Watch a video for Swarm Intelligence's "Iridescent"
Wednesday, 28 October 2015 18:34

Anybody listening to Swarm Intelligence's new "Rust" album and comparing it with its previous one, 2014's "Faction" will very quickly notice a sift towards somewhat more accoustic sounds, more organic soundscapes and away from purely electronic synthesis. This is something made very obvious by the brand new video for "Iridescent" which you can watched here or below. A year after their work for "Antenna" (taken from "Faction", the29nov team have come up with something very different this time again, reflecting well the partly humane, partly machine-like, but definitely rustier side of Swarm Intelligence's new album. The result is hypnotic, perfectly in sync with the music, and provides a great visual pendant to the track. Enjoy.

out today: Ontal's "Entropia" album.
Friday, 23 October 2015 15:34

out today: Ontal's "Entropia" album.
We are proud to announce today the release of "Entropia", the first full length studio album by Ontal, a young but already very remarked duo from Serbia.

"Entropia" (adn190) is out today and available right now on CD and as digital files. You can get more information here and listen to the whole thing there.

From well-kept secret to one of the most praised names for dark, distorted techno, Ontal are already among the most talked about names for the genre. With "Entropia", this Serbian duo gets the chance to display its talent in a full-length format, offering very diverse material rich in heavy percussive beats, grating noise soundscapes and dynamic arrangements. Drawing inspirations from industrial forefathers as well as from modern producers, Ontal confirms with this album its position as one of the driving force when it comes to heavy, noisy and precise composition. Ever-changing but constantly powerful, "Entropia" is an industrial tour-de-force.

Click below to listen to this album's title track:

Friday Freebie: listen to a full mix by Ontal.
Thursday, 22 October 2015 15:27

Friday Freebie on a Thursday this week. With Ontal's new album coming out tomorrow, we thought that we might point you to some free music by this young duo, and do so before the album comes out.

Ontal have gathered a lot of recognition for such a young project, but with "Entropia" coming out tomorrow, they might reach people who are not yet familiar with their music. What better way to correct this than listen to a free hour-long mix recorded and put online in September of this year. It should give you a good idea of what Ontal sound like behind the decks. Watch out, though: this is a DJ set, which features a lot of music not written by Ontal.

Enjoy, and don't forget: Ontal's new album, "Entropia", comes out tomorrow on CD and as digital files.

"Built for War", first excerpt from Drumcorps's new album.
Wednesday, 21 October 2015 16:07
"Built for War", first excerpt from Drumcorps's new album.

We're having a tight release schedule this month, and are accordingly generous with previews: following Swam Intelligence's "Iridescent" and Ontal's "Entropia" comes today a full length excerpt from Drumcorps's "Falling Forward". This long awaited new album, coming almost a decade after "Grist" will be released on October 30th on all formats. While we have already put a few tracks up for streaming here, say hello to "Built for War" in your social platforms here and below.

Drumcorps's "Falling Forward" (adn188) comes out on October 30th. You can already preorder it in one of its three vinyl versions (blue and white vinyl / black and white / black), on CD and as digital files.

Listen to the title track from Ontal's forthcoming "Entropia" album.
Tuesday, 20 October 2015 14:58

Listen to the title track from Ontal's forthcoming "Entropia" album.

We might have had a very busy couple of weeks and released three albums last week (Swarm Intelligence's "Rust", DJ Hidden's "Directive" and a re-press of Mago's "Definition from Raw Moments..."), we're not done yet for this month, with Ontal's "Entropia" coming out on CD and as digital files this Friday, following on October 30th by Drumcorps's "Falling Forward" on vinyl, CD and digital.

Ontal's driving and powerful "Entropia" is on the menu today. We hope that you've already listened to the four tracks available here. For those of you who haven't, and for everybody who like their music with on social platforms, here comes this album's title track uploaded for your listening pleasure. It should help everybody understand how happy we are to welcome Ontal to Ad Noiseam.

out now: new Swarm Intelligence & DJ Hidden albums, Mago re-issue
Friday, 16 October 2015 12:53

out now: new Swarm Intelligence & DJ Hidden albums, Mago re-issue
The summer is definitely over now (and together came three albums), we've survived the splendid mayhem that is the Maschinenfet, and we are proud to announce the release today and immediate availability of three new albums on Ad Noiseam:

-Swarm Intelligence's second album for Ad Noiseam, "Rust", out double LP, CD and digital files (adn189),
-DJ Hidden's fourth full length album, "Directive" on CD and as digital files (adn191),
-the long-awaited re-release of Mago's 2002 seminal "Definition of Raw Moments..." album (adn20) on CD and as digital files.

All these albums are now available immediately. You can read more about them and listen to more excerpts by clicking on their names and catalog numbers earlier. Moreover, note that we have two more releases available soon, by Ontal and Drumcorps, which are already up for pre-order.

Not to leave you without music on this post, below is a new full length track taken from Swarm Intelligence's new "Rust" album.

"Iridescent", first excerpt from Swarm Intelligence's new album
Wednesday, 07 October 2015 19:36

"Iridescent", first excerpt from Swarm Intelligence's new  album
We're getting very close to October 16th, the official release date of Swarm Intelligence's ambitious and impressive new album, "Rust" (his second on the label following last year's "Faction"). You can already read about it here, pre-order it on double LP (on clear vinyl), on CD or as digital files, and here comes a first excerpt for you all to listen to and marvel at.

The following track, "Iridescent", showcases well the depth of the sounds recorded by Swarm Intelligence for this album, his synthesis work and the approach he took on his new album. Enjoy, and not that three more tracks can be streamed here.

DJ Hidden - Directive
Sunday, 04 October 2015 01:53
ImageDJ Hidden's fourth studio album displays yet again a refinement in this remarkable musician's techniques and a shift of styles. Rather than offering a long cinematic experience, Noel Wessels gathers here a wide range of tracks, with some of his most experimental tunes to date to some of the hardest. Sharp as always and extremely imaginative, "Directive" impresses in the way it marries genres in a very cohesive way, keeping true to DJ Hidden's aesthetics while pointing out in new directions. A new essential album by an essential producer. (Get this on CD / as digital files)
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