New photos of Igorrr as a live band.
Monday, 02 December 2013 14:21

New photos of Igorrr as a live band,

It has become an habit, and one we don't want to stop: Svarta Photography keeps on documenting Igorrr's endavours (as for example seen here). We already posted her photos of Igorrr's Gautier Serre surrounded by Laure Le Prunenec and Laurent Lunoir, the two singers which the lucky among us will see and hear perform alongside Igorrr at select gigs in the future, and she has now taken her camera to the rehearsal room for a few pictures of the band's practice sessions.

A few of her pictures are to be seen below. Watch out for more as well as, of course, for Igorrr's live listings. Promoters: we are now taking booking requests not only for Igorrr's regular sets, but also for this live configurations's. Get in touch if you want to get some baroquecore in your neck of the woods.


Fourth part of DJ Hidden's "Enclosed" podcast series.
Tuesday, 26 November 2013 12:21
Fourth part of DJ Hidden's "Enclosed" podcast series.

DJ Hidden's impressive third album, "Enclosed" (adn173) might have now been released, but he's not giving up on the announced colossal series of six hour-long podcasts prepared to promote the album and showcase the scope of his taste and talents. After a first (Ad Noiseam) episode focusing on his own music, a second (Hard Bass Dealers) aimed at drum'n'bass heads and a third (PRSPCT) to fans of crossbreed and hardcore, here comes a much more downtempo and melodic fourth part, this time made official by our good friends of Mindtrick Records.

You can listen to this podcast here or below. Enjoy, and of course, don't forget to check out "Enclosed", which is at least as varied as this podcast series.

A show not to miss: Stavros Gasparatos's "Seven" premiere at OCC in Athens on Dec 22nd.
Saturday, 23 November 2013 18:04

A show not to miss: Stavros Gasparatos's "Seven" premiere at OCC in Athens on Dec 22nd.

Stavros Gasparatos's "Seven" (adn170) being now out, available and gathering praises, this musician and Ad Noiseam have decided to present this work in the best possible situation. The live premiere of this performance (in which Stavros Gasparatos will play alongside cello, violin, vibraphone, percussion and soprano saxophone as well as video work by Paris Mexis, who already signed the trailer to "Seven") will take place at a particularly impressive venue, Athens's Onassis Cultural Centre (pictured above) on December 22nd.

We are extremely happy that Stavros Gasparatos will be able to present "Seven" in such a setting, and are working on making this the first of a series of performance in adequate locations, both in Greece and elsewhere. We also can not but express our gratitude to the Onassis Foundation for this opportunity.

We strongly recommend anybody interested in attending this concert to check the information on the OCC website (here in Greek, there in English) and get their tickets in advance. Below are more images from this impressive location.

Friday freebie: new podcast by Oyaarss
Friday, 22 November 2013 19:44

Friday freebie: new podcast by Oyaarss

Friday Freebie: since the release of his "Bads" and "Smaida Greizi Nakamiba" albums, Oyaarss hasn't been busy "only" with forming a new live band and playing gigs all over Europe, but also with heavy studio works which has already given birth to a few new tracks. While the time hasn't come yet to release them to the world in all their glory (we will all have to wait till 2014 for this), we however already get a little preview of them as part of a new podcast which was made available a couple of weeks ago (sorry for being late with this) and which we present again today.

You can listen to this new Oyaarss mix here or below. Enjoy, and watch out for more material from this artist in the future.

New mix and interview from Fausten's Stormfield.
Tuesday, 19 November 2013 18:28

New mix and interview from Fausten's Stormfield.

Stormfield, who together with Monster X form the devilish Fausten duo, has just completed both a new podcast and a new interview for the good people of Subsekt, giving a sequel to an already extensive interview centered about Fausten and published back in June.

This time around, Stormfield discusses the way people reacted to Fausten's live gigs (and videos) at this year's Burn The Machine and Maschinenfest festivals, almot overdosing on garlic, working on new material, presenting workshops and more.

You can read this interview over here and listen to the podcast there or below.

Friday Freebie: listen to Stavros Gasparatos's soundtrack to the "Stallerhof" play.
Sunday, 10 November 2013 16:29

Friday Freebie: listen to Stavros Gasparatos's soundtrack to the "Stallerhof" play.

Friday Freebie: with Stavros Gasparatos's new "Seven" album (adn170) now released, available and gathering lots of praise, this musician and Ad Noiseam point you today to a second free soundtrack which you can listen to and download. Last month, we presented you Gasparatos's work for a theatre performance of Tennessee Williams's "The Glass Menagerie", which had a resolutely neo-classical vibe. Today, his soundtrack to a performance of Franz Xaver Kroetz's "Stallerhof" (directed in 2012 by Vagelis Theodoropoulos for Athens's Neo Kosmos theatre) is somewhat more electronic and heavier.

You can listen to and download Stavros Gasparatos's "Stallerhof" here or below. Open your ears, turn the volume up, and enjoy. The next step is obviously his "Seven" album.

Listen to part of Monolog's Burn The Machine 2013 set.
Sunday, 10 November 2013 16:14

Listen to Monolog's Burn The Machine 2013 set.
Friday freebie (on a monday, because we can): After reading an interview with Monolog yesterday, time has come to dive again into his intricate beat patterns, rugged beats and heavy basses. The man has been particularly generous recently, providing us already with a full-length studio mix and a recording of his set at the Maschinenfest 2013 festival. What we get today is a partial recording of the show he played alongside Balkansky, Igorrr, Mobthrow and many others at Burn The Machine 2013.

Monolog's Burn The Machine 2013 set can be listened to (and downloaded) here or below.

Ableton spotlight on Monolog, Swarm Intelligence and Rory St John.
Sunday, 10 November 2013 15:35
Ableton spotlight on Monolog, Swarm Intelligence and Rory St John.

The well known Berlin-based music production company Ableton (makers of Live) have published a new interview with three musicians who performed at last week's Burn The Machine 2013 festival, including Ad Noiseam's recent signing Monolog (pictured above wearing a great hoodie, between Rory St John and Swarm Intelligence).

The three of them discuss their projects (including Diasiva, the collaboration between Monolog and Swarm Intelligence), their writing process, the importance of Live in their music and their gigs at the festival. Head on to the Ableton website to read all about it, and of course do not forget to get your copy of Monolog's new album, "2 Dots Left" (on CD here or as digital files there).


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