Experiment in audiovisual syncing to the sound of Igorrr.
Wednesday, 10 April 2013 20:51

There're too many softwares, algorhythms and showcases aiming at perfecting how computer graphics can be synced (live or not) with music to list, but it's quite rare (actually, the first time if I am not mistaken) that somebody tries his hands or program to something as wildly unpredictable and varied as Igorrr's music. This is the challenge chosen by Chris Tripes for the following short video in which he syncs several visual settings to the music of Igorrr's "Toothpaste" (taken from the "Hallelujah" album, adn165). Enjoy.

We interrupt this program for a few days.
Wednesday, 27 March 2013 19:55

We interrupt this program for a few days.

Update: we're back, and all is back to normal.

The Ad Noiseam intergalatic corporate headquarter will be closed between March 28th and April 6th, as we all travel to a seminar about Force-supported music-releasing ("this is the music your are looking for"). In other words: we're taking some days off to recharge the batteries, and will not be able to do anything (or much) in the meantime.

All orders placed from the online store will be received, all items reserved, but shipping will resume on April 7th only. Digital downloads are of course not affected by this.

And it's not like we're leaving you without anything to listen to, such as the recent Gore Tech 12" ("Machine Throne", adn166) or the new previews of the coming Fausten album (adn167). See you in a few days, with more good news to announce.

Pre-orders now taken for Fausten's debut album (adn167).
Tuesday, 26 March 2013 22:46

Pre-orders now taken for Fausten's debut album (adn167).

The CD and records are mastered and cuts, the videos are coming in: Fausten's debut album (adn167) is ready for its release on April 22nd. This extremely heavy, dark and twisted new collaboration between Monster X and Stormfield is finally going to see the (black) light of the day. We've already shown you the trailer, but you can now listen to six tracks from this album as well as place your pre-orders for all formats (12" with bonus CD, CD or digital files). And remember: pre-orders get a rebate. So not only would you get your copy earlier than anybody else, but also cheaper.

Extra round of "Jelly" from Ruby My Dear
Tuesday, 26 March 2013 16:40
Extra round of "Jelly" from Ruby My Dear

Ruby My Dear is at the moment putting the finishing touch to his second full length album, with this sequel to "Remains Of Shapes To Come" (adn157) planned for release on Ad Noiseam in a few month. This doesn't mean that you have to wait any longer to enjoy new material from this French musician, as he just released the digital exclusive "Jelly" EP (which still clocks at almost an hour) on the young Blue Sub label.

Ruby My Dear's "Jelly" is out today, and you can buy it as mp3 or FLAC from the Ad Noiseam store here. Enjoy, and don't forget that Ruby My Dear is playing quite a few dates all accross Europe pretty soon.

Announcing Fausten's debut album.
Thursday, 21 March 2013 17:26

Announcing Fausten's debut album on Ad Noiseam.

Ad Noiseam welcomes a new act and announces its first release. Fausten is the collaborative project between Monster-X (known, among others, for his releases on Peace Off and Tigerbeat6) and Stormfield (the driving force behind the Combat Recordings imprint). While both musicians are usually better known for their hard dancefloor material, their new child, Fausten explores and showcases the new, modern way in which noise, drones and heavy beats can be combined with sharp and updated production quality.

A long time in the makiing, Fausten's first album (adn167) is a massive, oppressive and dark beasts which hits its listeners with its dark atmospheres and colossal weight and should find a way to your shelves closed to the releases of their new labelmates Oyaarss or of such acts as Cloaks and Dead Fader. This eponymous début album (which also features remixes by Oyaarss, Dadub and Ontal, as well as a video to the track "Punishment") will be released on April 23rd, 2013 and come in two formats: a full-length CD a four-track, DJ-compatble 12" EP (featuring the full CD added as a bonus) and as digital files. Pre-orders will be taken soon.

Below is a video trailer featuring several tracks from this album, which should give everybody a better glimpse at how Fausten sounds and looks like. Take it in, enjoy, and spread the word. More audio previews are on their way.

Fausten - Fausten - adn167
Thursday, 21 March 2013 17:18
Image Heavy, dense, suffocating and massive: here comes Fausten, the new collaborative project by Monster-X and Stormfield. The whole is here more than the sum of its parts: far from replicating their breakcore, techno and dubstep solo tracks, these two musicians give birth here to a deep album which moves very slowly but does so with an unstoppable drive. Fausten's début is a misanthropic, oppressive work which reunites noise with modern production techniques as only these two renowned musicians could; a colossal, smart and twisted monster of coldness and inhumanity, of distortion, beats and subtle details. Get this 12" EP + CD / on CD / as digital files.
Irish tour for Ruby My Dear in April 2013.
Tuesday, 19 March 2013 15:09

Irish tour for Ruby My Dear in April 2013.

Update April 9th: these three dates are sadly cancelled, and might be rescheduled later this year. Sorry for this.

After Niveau Zero's recent tour through Germany, it is Ruby My Dear's turn to explore a country which has been rare from him: this French artist is headed to three dates through the country of whiskey and St Patrick with a small Irish tour in Ireland to presernt his latest album, "Remains Of Shapes To Come" (adn157) and play some new material.

These three show will take place in Dublin, Galway and Corck at the end of April. We do not have all the details yet (such as opening times and prices), but will update this page and our Live Gigs section as we get them.

Live recording of a recent Oyaarss live set in Riga.
Tuesday, 19 March 2013 09:47
Live recording of a recent Oyaarss live set in Riga.

Following last week's radio interview with Oyaarss, here comes a recording of a set he played last Saturday (March 16th, 2013) in Riga during one this city's "Sturm" events. While I wasn't there, this night was, according to people in the audience, "the harshest, most industrial techno experience in Riga so far", which we can only take as a good thing.

Below is a recording of Oyaarss's concert, which features a lot of tracks from both "Bads" (adn159) and "Smaida Greizi Nakamiba" (adn163) as well as a few extras. Note that this sert was recorded from the room and not from the mixing desk, meaning that you can hear the audience but are missing quite a lot in the overall, massive sound of this event. Still, you can listen to Oyaarss's Sturm set here or below.

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