Second excerpt from Detritus's "The Very Idea" album.
Thursday, 10 April 2014 10:55

We are getting very close to the release of Detritus's new album ("The Very Idea", adn177). Several tracks from this new full-length effort can already be streamed on this information page, but we know that people have come to demand their music played on major websites. Therefore, below is a new excerpt from this album, this time with its closing remix by Greece's Poordream. Another track, the album's opening "Bind" had already been posted here.

Detritus's "The Very Idea" is coming out on CD, limited poster print and digital files on Monday, April 14th. All these formats can already be pre-ordered. As usual, pre-orders also benefit from a small rebate.

Watch a video of 2methyl performing with a live drummer.
Wednesday, 09 April 2014 12:09

Watch a video of 2methyl performing with a live drummer.

It has become quite a common wish for electronic producers to try and integrates accoustic instruments into their live shows, as demonstrated only yesterday (for example) with a video of Oyaarss performing with a drummer and a guitar player. This is a particularly tricky challenge for artists playing dancefloor music, for their beats and breaks are often difficult (or impossible) for human musicians to replicate. This doesn't mean that they do not try and, as demonstrated below by 2methyl, can succeed.

In a set-up with reminds us of this concert of Broken Note performing with live drums, Ad Noiseam's latest signing 2mehtyl (formerly known as 2methylbulbe1ol) shared the stage with a very competent and ferociously busy drummer in Mâcon, France, on February 1st. The whole thing was captured on film by four cameras, edited it all, and is below for you to enjoy.

New video presentation of Oyaarss's new live formation.
Tuesday, 08 April 2014 11:54

New video presentation of Oyaarss's new live formation.
We posted last years two videos of Oyaarss performing his tracks "Parejošs kaut kas" and "Malduguns" as a live band, joined on stage by members of the Riga-based outfit Neļaudis. The trio has been playing quite a few shows ever since, and presents today a short video presentation made of excerpts shot at a show played in September 2013 at Riga's Totaldobže space.

The adiditon of live drums and guitars to Oyaarss's heavily emotional industrial instrumentation brings an obvious new dimension to this artist's shows. Bookers: get in touch to bring such a concert to your neck of the wood. And everybody: enjoy.

Full excerpt from Underhill's "Prologue" album
Monday, 07 April 2014 12:30

There are already six tracks to listen to on the official information page to Underhill's "Prologue" album, but we know that most people like their music embedded on social media website. We're caving in, and here is one of these already available tracks, this time streamable from Soundcloud (or Youtube).

Underhill's second album, "Prologue" (adn179) is coming out on Ad Noiseam on April 28th, and can already be pre-ordered on CD, poster print and digital files.

Announcing Underhill's new album, "Prologue" (adn179)
Thursday, 03 April 2014 16:46

Underhill "Prologue" - Ad Noiseam adn179
April is proving a busy month for Ad Noiseam, and not only because we are celebrating the label's birthday with four shows (Paris, Nîmes, Bordeaux and Leipzig). Not only are we releasing the new album by Detritus ("The Very Idea", adn177) on April 14th, but we are proud to announce that Underhill's second album, "Prologue" (adn179) will see the light of the day on April 28th and can now be pre-ordered on CD, limited poster print or digital files.

"Prologue", the paradoxically-titled second album by Underhill, follows "Silent Siren" but differs significantly from it, as it is a collaboration between only two members of the Underhill collective. Dean Rodell (also of Machine Code) and Ivan Shopov (also known as Balkansky and Cooh) have recorded here a fully instrumental, very calm and highly melodic album, which displays a very deep side of their respective talents and extends Underhill's scope.

Here is a track already, "The Land of Grey".

You can read more about this album, listen to excerpt and pre-order your copy here.

Underhill - Prologue - adn179
Thursday, 03 April 2014 16:21
ImageFollowing the larger-than-life "Silent Siren" and preceding a new album as a full-band, "Prologue" is an instrumental, introvert musical dialogue between Dean Rodell and Ivan Shopov. If both are known for their beat-driven music, Underhill's new album is what they listen to and write when the time comes for calm moments and beauty. A melancholic and beautiful play of acoustic tones, dub atmospheres and electronic glitches, "Prologue" provides a welcome respite to an overdriven electronic scene and does so with subtlety and humanity. (Get this on CD / as a poster print with download code / as digital files)
Third teaser to Ruby My Dear's crowd-funded "Jitter Room" video.
Wednesday, 02 April 2014 19:14

Above is a new, third teaser to "Jitter Room", the ambitious "breakcore short movie" directed and shot by Lisa Chabbert and her team for Ruby My Dear's track of the same name (taken from his "Form" second album, adn171).

As explained here already, this film has been shot and is being edited by a rather extensive team, and we are trying to raise money for all its members to get at least a bit of money out of the whole project. You can read more about this all ( as well as chip in a few Euros) over there.

Announcing Detritus's new album, "The Very Idea" (adn177)
Friday, 28 March 2014 19:32

Announcing Detritus's new album, "The Very Idea" (adn177)
2014 is a very active year for Ad Noiseam artists: following the releases in the recent weeks of records by Broken Note ("Black Mirror", adn169) and 2methyl ("Orb", adn175) and an album by Mobthrow ("Unfolded", adn176), we are announcing today the release in a few weeks of Detritus's new album, "The Very Idea" (adn177). The longest-running artist on the label (his "Endogenous" debut came out in 2003), Detritus is back once again with a full-length album in which he proves his position as a constant innovator and influential act.

Detritus's "The Very Idea" is coming out on CD, limited poster print and as digital files on April 14th. You can already pre-order your copy there (and take advantage of a rebate) or read and listened more about it there.

Here is already an excerpt. Scroll down for more previews.

Finally for a primer: we will have announcements soon regarding coming full lengths album by Underhill, Monolog and Tapage. Stay tuned.


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