German mini-tour for Niveau Zero in March 2013.
Wednesday, 13 February 2013 14:02
German mini-tour for Niveau Zero in March 2013.

While Niveau Zero has been playing almost non-stop in France since the beginning of this project, and has taken his bass-heavy, insidious sounds to Italy (where he toured with Aucan), Lebanon, Russia, the UK, the US or (recently) Guatemala, this seminal act had only a few concerts in Germany, mostly at festival (at the label's 10th anniversary showcase at Berghain in 2011, at the 2010 edition of the Maschinenfest, and the 2011 one of Burn The Machine) and only one since the release of his latest album, "Jasmine" (adn161).

We intend on changing this, though, and announce four new dates for Niveau Zero in Germany in March 2013. None of them take place in Berlin, but rather in parts of the country where this hard electronic music is under-represented. These dates are listed in the image above as well as in the "Live" section of this website, but the details are also below.

If you can, please attend these shows. Germany's by far not the most active countries for this kind of music (at least outside of Berlin). Spread the word, and don't miss the excellent live gig that Niveau Zero never fails to create.

Putting a face on the newcomer: meet Gore Tech.
Tuesday, 12 February 2013 20:03
Putting a face on the newcomer: meet Gore Tech.

By now everybody who reads this size should have heard of Gore Tech, at the very least since last week's posting of his "Mainframe Warfare" mix, an introductory podcast presenting his coming "Machine Throne" EP (adn166), planned for released on Ad Noiseam on March 11th, 2013 (pre-orders are coming very soon).

While you can already listen to Gore Tech's mix here (or to two other sets he recorded here and there), below are two photos which should help you put a face on this young British breakcore act's music. There's really no excuse anymore for you not getting him a beer when he plays in your neck of the woods.

Watch a video report about Oyaarss's "Smaida..." release party.
Monday, 11 February 2013 13:03

Watch a video report about Oyaarss's "Smaida..." release party

A release-party was held in Oyaarss's home town of Riga on October 27th 2012, to celebrate the release of his second album, "Smaida Greizi Nakamiba" (Ad Noiseam adn163). Besides Oyaarss himself, playing there was a fine selection of musicians and poets from Latvia, including Edgars Raginskis (who appears on the album), Crumar, Kaleeys and others.

You can now watch a short video report about this release party, featuring shots of all the musicians performing there (including Oyaarss), the venue and the general atmosphere. This video is available here or below.

Beautiful work-in-progress by Hecq's Ben Lukas Boysen
Friday, 08 February 2013 12:33

A taste of things to come in 2013? Maybe? More than 50 000 deserved hits? Definitely? Here's a short, untitled draft of a new track by Ben Lukas Boysen, usually better known around here for being the man behind Hecq.

Friday Freebie: Gore Tech joins Ad Noiseam and starts with a free mix.
Friday, 01 February 2013 20:30

Friday Freebie: Gore Tech joins Ad Noiseam and starts with a free mix.

Friday freebie: we've been writing about Gore Tech quite a few times already in the recent months (when he remixed Underhill's "Rivers Of Hades" and Balkansky & Loop Stepwalker's "8.9", or with two free mixes published on this site), but here comes a bit a lot more from this young British musician, as Ad Noiseam welcomes him to the fold.

We are happy to announce that Ad Noiseam's first release of 2013 will be Gore Tech's first solo EP, "Machine Throne", bearing the catalog number adn166 and coming out in early March. This ferocious, varied, heavy and exhilirating four tracker will be presented more in details soon (though you can already check its artwork here), but what's going to keep your hears busy right now is its presentation mix, the brand new "Mainframe Warfare" mixtape, prepare by Gore Tech to introduce his music to all your waiting hears.

You can listen to this mix right here or below, and download it there. Featuring tracks from Gore Tech's recent Peace Off and Ruff EPs, as well as of his coming Murder Channel release and, of course, of the "Machine Throne" forthcoming EP on Ad Noiseam, it should give you a better idea of why we see in Gore Tech a great hope for new, fresh breakcore. Enjoy, and stay turned for more details about "Machine Throne".

Hear worlds collide as Oyaarss remixes DJ Technorch
Wednesday, 30 January 2013 13:32

Hear worlds collide as Oyaarss remixes DJ Technorch

How is this for an extremely improbable meeting: Oyaarss, known for his desolate, poetic and highly oppressive soundscapes and beats was recently asked to remix a track by Japan's "trancecore" master of the absurd and fun, DJ Technorch for the latter new remix CD, soon to be released by our good friends of Murder Channel (alongside remixes by Gore Tech and Sinister Souls).

The result of this presumably impossible colliding of sound is an extremely heavy, raw and still somewhat catchy hardcore piece, which demonstrates that there is more to Oyaarss than many would have thought possible. We're not too much into Youtube "video" posts over here, but while we wait for this remix CD to be in stock in the Ad Noiseam online store (in the coming weeks, probably), here's a preview of this excellent remix.

Watch a new showreel featuring Subheim's music.
Friday, 25 January 2013 10:42

bIt's not the first time that an Ad Noiseam act's sounds is used in a video showreel, but here's a new very nice showcase of video talent, this time set up to Subheim's music.

This time, the video artist is called Armin Oussar (click on his name to watch more of his work), with a video going through several of his works for video and films. The music itself is Subheim's track "Howl", taken from Subheim's first album, "Approach".

Friday Freebie: free mix by Ruby My Dear
Wednesday, 16 January 2013 17:53

Friday Freebie: free mix by Ruby My Dear

Friday Freebie: as (almost) every week, we aim at sweetening your Friday and give you a bit of the head start in the week-end. After heavily armed auditory help by Niveau Zero this week, your guide today will be Ruby My Dear. This French musician, our breakcore (and more) newcomer of 2012 (with his "Shapes Of Things To Come" album, adn157) just recorded a mix for the See Sick Sound webzine, which we can all listen to below.

An introduction to "Shapes Of Things To Come", and a companion to this album's review on this site (in French), this mix can be listened to here or below. Enjoy.

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