New interview with Gore Tech.
Wednesday, 17 April 2013 10:51

New interview with Gore Tech.

The BhanaBlog has published a new and interesting interview with Gore Tech, in which this musician answers questions about his background, aims and music production. It's rather extensive (at least compared to other sources available at the moment), and the article describes well this producer's music.

This Gore Tech interview is available here. Happy reading.

Live video broadcast by Fausten this Sunday
Tuesday, 16 April 2013 10:26
Live video broadcast by Fausten this Sunday (April 21).

Update April 21st: sorry, due to technical difficulties, this broadcast is audio only. On the other hand, it's live now and very intense.

Fausten's eponymous debut album is coming out next Monday on 12", CD and digital files (info here / pre-orders there). To celebrate, a two-hour audio podcast will be broadcasted live this Sunday (right before this album becomes available) straight from the Fausten HQ in London. Featuring tracks from the album, of course, as well as more material from Fausten and its two members (Monster X and Stormfield) and live VJ-ing, it should be the perfect occasion for everybody to get to know this act better.


This live broadcast will be available at, starting at 10Pm GMT (that's midnight on Sunday night in Berlin or Paris, 3PM in Los Angeles, 6PM in New York, and 7AM on Monday night for Tokyo). You can also suscribe to this podcast's Facebook event page to be reminded about it.

Video interview with Niveau Zero.
Monday, 15 April 2013 12:38
Video interview with Niveau Zero.

Most interviews with Niveau Zero are for obvious reasons in French, so let's not pass on this recent video interview conducted in English with this artist shortly after his gig for the Dubwars crew in Heilbronn on March 2rd 2013 as part of his "Jasmine" tour in Germany.

The interview itself starts at the 2:18 mark (after an intro whose music has little to do with Niveau Zero). We learn there a bit about this musician's concerts in Germany, the "Jasmine" album (including the dreaded "why this title?" question) and his composition process.

Friday Freebie: excerpt from Ontal's Fausten remix.
Friday, 12 April 2013 12:02
Friday Freebie: excerpt from Ontal's Fausten remix.

Friday Freebie: we've already posted several excerpts from Fausten's forthcoming eponymous album (adn167) on its dedicated page, but here comes another one, this time posted by Ontal and showcasing an except from the remix they wrote for this album.

Ontal is the collaborative project between the two Serbian musicians that are Boris Noiz and Dekode. Spotted first by Combat Recordings (the label run by Stormfield, one of the two members of Fausten), they are having an EP soon on Darkfloor Sound, which will eventually be available through the Ad Noiseam online store.

For the moment, here's this except of Fausten's "Evisceration (Ontal remix)", whose techno drive testify for the diversity of this otherwise slower and massive Fausten album. Remember, this one is coming out on vinyl, CD and as digital files on April 22nd. Pre-orders are now taken.

Short video of Fausten's mastering session.
Thursday, 11 April 2013 11:20
Short video of Fausten's mastering session.

In an age of rapidfire release schedules and digital exclusives, audio mastering and vinyl cutting are often disregarded as costly and slow processes by labels and artists, much to the detriment of the final tracks and records. This is not something we agree on, as we constantly make effort to bring out the best sounding releases. This means working with experimented, talented mastering engineers (often distinct for each format) and vinyl cutters.

An example of this is the forthcoming Fausten album (adn167, to be released on all formats on April 22nd, and "pre-orderable" here). Its 12" vinyl version was prepared by Matt Colton of Alchemy Mastering (known for his works on seminal releases for Rephlex, Ninja Tune or Modern Love), while the CD one was mastering at Binary Feedback. Below is a short video showing Matt Colton working on Fausten's track "Abort" for the 12". Arguably, there's not a lot of the whole process to see, but it might be necessary to underline the fact that this release wasn't just mastered in five minutes on a cheap laptop (unlike some others we will not name).

Experiment in audiovisual syncing to the sound of Igorrr.
Wednesday, 10 April 2013 20:51

There're too many softwares, algorhythms and showcases aiming at perfecting how computer graphics can be synced (live or not) with music to list, but it's quite rare (actually, the first time if I am not mistaken) that somebody tries his hands or program to something as wildly unpredictable and varied as Igorrr's music. This is the challenge chosen by Chris Tripes for the following short video in which he syncs several visual settings to the music of Igorrr's "Toothpaste" (taken from the "Hallelujah" album, adn165). Enjoy.

We interrupt this program for a few days.
Wednesday, 27 March 2013 19:55

We interrupt this program for a few days.

Update: we're back, and all is back to normal.

The Ad Noiseam intergalatic corporate headquarter will be closed between March 28th and April 6th, as we all travel to a seminar about Force-supported music-releasing ("this is the music your are looking for"). In other words: we're taking some days off to recharge the batteries, and will not be able to do anything (or much) in the meantime.

All orders placed from the online store will be received, all items reserved, but shipping will resume on April 7th only. Digital downloads are of course not affected by this.

And it's not like we're leaving you without anything to listen to, such as the recent Gore Tech 12" ("Machine Throne", adn166) or the new previews of the coming Fausten album (adn167). See you in a few days, with more good news to announce.

Pre-orders now taken for Fausten's debut album (adn167).
Tuesday, 26 March 2013 22:46

Pre-orders now taken for Fausten's debut album (adn167).

The CD and records are mastered and cuts, the videos are coming in: Fausten's debut album (adn167) is ready for its release on April 22nd. This extremely heavy, dark and twisted new collaboration between Monster X and Stormfield is finally going to see the (black) light of the day. We've already shown you the trailer, but you can now listen to six tracks from this album as well as place your pre-orders for all formats (12" with bonus CD, CD or digital files). And remember: pre-orders get a rebate. So not only would you get your copy earlier than anybody else, but also cheaper.

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