Friday Freebie: fifth part of DJ Hidden's "Enclosed" podcast series
Friday, 07 February 2014 11:53

Friday Freebie: fifth part of DJ Hidden's "Enclosed" podcast series
Friday Freebie: He took a little break but didn't forget his promise. DJ Hidden has made official today the fifth and penultimate part in his "Enclosed" podcast series, started right before the release of his third album (the "Enclosed" double CD, adn173). After mixes broadcasts through the Ad Noiseam, Hard Bass Dealers, PRSPCT and Mindtrick channels, it is this time Harder & Louder who host this episode.

Once again, this "Enclosed Sessions #5" is an free hour-long mix prepared by DJ Hidden, and focusing this time around on heavy, crossbreed sound and modern-days d'n'b. You can listen to it here or below.

Announcing Mobthrow's second album, "Unfolded" (adn176)
Thursday, 06 February 2014 17:02

Announcing Mobthrow's second album, "Unfolded" (adn176)
It will have taken a few years for Mobthrow to complete his second album, but the wait was worth it. Ad Noiseam is proud to announce the forthcoming release of this musician's new full-length, "Unfolded". This album will be available on March 3rd, bearing the catalog number adn176. You can read about it and listen to six tracks here, and pre-orders (including a rebate, as usual) are taken there.

Mobthrow's "Unfolded" will come in three versions, including a brand new one:
-a six-panel digifile-packaged CD,
-a digital version (FLAC / mp3),
-a limited-edition, A2-sized poster on photo paper, coming with a download code.

Maturity and depth: with his second album, Mobthrow refines his very original mixture of beat-driven breaks and highly evocative atmospheres, enriching them with a subtle newfound palette. A very original work at the meeting point of the club and the sonic daydream, "Unfolded" sharpens Mobthrow's vision and brings a modern twist on his impressive sound-design. This seductive and personal album is not only the confirmation that Mobthrow is a talented musician to be reckoned with, but also an author whose albums carry their own strong narrative. There are many side to "Unfolded", and they all fit firmly and harmoniously together.

Pre-orders (and a mix) from Machinecode.
Wednesday, 05 February 2014 19:17

Pre-orders (and a mix) from Machinecode.

Our good friends of Machinecode (the collaborative project of Underhill's Dean Rodell and Current Value) will soon have a third full length album out on the Subsistenz label. It is quite the heavy-hitter, and potentially one of the best piece of drum'n'bass we've heard recently (together with DJ Hidden's "Enclosed"). There is still about a month to go before its release, but people can now pre-order this "Velocity" album straight from the Ad Noiseam online store, both on CD and as mp3 / FLAC. This means that your CD would be sent a bit in advance, and that your downloads would be available at midnight on the album's release date (March 3rd). Head on to the Ad Noiseam online store to get your copy of this album, and don't forget that you can also pre-order Ad Noiseam's next release, 2methyl's "Orb" on vinyl and as digital files, this one with a rebate (making pre-orders cheaper than later ones).

Update February 11th: we are also now taking pre-orders for more versions of this album: its 3-track 12" vinyl pendant, its dedicated t-shirt, and two "value packs": CD + t-shirt, and CD + 12" + t-shirt.

To drive their point home, Machinecode have also recorded a new podcast, "Subcast X", which you can listen to here or below. Enjoy, and prepare for more great things to come this way (including a new Underhill album in the coming months).

Friday Freebie / Ad Noiseam podcast #1: 2methyl
Friday, 31 January 2014 15:51
Ad Noiseam podcast #1: 2methyl

Friday Freebie / Ad Noiseam Podcast: for a new year, a new regular series; while we've not been shy of offering free mixes over the year, Ad Noiseam start today a new, more recognizable series of podcasts recorded by artists on the label and presenting their new material. The first volume is available right now, coming from 2methyl (which some of you might still know as 2methylbulbe1ol), to celebrate the forthcoming release of his Ad Noiseam début, the "Orb" EP (adn175). We already have a couple of other mixes in the pipeline; make sure you check this site for more in a near future.

Enjoy 2methyl's "Ad Noiseam Podcast #1". The tracklisting is after the fold, and you can already pre-order his "Orb" EP, with a rebate, on vinyl and as digital files.

Short video showcase of Gore Tech live rampage.
Thursday, 30 January 2014 13:27

When he is not writing new music (a lot of which is planned for release on Ad Noiseam later this year, to follow last year's "Machine Throne" EP) or battling the cold winter of his new-found Berlin home, Gore Tech is tearing soundsystems apart all across Europe. The following video is a short and dense display of what to expect and experience at Gore Tech live gigs, which are all listed in our Ad Noiseam events page.

Ben Lukas Boysen's "Eos" is the calm before the ignition.
Thursday, 23 January 2014 19:08

Ben Lukas Boysen's "Eos" is the calm before the ignition.

Ben Lukas Boysen / Hecq's music seems to strike a vibe with car fans, as demonstrated with this presentation video for Audi or this re-enactement of the automobile-heavy Bonnie & Clyde mythos. Tires almost burn to his music again with "Bashed", a new short movie which you can see here or below, done by the Eben crew (already responsible for this Ad Noiseam-rich "Nothing is better" film). The track used this time around is "Eos", taken from Ben Lukas Boysen's "Gravity" album (Ad Noiseam adn168) and starting here at the 2:35 mark. You should however watch the whole thing.

Free, short mixes by Igorrr and Gore Tech For the Deep Hard n Fakecore show.
Wednesday, 22 January 2014 14:33

Free, short mixes by Igorrr and Gore Tech For the Deep Hard n Fakecore show.

The Auckland & Los Angelos-based radio show Deep Hard n Fakecore has just published an interesting compilation of short mixes, in which they asked musicians from seven countries to record a fifteen minutes mix of their own track. Particularly relevant to our interests are the inclusion of France's Igorrr and UK's Gore Tech in this project, alongside Germany's Christoph de Babalon or the Netherlands's FFF, among others.. While one would assume that people reading these lines would know these artists' music (and their latest releases, "Hallelujah" and "Machine Throne", which interestingly bear contiguous catalog numbers), it is interesting to hear which tracks are showcased and how each of these little mixes are built.

You can listen to the whole show here or below (and feel free to chip in a little bit to support this show), or to the Igorrr mix and Gore Tech's one independently.

Free soundpack from Monolog
Tuesday, 21 January 2014 19:01

Free soundpack from Monolog

On top of being one of the artists who created sounds for you to play with as part of the ongoing Burn The Machine / Ableton remix contest, Monolog is reaching out to the producers community today again, giving a way a whole batch of sounds, "fresh off the machines".

This new sound pack by Monolog can be downloaded for free here, and there are no royalties attached to it. Therefore, download this, be creative, participate in the mentionned contest, and say thanks to Monolog by checking out his "2 Dots Left" album (adn172). The best part of all this? A new Monolog album on Ad Noiseam is already in the works and will be released this Spring.

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