Friday Freebie: Fausten Electronic Explorations mix and extended interview
Friday, 21 June 2013 10:50

Friday Freebie: Fausten Electronic Explorations mix and extended interview

Friday Freebie: today is Fausten-day, may it be for your ears or your eyes. Their d├ębut album (adn167, available on 12" EP, CD and as digital files) is gathering a lot of praises from every corner of the music world. as demonstrated today with their second appearance on the well known Electronic Explorations podcast series as well as an extensive interview on the Subsekt website.

Fausten's mix for Electronic Explorations can be listened to here or below. The long (6 pages) interview can be read over there.

Ben Lukas Boysen's eclectic mix for Headphone Commute.
Thursday, 20 June 2013 15:50

if you were wondering what kind of music Ben Lukas Boysen was listening to while recording his now-released "Gravity" album (adn168), his brand new mix for our good friends at Headphone Commute might point you in the right direction. Over the course of an hour and 21 tracks, this musician presents a combination of classical music, blues, experimental drones and techno and, most of all, doesn't play any track he wrote himself.

Click below to listen to this new mix, enjoy, and don't forget to check out his new and splendid "Gravity" album.

New Oyaarss video.
Wednesday, 19 June 2013 10:11

Oyaarss "Umbra" video.

Bleak, somber, oppressive, massive and apparently Latvia-based: here comes (as announced here) a new video by Oyaarss, shot to promote a track called "Umbra" which will be released by the young Nukapa label, exclusively as digital files, this Friday. Turn the volume up and enjoy.

Ben Lukas Boysen's "Gravity" album now available.
Tuesday, 18 June 2013 17:51

Ben Lukas Boysen's "Gravity" album now available.

Out now, available on all formats and with all pre-orders shipped: we are  proud to announce the release of Ben Lukas Boysen's debut studio album, "Gravity" (adn168). This splendid (and already highly praised) album by the musician otherwise known as Hecq is now out for everybody to listen to and enjoy. You can get your copy here on LP (with the CD added inside the sleeve), there as CD, and here as mp3 or FLAC.

The first album by Ben Lukas Boysen (also known for being the musician behind Hecq), "Gravity" is a deeply personal work in which this highly-praised producer sheds the artifacts of electronic music to compose a solemn and touching album of beauty and depths. Melancholic piano lines, warm analogue sound, tender drums: "Gravity" is only as sad as you want it to be, for it is first a solitary and introvert journey through heights and emotions. Much more than a new beginning: a revealing.

Teaser for a new Oyaarss video
Friday, 14 June 2013 17:52

Below is a short teaser for a new Oyaarss video, currently in the making. It's not very long or very much, but here you are, able to watch and listen to the grit of things to come.

Another excerpt from Ben Lukas Boysen's "Gravity" album.
Thursday, 13 June 2013 17:22

There are a total a of five excerpts from Ben Lukas Boysen's "Gravity" album (adn168, coming out next Monday on LP, CD and as digital files) on its information page, but since we know that people enjoy getting their digital music feed through Soundcloud and Youtube, we've just added a second full track to these sites.

Following "Nocturne 1" (on Soundcloud here and on Youtube there), here comes "Eos", another beautiful track taken from "Gravity". Click below to listen to it. People favoring Youtube will find it here (note, however, that this "video" is blocked in Germany, for well known reasons).

Street art exhibit set to the sound of Ruby My Dear.
Wednesday, 12 June 2013 13:04

It's much shorter than Ben Lukas Boysen's OFFF opening titles we posted yesterday, but here's another introductory video whose music comes from the Ad Noiseam camp, this time with Ruby My Dear's "Karoshi" track (taken from the "Remains Of Shapes To Come" album, adn157) used to advertise what we think was an exhibit of street art installation in Bordeaux, France, this spring. Click play and enjoy:

New OFFF trailer with music by Ben Lukas Boysen.
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 14:15
New OFFF trailer with music by Ben Lukas Boysen.

Though his debut studio album, "Gravity" (adn168) is set to be released next week (and can still be pre-order on vinyl, CD or digital), Ben Lukas Boysen (who, we'll repeat a few more times, you might know better so far as the person behind Hecq) is keeping himself busy. As has become a tradition, he wrote the music and designed the sound for the opening titles of this year's edition of Barcelona's OFFF festival.

This year's video, while keeping in line with the concept behind this presentation of this video-artist festival (every contributor's name is listed in the film) is much more peaceful than the 2011 one (whose sound was also done by Ben Boysen), displaying both another aspect of this festival's filmmakers' interest and another panel of this musician's talent.

Below is the trailer to this year's edition, the 2011 video is here, and don't forget to check out Ben Lukas Boysen's "Gravity" and secure your copy.

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