Watch a video to Mobthrow's "Cruise Me".
Monday, 17 March 2014 15:45

Watch a video to Mobthrow's "Cruise Me".
Accurately described as a trip through Berlin through kaleidoscope, Mickael Le Goff's new video to Mobthrow's "Cruise Me" takes you through a fast, changing and disorientating journey through this musician's adoptive city and illustrates well the humane-but-heavy, bleak-through-hopeful atmosphere of his new "Unfolded" album (adn176).

This video can be watched here or below.

Not getting our emails? Here is a workaround.
Saturday, 15 March 2014 16:14

Not getting our emails? Here is a workaround.
It has come to our attention that, for some reason, our emails sent to Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook or Live email addresses sometimes do not reach their recipient (either landing in spam folders or just totally disappearing in the void). This applies both to regular emails, our newsletter, or any other email communication from the Ad Noiseam servers.

We're working to solve this problem (actually communicating with Google and Microsoft, wish us luck). In the meanime, there are very easy work-arounds to make sure that you get all the message we are sending you. Sorry for this hassle.

Click here if you are using Gmail / Googlemail.
Click here if you are using Hotmail / Outlook / Live.

Friday Freebie: Ruby My Dear invites you to taste his new mix.
Friday, 14 March 2014 11:23

Friday Freebie: Ruby My Dear invites you to taste his new mix.
Friday Freebie: the Goûte Mes Disques (a.ka. "Taste My Records") has just published a brand new mix from and article about Ruby My Dear. Promoting his new "Form" album (adn171) and on the verge of a few new live dates (including a 13 Years Ad Noiseam birthday party in Bordeaux on April 20th), this artist showcases a lot of his new material, with a focus on the more laid-back, somewhat aerial side of his complex electronic music, but also includes tracks from his labelmates Fausten, Oyaarss and Igorrr (with whom a collaboration is revealed in the accompanying article) as well of his slightly more trip-hop sounding Digital Velvet side-project.

This "Goûte Mes Mix #35" podcast, the second Ad Noiseam-related one on this website following a mix by Raoul Sinier, can be listened to here or below. Sit back, enjoy, and do not miss either Ruby My Dear's "Form" nor his forthcoming live dates.

Before leaving you with the podcast itself, we should mention again that we are currently raising money to crowd-source a short film shot by the French director Lisa Chabbert to Ruby My Dear's track "Jitter Room" (taken from "Form", and played in this new mix). This crowdfunding campaign is still going on, and every Euro or dollar can help. You can find more information about this here.

Celebrating 13 years of Ad Noiseam: come party with us.
Thursday, 13 March 2014 19:54

Celebrating 13 years of Ad Noiseam: come party with us.
Time flies and certainly doesn't stop. It seems like we were announcing Ad Noiseam's 10 birthday yesterday only and here we are, demanding cake again and inviting all of you to new birthday celebrations. 13 years after "Krach Test", 7 after "2001-2006", Ad Noiseam takes it to the club and the concert hall again to mark our new anniversary.

We're doing so in a more compact manner this time, with no less than four dates all gathered around the exact birth date. Three of them are taking place in France, one in Germany, and you are all invited. Click on the dates and flyers below for more information. Spread the word and attend a new rite of passage, this time into our teenage years.

-Paris, April 18th with DJ Hidden, Dean Rodell, Gore Tech, Monolog and Nicolas Chevreux

-Montpellier / Nîmes, April 19th with Dean Rodell / Machine Code, Gore Tech, Monolog and Nicolas Chevreux

-Bordeaux, April 20th with Machine Code, Ruby My Dear, Gore Tech, Monolog and Nicolas Chevreux

-Leipzig, April 25th with Mobthrow, Subheim, Gore Tech, Monolog and Nicolas Chevreux

Out today: Broken Note's "Black Mirror" (adn169)
Monday, 10 March 2014 16:08

Out today: Broken Note's "Black Mirror" - Ad Noiseam adn169
The wait is over: after several years of careful composition and preparation, Broken Note is back with a new EP. Out today on Ad Noiseam is his "Black Mirror" (adn169), a new monster of low-frequencies, detailled drum-works and innovative synthesis. This release, the third of 2014 for Ad Noiseam (following 2methyl's "Orb" and Mobthrow's "Unfolded") is available immediately on vinyl or as digital files.

You can listen to a medley of the four tracks in this EP here, as well as check out a rare Broken Note mixtape there.

Four years of live shows and painstaking experimentations later, Broken Note is back to quench our thirst for organic bass and intense beats. "Black Mirror" is a further refinement of this act's core sound: heavy, dense and cutting-edge, but also a step forward towards more cinematic sonorities, faster beats and new structures. As exhilirating as ever, powerful and encompassing, Broken Note anno 2014 proves that this act has no equal when it comes to sharp, sub-driven innovation. Here comes exactly the record that any Broken Note fan has been waiting and asking for.

New trailer for Ruby My Dear's "Jitter Room" film and crowdfunding campaign.
Saturday, 08 March 2014 16:44

As explained here, Ruby My Dear, director Lisa Chabbert and her crew are in the process of creating, shooting, and editing an ambitious short film for his "Jitter Room" track (taken from the "Form" album, adn171).

In order to pay the actors and crew of this movie, a crowdfunding campaign has been set up, with donations taken for till May. By donating there, you are enabling and supporting the whole project, and have a chance to receive a selection of goodies, ranging from free concert tickets to records.

Enjoy this video, listen to the track again, and if you can, please go and support this project. It is an uncommon demand, which we would love to be successful.

Friday Freebie: new podcast from Broken Note
Friday, 07 March 2014 13:53

Friday Freebie: new podcast from Broken Note
Friday Freebie: Broken Note's long awaited new EP, "Black Mirror", is coming out on Monday (and can be pre-ordered, with a rebate on both vinyl and as digital files). In order to both quench everybody's thirst for new sounds and make the wait a bit easier, Broken Note recorded and uploaded a rare podcast this week, which features a an array of his own track, as well as material from other like-minded producers (including a track from 2methyl's "Orb").

You can listen to Broken Note's accurately-titled "Black Mirror Mixtape" here or below. We do not have a tracklisting (yet), but it should be enough to say at the moment that it features a lot of material from the EP. Note, moreover, that a medley of all the tracks from "Black Mirror" can be listened to there.

Listen to Oyaarss remixing Amenra's Kingdom side-project.
Thursday, 06 March 2014 14:51

Listen to Oyaarss remixing Amenra's Kingdom side-project.
Back in 2010, Oyaarss was asked to remix a track for the debut LP by Kingdom, a solo-project by a member of the Belgian metal outfit Amenra. The resulting track, so far available only on the vinyl version of this album, has been made available for us all to listen to today by Oyaarss. You can listen to Kingdom's "Elude (autopsy by oyaarss)" here or below.

Incidentally, it is not the first time that Oyaarss work with members of Amenra. He has also remixed Syndrome (another Amenra project) on their "Floating Veins" record. The track, mentionned here, is not available online anymore; we strongly recommend people to hunt this record down.

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