A Monolog christmas with two sets available today.
Friday, 25 April 2014 12:39

A Monolog christmas with two sets available today.
Friday Freebie: there seems to be no way to stop or slow down Monolog at the moment. He has just finished the recording of his new album, which will come out soon-ish on Ad Noiseam, on the heels of last Autumn's "2 Dots Left" (adn172), and is playing a streak of 5 shows in 2 weeks. Having made France dance at gigs in Paris, Nîmes and Bordeaux last week-end, he's on stage at Ad Noiseam's 13th birthday celebration in Leipzig tonight, and will play Berlin next week-end.

You are on the internet right now, though, and Monolog is now only a click away, with no less than two different sets made available today, recorded in two very distinct context.

The first is last week's episode of Future Music's Stalker Radio show (run by Swarm Intelligence and Rory St John), which features a full Monolog set in its second half and can be listened to here or below.

Monolog's second set today is a full recording of his show in Paris last week. It's hard, cold, and something particular for this music, recorded genuinely live. You can hear the audience, the claps, the excitement, and get an overall feeling of this show's vibe. The photo above, by Ehoarn Bidault, was taken at this gig.

Click happy, enjoy, check "2 Dots Left", and see you at Monolog's shows if you are in Leipzig or Berlin these days.

Official video of Igorrr's live band.
Friday, 25 April 2014 08:19

Official video of Igorrr's live band.
We wrote about it, posted pictures of it and announced gigs for it: Igorrr's new live band is now alive, kicking, singing and screaming, as demonstrated in the video below, shot last week-end at the Reperkusound festival in Lyon, France.

This new live set-up brings Laure Le Prunenec and Laurent Lunoir out of the studio to stage, enabling them to perform live the vocals they had recorded for Igorrr's music. And as you can see below, it is quite something.

Bookers: Igorrr is available for gigs both in this new set-up and solo. Get in touch to bring him to your neck of the woods.

Second excerpt from Underhill's "Prologue" album.
Thursday, 24 April 2014 14:02

Second excerpt from Underhill's "Prologue" album
Following "The Land Of Grey", the very well-received first excerpt from Underhill's forthcoming second album ("Prologue", adn179), here comes a second full track which should give an even closer look and more accurate impression of the new full length album by this collective formed by Dean Rodell, Tim Elliot (Current Value), Ivan Shopov (Balkansky / Cooh), Martina Astner and MC Coppa.

Click below to enjoy "Two Keys Black", and don't forget that you have only a few days left to pre-order "Prologue" and benefit from a rebate on your order. This album is coming out on CD, as a poster (with digital download) and digital files on Monday, April 28th.

Ad Noiseam is 13 today, all our releases are 13% off.
Thursday, 17 April 2014 14:58

Ad Noiseam is 13 today, all our releases are 13% off.
Ad Noiseam's very first release, the "Krach Test" triple compilation, was released thirteen years ago today. A lot has happened ever since. The moment is not appropriate for reminiscence and nostalgia, though, as some of us embark today on a four-date Franco-German mini tour which stops in Paris, Nîmes and Bordeaux this week-end, and in Leipzig next Friday. On the other hand, what's important for everybody into Ad Noiseam today, and only today: all Ad Noiseam releases, on all formats, are 13% off, today only, and only in our online store.

Head on to the store, read, listen and dive back into the backcatalog. With almost 180 releases in 13 years, there is definitely a lot to listen to.

Finally, note that we will not be able to ship any order before Tuesday since, as explained above, we're out playing live and eating cake till Monday.

Monolog showcase on Stalker Radio
Thursday, 17 April 2014 14:10

Monolog showcase on Stalker Radio.
Following the recent Mantis show dedicated to Mobthrow, it is the turn of another show on Future Music to focus on an Ad Noiseam artist. While Monolog will be in Paris tomorrow evening, embarking on the first date of a series of four 13 Years Ad Noiseam celebrations, he will also be in your (internet) radio, invited by Swarm Intelligence and Rory St John in their Stalker Radio show.

Tune in at 7PM CET (6PM in London) here, get more social about this on this show's Facebook page, and enjoy.

Listen to a new DJ Hidden podcast presenting his gig for Ad Noiseam's 13th birthday.
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 11:15

Listen to a new DJ Hidden podcast presenting his gig for Ad Noiseam's 13th birthday.
Free mixes and podcasts are usually posted on fridays as part of our "Friday Freebies" series, but DJ Hidden's new one comes a couple of days early, for obvious reasons. Taking a break from the preparation of the final volume of his "Enclosed" podcast series (click for the first, second, third, fourth and fifth), Noel Wessels has recorded a shorter, brand new mix to promote Ad Noiseam's 13th birthday celebration, which is taking place in Paris this week-end.

You can listen to this mix below or on Seek Sick Sound's website. Enjoy, and if you can, do not miss on our birthday parties this month: in Paris on the 18th, Nîmes on the 19th, Bordeaux on the 20th and Leipzig on the 25th.

Other worlds collide as Oyaarss remix a hip-hop combo.
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 17:38

When he is not busy working on his new album and adding the live drums and guitars of Neļaudis to his stage shows, Oyaarss enjoy remixing the tracks we expect him the least to work on. A year ago, it was Japan's Technorch's trancore that was getting the Oyaarss treatment for an epic hardcore result and this time around, it is a tune by the Latvian duo Ansis & Edavārdi which gets turned into a very rough, raw and noisy monster.

Turn up the volume, press play, and enjoy. You will have to ask Oyaarss (or Ansis & Edavārdi) for the meaning of the lyrics, though, as nobody else speaks Latvian around the Ad Noiseam office.

Out today: Detritus's "The Very Idea"
Monday, 14 April 2014 16:06

Out today: Detritus's "The Very Idea"
11 years and 151 catalog numbers after his "Endogenous" debut, Detritus's sixth studio album, "The Very Idea" (adn177), is released today on Ad Noiseam. This fourth release on the label this year in as many months (following 2methyl's "Orb", Mobthrow's "Unfolded" and Broken Note's "Black Mirror", and preceeding Underhill's "Prologue") is an intense, deeply touching and musically impressive work which will appeal not only to Detritus's long time fans, but also to everybody coming accross this act for the first time.

You can listen to several excerpts from this album here, or stream it all there. "The Very Idea" is immediately available on CD, as a limited edition poster (coming with a download code) or as digital files.

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