", which he recorded and made available this week.

Oscillating between calm, classical-oriented moment (both with his own material and music from the likes of Ben Lukas Boysen, Ben Frost or Hauschka) and tracks taken from Ad Noiseam's Autumn 2013 releses (by Ruby My Dear, Monolog and DJ Hidden), this podcast is surprisingly coherent and harmonious. Don't be scared by this conjunction of styles and enjoy this mix, which you can listen to here or below.

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