out now: new Swarm Intelligence & DJ Hidden albums, Mago re-issue
Friday, 16 October 2015 12:53

out now: new Swarm Intelligence & DJ Hidden albums, Mago re-issue
The summer is definitely over now (and together came three albums), we've survived the splendid mayhem that is the Maschinenfet, and we are proud to announce the release today and immediate availability of three new albums on Ad Noiseam:

-Swarm Intelligence's second album for Ad Noiseam, "Rust", out double LP, CD and digital files (adn189),
-DJ Hidden's fourth full length album, "Directive" on CD and as digital files (adn191),
-the long-awaited re-release of Mago's 2002 seminal "Definition of Raw Moments..." album (adn20) on CD and as digital files.

All these albums are now available immediately. You can read more about them and listen to more excerpts by clicking on their names and catalog numbers earlier. Moreover, note that we have two more releases available soon, by Ontal and Drumcorps, which are already up for pre-order.

Not to leave you without music on this post, below is a new full length track taken from Swarm Intelligence's new "Rust" album.

"Iridescent", first excerpt from Swarm Intelligence's new album
Wednesday, 07 October 2015 19:36

"Iridescent", first excerpt from Swarm Intelligence's new  album
We're getting very close to October 16th, the official release date of Swarm Intelligence's ambitious and impressive new album, "Rust" (his second on the label following last year's "Faction"). You can already read about it here, pre-order it on double LP (on clear vinyl), on CD or as digital files, and here comes a first excerpt for you all to listen to and marvel at.

The following track, "Iridescent", showcases well the depth of the sounds recorded by Swarm Intelligence for this album, his synthesis work and the approach he took on his new album. Enjoy, and not that three more tracks can be streamed here.

DJ Hidden - Directive
Sunday, 04 October 2015 01:53
ImageDJ Hidden's fourth studio album displays yet again a refinement in this remarkable musician's techniques and a shift of styles. Rather than offering a long cinematic experience, Noel Wessels gathers here a wide range of tracks, with some of his most experimental tunes to date to some of the hardest. Sharp as always and extremely imaginative, "Directive" impresses in the way it marries genres in a very cohesive way, keeping true to DJ Hidden's aesthetics while pointing out in new directions. A new essential album by an essential producer. (Get this on CD / as digital files)
Ontal - Entropia
Sunday, 04 October 2015 01:47
ImageFrom well-kept secret to one of the most praised names for dark, distorted techno, Ontal are already among the most talked about names for the genre. With "Entropia", this Serbian duo gets the chance to display its talent in a full-length format, offering very diverse material rich in heavy percussive beats, grating noise soundscapes and dynamic arrangements. Drawing inspirations from industrial forefathers as well as from modern producers, Ontal confirms with this album its position as one of the driving force when it comes to heavy, noisy and precise composition. Ever-changing but constantly powerful, "Entropia" is an industrial tour-de-force. (Get this on CD / as digital files)
Swarm Intelligence - Rust - adn189
Sunday, 04 October 2015 01:38
ImageSwarm Intelligence's new album is a remarkable homage to decay and bleakness. He has spent the last year gathering recordings of abandoned power stations and factories, corroded metal and found objects. The source material was rearranged, processed and woven into intense, distorted landscapes and sharp, metallic drums. With "Rust", Swarm Intelligence has taken the cold hard elements of metal and forged them into a warmer, more organic sound, resulting in a strikingly stark, dissonant and immersive journey. (Get this on clear double LP / on CD / as digital files)
Drumcorps - Falling Forward - adn188
Sunday, 04 October 2015 01:36
ImageFew works have been as eagerly awaited as Drumcorps’ second album. Coming out nine years after "Grist" (Ad Noiseam adn70, 2006), "Falling Forward" looks to the future while staying true to the project's heavy guitar music roots. Dense riffs, vocals, melody, guest musicians, and a diverse array of modern electronics combine with concise songwriting to form a complete work of integrity. The result is powerful, cohesive, tender, and in a class of its own: keeping all the elements which made "Grist" a success and taking them forward, confirming Drumcorps’s position as not only a perfectionist, but also an innovator. (Get this on blue & white LP / on black & white LP / on black LP / on CD / as digital files)
Announcing Ad Noiseam's autumn line-up.
Thursday, 24 September 2015 18:29

Announcing Ad Noiseam's autumn line-up.
Following a couple of weeks of silence (due to our much dreaded move to a new office and warehouse) and the recent releases of new albums by 2methyl, Stavros Gasparatos and Igorrr, we are proud to give everybody an hindsight of what is coming in the next months on Ad Noiseam.

All the following releases are planned for releases in October and November. We'll post more information, audio excerpts and pre-order links soon.

We have survived moving the office and warehouse and are happy to announce Ad Noiseam's Autumn 2015 roster:
-Drumcorps "Falling Forward" - adn188 - LP / CD
-Swarm Intelligence "Rust" - adn189 - 2xLP / CD
-Ontal "Entropia" - adn190 - CD
-DJ Hidden "Directive" - adn191 - CD
-Mago "Definition of Raw Moments" - adn20 re-release - CD

Friday Freebie: listen to a new 2methyl remix
Friday, 11 September 2015 13:08

Friday Freebie: listen to a new 2methyl remix
Friday Freebie: 2methyl is known for his excellent remixes, in which he combines the original material with his own brand of futuristic bass and sharp arrangements. The track below, a re-work of something originally written by Horskh, is no exception. With its vocals, it also carries a delightfully retro industrial feeling which should appeal to many people here.

You can listen to 2methyl's remix of Horsh's "Trajectory" here or right below.

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