Dive into Hecq's new album with a medley of all his "Conversions".
Tuesday, 24 June 2014 14:12

Dive into Hecq's new album with a medley of all his "Conversions".
We are getting closer to the long-awaited and highly expected release of Hecq's new album, "Conversions" (adn174). The result of a long, careful work, this album is a conceptual project by Ben Lukas Boysen, who chose ten tracks from his peers and remixed them, turning material ranging from deep ambient to hard dancefloor beats into Hecq-ian sharp and emotional soundscapes.

You can already read more about Hecq's "Conversions" here, and pre-order your copy on CD there, on poster print here and as digital files there. Today's news is the medley uploaded here and below, which mixes all the tracks from this album, providing you with a unique foretaste of Hecq's new album. Enjoy and don't forget that this album is coming out on July 7th.

Friday Freebie: second excerpt from Tapage's "Eight".
Friday, 20 June 2014 15:05

Friday Freebie: Tapage's new album, "Eight" (adn180), was released on Monday and is already gathering a lot of praises. While we expect most people who read their lines to have already read about this album, listened to the first track we put online (or streamed it all) and got their copy (on CD, as a poster print or as digital files), here is another opportunity to listen to a track from this excellent piece of work and to spread the word.

Here and below is the track "Four of Eight", which presents yet another side of Tapage's new album. Enjoy.

Out now: Tapage's "Eight" album (adn180)
Monday, 16 June 2014 12:22

Out now: Tapage's "Eight" album (adn180)
Ad Noiseam is proud to announce today the release of Tapage's new album. "Eight" (adn180), this Dutch artist's sixth full length work and first for Ad Noiseam is now available immediately on CD, as a poster print coming with a download code and as digital files.

Tapage presents with "Eight“ the second part of his conceptual series in which he submits his art to a set of rules related to time and tempo. A lot more than an clinical exercise, this album is also the one in which Tapage unfolds his musical expertise to include acoustic strings, field recordings and prominent vocals. Mesmerizing, subtle, multi-layered and warm, "Eight" is an essential work by and for an artist who demonstrates here again his ability to evolve and the scope of his talent.

Video teaser for Tapage's new album.
Friday, 13 June 2014 18:04

We are only days away from the release of Tapage's new album (and his first for Ad Noiseam), the deep, warm and sharp "Eight" (adn180), about which you can read and listen more here. Pre-orders are still taken (with a rebate, as usual for Ad Noiseam releases) for the CD version, the poster print coming with a digital download and the mp3 / FLAC version.

Below is a short video trailer for this album, which should not only give you a new excuse to listen to Tapage's music, but also give you an impression of the visuals that influenced Tapage while writing this album and the mood of this work.

New video of Igorrr performing with his live singers.
Thursday, 05 June 2014 11:42

Bigger, louder, more broken and more live: below comes a new video of Igorrr performing as a live band (the first is here). Gautier Serre, the composer and mastermind behind this project, has recently decided to take Laure Le Prunenec and Laurnet Lunoir (who had participated to his albums, but so far only in the studio) to the road with him. The resulting shows are a considerably more communicative and visual experience than the (already impressive and highly regarded) Igorrr solo gigs.

The video below (also to be seen here and there) was shot on May 17th in Toulouse, France. This punishingly broken and dangerously exhilarating track played is "Moldy Eye", taken from Igorrr's "Nostril" album (adn132).

Turn up the volume, then rave and / or thrash away:

Watch Ruby My Dear & Lisa Chabbert's "Jitter Room" short movie.
Tuesday, 03 June 2014 10:21

Ruby My Dear "Jitter Room" video
After three months of brainstorming, shooting and editing, a few teasers and a crowd-sourcing campaign which brought a lot of very welcome support, we are proud to present "Jitter Room", a short movie created by Lisa Chabbert and the Ciné2000 team, based on the track of the same name by Ruby My Dear, taken from his 2013 "Form" album (adn171).

Do not expect your usual, short, colorful and futuristic breakcore video this time around. The creators of this video took a resolutely different approach for "Jitter Room": shooting in the countryside, on fields and in forests, with a cast made entirely of children, and the whole thing shown in black & white, this eleven-minute long movie is a short film in itself, and not just a video. Showcasing the many emotions and sides of the original track, it follows a precise narrative and tells its story of excitement, violence, despair and humanity.

You can watch "Jitter Room" here and below. Thanks again to everybody who helped fund this film. Those of you who have entered the crowd-funding campaign will receive their goodies quite soon.

Listen to an excerpt from Tapage's coming album.
Friday, 30 May 2014 14:00

Friday Freebie: we have already posted a few tracks from Tapage's coming "Eight" album (adn180) on this album's information page, but we also know that people like their music streamable on "social" websites. Therefore, below is Tapage's "One Of Eight", the accurately titled opener from this album, just a click away on Soundcloud.

Tapage's "Eight" (adn180) is coming out on Ad Noiseam on June 16th, and can be pre-ordered (including a rebate) as CD, limited edition poster (with a download code) and digital files.

Announcing new albums by Hecq's "Conversions" and "Tapage's "Eight"
Saturday, 24 May 2014 16:26

Announcing new albums by Hecq's "Conversions" and "Tapage's "Eight"
A new signing presenting a fresh album, and a label-regular paying homage to his peers: Ad Noiseam is proud to announce in the coming weeks the release of two new albums which should confirm 2014 as a very strong years for touching, deep and cristaline music on the label.

On June 16th will come Tapage's "Eight" (adn180). Ad Noiseam welcomes this Dutch composer and presents his new concept album. Eight tracks, each clocking at 8 minutes and flowing at 80 BPM take the listener through a very delicate journey combining acoustic instruments with breakbeats, tape hiss with female vocals. At the meeting point of trip-hop, analog ambiances and IDM, "Eight" might be Tapage's lushiest but also most touching album to date.
Click here to listen to three tracks from Tapage's "Eight". Pre-orders (with rebate) are also already possible, on CD, poster (with download code) and as digital files.

A few weeks later on July 7th will Ad Noiseam release's Hecq's new album, "Conversions" (adn174). The fruit of a very long writing process and a project which Hecq had been wanting to bring for completion for years, "Conversions" is this artist's homage to his peers, influences and friends. From Bersarin Quartet to Lusine ICL, from Svarte Greiner to The Outside Agency, Ben Lukas Boysen chose for this album eleven tracks which mean a lot to him, and delivers here his own versions and remixes. A highly personal and uncommonly varied album which Hecq has been creating with care and carrying close to his heart.
Audio preview and pre-orders for Hecq's "Conversions" will come in a couple of weeks.

Stay tuned for more information about these releases soon, as well as about another coming album, this time by Monolog.

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