Amateur footage of Underhill's recent Berlin show.
Saturday, 10 August 2013 17:55

Amateur footage of Underhill's recent Berlin show.

That's called dedication, or living through a LED screen. Anyway, somebody got the idea of recording the whole of Underhill's recent gig in Berlin (on August 2nd at the Schlagstrom festival) through a handheld device and uploading it to Youtube.

It is quite a frustrating experience to watch the whole thing for people who didn't attend this gig, but should give you some sort of idea of what Underhill looks like on stage. Needless to say, a Youtube video can't start to capture the atmosphere of a real concert.

Friday Freebie: Subheim gives you a taste of things to come.
Friday, 09 August 2013 14:23

Friday Freebie: Subheim gives you a taste of things to come.

Friday Freebie: Subheim has recently writing his third album. This successor to "No Land Called Home" is planned for released on Ad Noiseam in early 2014. There are a few other Subheim tracks planned for release on various projects between now and then, and while this musician is currently preparing his new live-set (for example for his concert at Burn The Machine 2013), he slightly opened the door to his studio today, presenting us with a short but to the point preview of what we can expect from him in the coming month. This preview showcases a very interesting evolution, with a lot of material sounding very different from Subheim's past releases, even though it stays true to this artist's unmissable atmospheres.

You can listen to this "2013-2014 preview" here or below. Enjoy.

Video to Needle Sharing's "Whorenado"
Tuesday, 06 August 2013 14:05

Needle Sharing (helped in this endeavor by Vincent Lagan, already behind 2012's Burn The Machine post-festival video) have come up with a second video to one of their tracks from the infamous three-way "Enduser Shares Needles With The Teknoist" collaboration. "Whorenado" it is this time (the first video, for "Give Me The Money, I'll Be Right Back" can be seen here).

It's pretty dark and twisted (though relatively NSFW compared to something elese we have posted recently) and can be watched here or below. Enjoy.

New videos of Oyaarss performing live with live drums and guitar.
Monday, 05 August 2013 15:12

We posted last week a short video showing Oyaarss's practicing his "Parejošs kaut kas" track together with the drummer and guitar player from Neļaudis. This band practice was part of these musicians' preparation to last week-end's Latvian Laba Daba festival, during which Oyaarss performed on stage as a band.

This festival has passed and this show has been played, as attest the following three videos. They are filmed from relatively far away, but should still enable one to get an impression of what Oyaarss might sound like with live drums and live guitars. Enjoy (and remember that this is not the first time we show you an Ad Noiseam acts playing together with live musicians).

Christmas is early today thanks to The Outside Agency.
Thursday, 01 August 2013 10:39

Christmas is early today thanks to The Outside Agency.

We all know that The Outside Agency live and work in a parallel universe (how could they otherwise write these beats, at this speed, while also producing music as DJ Hidden and Eye-D)? A quirk of this glitch in time is that it's Christmas already in their native Goes, which mean they have a present for us.

We can all be VIP today, as The Outside Agency have decide to give us the VIP version of their track "They Are Human" (co-written with Current Value and originally available on "Crossbreed Definition Series Part 3"), for a "name your price" obolus.

You can listen to this track here. To download it and put something in The Outside Agency's tipping coin, put your Christmas sock under this tree.

Video of Oyaarss's music played as a live-band.
Sunday, 28 July 2013 15:44

Video of Oyaarss's music played as a live-band.

Oyaarss is currently working on a new live-setting, in which his music would be performed by a whole live-bad. Below is a short and surprising video of this musician performing the track "Parejošs kaut kas" (taken from his "Bads" album, adn159) together with the memers of the Latvian band Neļaudis. The sounds is obviously taken from a small mic in the room, but we can all already not only get a glimpse at Oyaarss's live set up and studio, but also at how his music might be rendered with guitar and drum players.

You can watch this video here or below.

Pre-sales now taken for Burn The Machine 2013
Tuesday, 23 July 2013 19:07

Burn The Machine 2013

Ad Noiseam is co-organizing the third edition of Berlin's annual winter festival, Burn The Machine. Taking place from October 31st to November 2nd, this festival invites artists ranging from drones to hard drum'n'bass to present their music in a very fitting (and very loud) club. On the line-up this year are several Ad Noiseam artists, such as Igorrr, Gore-Tech, Fausten, Balkansky, and more to be announced.

The big news today is that we're starting the sales of "early birds" festival passes. Available for either three days (the whole festival) or two (the week-end nights only), these tickets are available here. We very strongly recommend you get your tickets in advance and as soon as possible. Note that these tickets will get more expensive as we get closer to the festival.

You can learn more about this festival here or there on Facebook, and you can should get your tickets here. See you at the festival.

Post-tour video from Techdiff
Monday, 22 July 2013 13:38

When he's not writing Reaktor patches or sharp and complex albums, TechDiff goes on the road to tear PAs and pack dancefloor. The video below is a testimony of his latest weeks of sonic rampage, a little tour together with Wheyheyhey and Mycrophisst, which brought them all accross Europe (and in Berlin for a Surgical party).

Click below or here to watch people dance to TechDiff's music, or breakcore musician goofing around (as breakcore musicians do):

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