Tapage gives you (virtual) wings.
Friday, 05 September 2014 11:48

Tapage's track "Five Of Eight" (taken from his recent "Eight" album, adn180) was used as a soundtrack to a little trailer to Volo Airsport, a new virtual reality wingsuit-simulator, which you can watch here or below. It all looks very nice and, of course, sounds even better.

Mobthrow in the spotlight with an exclusive mix for Goute Mes Disques.
Thursday, 04 September 2014 13:59

Mobthrow in the spotlight with an exclusive mix for Goute Mes Disques.

Mobthrow (whose most recent live set is still available in its entirety here) is under the spotlight today with an extensive interview and an exclusive podcast on the French-speaking zine Goûte Mes Disques. This website, which had already invited Raoul Sinier and Ruby My Dear to present new mixes, has published today a fresh hour-long podcast by Mobthrow, going from mid-tempo electronica to dubstep and drum'n'bass.

Head on over there to read Mobthrow's interview (in French) and listen to this "Goûtes Mes Mix #41", which is also streamable below.

New music in the making from Ben Lukas Boysen / Hecq.
Wednesday, 03 September 2014 16:17

Below is a new track (or an excerpt thereof) by Ben Lukas Boysen / Hecq. Whether this might be a follow-up to "Gravity" (adn168) or "Conversions" (adn174), only time will tell. In the meantime, enjoy.

Ben Lukas Boysen's new sound design for OFFF Mexico.
Tuesday, 02 September 2014 20:15

When he is not working on his new album as Hecq or material under his real name, Ben Lukas Boysen likes to keep himself busy with frequent collaboration with the video arts OFFF Festival. He had written the music for the opening titles in 2011, did it again in 2013, had his "Sura" track used in a post-festival souvenir in 2010 and participated to a short film shown there in 2012.

Even though Ben Lukas Boysen's participation to the opening sequence to 2014's OFFF Mexico edition might not surprise us anymore, it is still a splendid score that this musician created this year. You can watch (and listen to) the resulting thing over there and below. Make sure to turn the volume up.

Watch a full video of Mobthrow on stage.
Monday, 01 September 2014 17:13

Watch a full video of Mobthrow on stage.
There are many good things to like about fans of industrial music, one of them being their dedication. We recently wrote about somebody who videotaped a full concert by Monolog at this year's Schlagstrom festival, which is already quite a feat (as we would personally rather dance and enjoy the show than stay behind a camera). This "Oppatria" Youtube user seems to be on a roll, as he comes today with a full-duration recording of the show that Mobthrow played two days ago at a Bassbeben event in Bielefeld.

You can watch this 50-minute long concert over there or below. This is pretty far from actually enjoying Mobthrow's music live (something which people in Dresden will be able to do on September 27th), but it is still a very nice thing to listen to and a good introduction to this act. Enjoy.

Photography by André De Kok.

Dive back into a Hecq mix from 2010.
Tuesday, 26 August 2014 13:21

Dive back into a Hecq's mix from 2010.
Now that you have had a few days to listen to Tapage's new episode for Ad Noiseam podcast series and let it sink in, how about travelling back in time a bit and experiencing again a set which Ben Lukas Boysen / Hecq recorded for the Percussion Lab website back in 2010, a few months before Ad Noiseam released his "Sura" EP (adn128).

This half-hour, 23-track mix can not be embedded, you will have to click your way there to listen to Hecq mixing music from artists as varied as Biosphere, NTT, Machinefabriek or Godspeed You Black Emperor. This is pretty varied, if you ask us; could it be that this 2010 set already contained the roots of what would become Hecq's brand new album, the recent "Conversions" (about which you can read here, and which you can get on CD, as a limited edition poster-print, or as digital files).

Get a first glimpse of a new Detritus track.
Monday, 25 August 2014 10:30

Get a first glimpse of a new Detritus track.
Detritus's fifth and most recent album, "The Very Idea" (adn177) is still very fresh, having been released only a few months ago. And yet David Dando-Moore (pictured above playing in Rotterdam late last year) is already back behind his machines.

Below (and here) is a rough, first draft of a new Detritus track, so far called "Approach". Not only does it provide us a glimpse at where Detritus might go in the future, but also enables to get an idea of how his material evolves such a draft to a finalized album such as "The Very Idea".

Friday Freebie / Ad Noiseam Podcast #3: Tapage
Friday, 22 August 2014 14:20

Friday Freebie / Ad Noiseam Podcast #3: Tapage
Friday Freebie / Ad Noiseam Podcast: we keep on with our series of free podcasts which started early this year with 2methyl, followed in the Spring by Detritus, with a new, hour-long mix by Tapage. The third episode of Ad Noiseam's new podcast series celebrates his latest album, "Eight" (adn180, released on Ad Noiseam in June 2014). As usual with this series, Tapage goes beyond his own tracks in this mix and pays homage to other musicians who have had an influence on his art.

Tapage's "Ad Noiseam podcast #3", which also bears the fitting title of "Expanding Perspective" can be listened to below or on Soundcloud, Hearthis, Mixcloud and Youtube. The tracklisting is after the fold. Finally, we of course recommend you not to pass on Tapage's latest album, "Eight", which is available on CD here, as a limited-edition poster print (with download code) there and as digital files as well.

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