Listen to Monolog's Maschinenfest set.
Saturday, 19 October 2013 14:56

Listen to Monolog's Maschinenfest set.

Monolog's new album, "2 Dots Left" (Ad Noiseam adn172) will be officially released tomorrow (which means that you have only a few hours left to benefit from our pre-order discount on its CD version or its digital one). This artist, which recently provided us all with a free presentation set for this album, also recorded the live show he performed last week at the pestigious Maschinenfest festival. Here it is for us all to enjoy (and rejoice, as Monolog will also perform at this year's Burn The Machine festival in Berlin).

Enjoy, dance around and don't pass on "2 Dots Left", an excellent example of how forward-thinking and varied modern-day hard drum'n'bass can be.

Second part of DJ Hidden's "Enclosed" podcast series.
Friday, 18 October 2013 20:21

Second part of DJ Hidden's "Enclosed" podcast series.

Friday Freebie: We're getting closer to the release date of DJ Hidden's excellent and eagerly awaited third studio album ("Enclosed", coming out on Ad Noiseam on October 28th and "pre-orderable" here on double CD and there as digital files). As mentionned a week ago, DJ Hidden has embarked on an adventure of no less than 6 podcasts to present this album, each being presented by a different platform.

The first part of this "Enclosed Sessions" podcast was broadcast by Ad Noiseam and can still be listened to / downloaded here (or there). The second instalment was spread to the world today through the good people as Hard Bass Dealers, and can be listened to here or below. Rather than focusing on purely DJ Hidden material, as the first one did, this one includes almost only material from like-minded artists.

Press play, enjoy, stay tuned for the next episodes, listen again to the first one and, of course, don't pass on the opportunity to pre-order your copy of "Enclosed". As usual, pre-orders are getting a rebate.

Full video of Oyaarss performing "Malduguns" as a live band.
Thursday, 10 October 2013 09:04

Full video of Oyaarss performing "Malduguns" as a live band.

We had already hinted at Oyaarss performing his music as a live band (with the help of members of Neļaudis), for example with this practice-video or these four live ones recorded this Summer in Latvia.

It's now time to show the fruit of this all with the full, multi-cameras, edited live video of Oyaarss and Neļaudis performing the track "Malduguns", taken from the "Bads" album (adn159).

Make sure to turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy this excellent track and video, then spread the word. Promoters, note that Oyaarss can also now be booked for this live formula.


Free "Enclosed #1" podcast by DJ Hidden.
Wednesday, 09 October 2013 10:19

Free "Enclosed #1" podcast by DJ Hidden.

We're exactly 19 days away from the release date of DJ Hidden's third full length album, the "Enclosed" double CD (adn173). This is a massive, rich and diverse album, and we intend at promoting it in the same way. Therefore, DJ Hidden has recorded no less than six different podcasts, each an hour long, which will be presented online little by little, on six different platforms.

Ad Noiseam is releasing the "Enclosed" album and therefore opening the dance with the first episode of the "Enclosed" series of podcast. This one focuses heavily on drum'n'bass, starting with the excellent "The Wanderer" track.

You can listen to this podcast here (1, 2, 3) or below. Press play, enjoy, and get ready for "Enclosed", which can now be pre-ordered on double CD or as digital files.

Free podcast by Monolog, presenting his "2 Dots Left" album.
Monday, 07 October 2013 10:36

Monolog "2 Dots Left" presentation podcast

We're two weeks away from the release of Monolog's new album, the dense, hard-hitting and heavy "2 Dots Left" (adn172, "pre-orderable" on CD here and as digital files there). In order to better present this work and as an introduction of sort to his concerts at this year's editions of the Maschinenfest and Burn The Machine festivals, Monolog has recorded a live-set which you can now listen to (as well as download) for free.

Featuring mostly material from "2 Dots Left", as well as several yet-untitled, unreleased tracks, this highly percussive, ever-changing (and better listened-to very loud) set should give a better idea of what to expect with the album as well as on the dancefloors wherever this Danish artist performs. Enjoy.

Video trailer to Stavros Gasparatos's "Seven".
Saturday, 05 October 2013 11:40

Below is a short but very nice video trailer to Ad Noiseam's latest release, Stavros Gasparato's "Seven" album (adn170). Created by Paris Mexis and Stam Vart in collaboration with this composer, it presents the music to be found in "Seven" and hints at the stage performance for which this material was originally written. And finally, it reminds us that a live premiere of this album will be held on December 22nd at Athens's prestigious Onassis Cultural Center. Enjoy.

Free bonus to from DJ Hidden's coming album.
Wednesday, 02 October 2013 10:32


We're slowly getting closer to the release of DJ Hidden's third full length effort, the "Enclosed" double album (adn173, "pre-orderable" here on CD and there as digital downloads) and while we have a few more things planned for all of you in the coming weeks, DJ Hidden is starting to let out some sounds from his "Enclosed" recording sessions.

The non-album "Save Point" bonus track is the first extra we let slip out. You can download it for free by going to Facebook and "liking" the official DJ Hidden page. You'll get a download link as soon as you credit this artist with some sweet extra internet points (to which we should add that you are more than welcome to also "like" the Ad Noiseam page).

Enjoy, and watch this space for more "Enclosed" extras.

Out today: Stavros Gasparatos's "Seven" (adn170)
Monday, 30 September 2013 22:15

Stavros Gasparatos "Seven" - Ad Noiseam adn170

Out now and available on CD and as digital files is one of Ad Noiseam's most evocative and original releases of the recent times, as well as the label's first directly linked with a theatre soundtrack. Stavros Gasparatos's detailled, deep and mesmerezing "Seven" album (adn170) is officially released today.

“Seven” is the album presentation of the soundtrack to a stage performance by Stavros Gasparatos, one of Greece's leading modern composers and sound-designers. Mature, coherent and very subtle, it is a beautiful journey through sharp electronic music and modern classical instrumentation. Evocative and powerful, this album carries the richness of the original live show, creates a rich sonic imagery and takes its listeners along a mysterious but elegant story.

We are happy and proud to be able to present Stavros Gasparatos's music to our audience, as it is a particularly beautiful, intelligent and interesting experience which we hope we can share with a broad audience.

Stavros Gasparatos's "Seven" is available in the Ad Noiseam online store here. Below is a first excerpt. You can find many more here.


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