Announcing Monolog's new album, "Merge" (adn178).
Saturday, 13 September 2014 17:06

Announcing Monolog's new album, "Merge" (adn178).
The summer is over, Ad Noiseam is back with a reserve of very strong albums to unleash on the world in the coming months. First, we are very happy to announce the release at the end of September of Monolog's new album, "Merge". The second full length on the label for this Danish-born, Berlin-based experimentator, comes a year after the very well received "2 Dots Left" (adn172). This was a very busy period for Mads Lindgren, which many of you have been able to catch live on stage all across Europe. He was still able to write a lot of new music, though, and collaborated with a varied array of like-minded producers and vocalists.

The result of these collaborations and solo effort is the accurately titled "Merge" album, which Ad Noiseam will release on CD, digital files and as a limited-edition, high-quality poster print coming with a digital download. Click on each format to pre-order your copy (and get a rebate on your order).

Click here for more information about "Merge", to listen to several tracks and to get a better view at its impressive artwork, hand drawn by Shvl Fce.

Monolog - Merge - adn178
Saturday, 13 September 2014 12:50
ImageA year after “2 Dots Left”, Monolog combines styles, unites collaborators and fuses influence in his most varied album to date. “Merge” is a perfect snapshot of this musician's tastes, talents and scope, from abysmal basses to club-packing breaks and vocal-based experimentations. Lyrical, warm, heavy and sharp, Monolog's music takes its listener along a coherent but colourful demonstration which keeps on pushing boundaries and redefining the project itself. This might well be the album with which Monolog unfolds its wide, human, and impressively powerful self. (Get this on CD / as a poster print with download code / as digital files)
Help Joanna Syze beat her disease (updated).
Tuesday, 09 September 2014 09:04

Help Joanna Syze beat her disease.
Bulgarian-born, Seattle-based Joanna Syze, who is known for both her solo music and her collaborations with the likes of Balkansky and Zardonic, has been hit by a serious disease which had forced her to stop producing, stay at hospitals and which seems to have greatly worsen recently.

Joanna's family and her friends have set up a crowd-supporting campaign to raise money to cover her medical costs and support the people who care for her while she is in the hospital. You can read more about this campaign here. Joanna's initial message about her sickness is there.

You can donate directly through this compaign's page here. On top of an initial donation, Ad Noiseam will also donate 100% of the sales of Joanna's album, 2011's "Rodina" to this campaign. We do not have many copies in stock, but hope that these sales will do their part and help.

We express our support to Joanna and ask you to donate, to buy her album (we will be fully transparent as to our forwarding of the money) and to support her and her family.

Oyaarss meet Machine Code for some audio "baddism".
Monday, 08 September 2014 17:02

You will hear a lot about (and from) Oyaarss and Machine Code if you follow Ad Noiseam in the coming weeks and months. Let's start with a track which will not be released on this label but on Dean Rodell's Subtrakt and taken from Machine Code's forthcoming collaborative "Stems" digital album, in which the Berlin-based duo (who is also at the heart of Underhill) asked friends and like-minded perpetrators to write a track using sound and samples (hence the album name) they provided.

Oyaarss's participation, entitled "Baddism", can be previewed here and below. We have heard the rest and believe us, you will want to head on to the Ad Noiseam online store as soon as pre-orders are taken for Machine Code's "Stems".

Tapage gives you (virtual) wings.
Friday, 05 September 2014 11:48

Tapage's track "Five Of Eight" (taken from his recent "Eight" album, adn180) was used as a soundtrack to a little trailer to Volo Airsport, a new virtual reality wingsuit-simulator, which you can watch here or below. It all looks very nice and, of course, sounds even better.

Mobthrow in the spotlight with an exclusive mix for Goute Mes Disques.
Thursday, 04 September 2014 13:59

Mobthrow in the spotlight with an exclusive mix for Goute Mes Disques.

Mobthrow (whose most recent live set is still available in its entirety here) is under the spotlight today with an extensive interview and an exclusive podcast on the French-speaking zine Goûte Mes Disques. This website, which had already invited Raoul Sinier and Ruby My Dear to present new mixes, has published today a fresh hour-long podcast by Mobthrow, going from mid-tempo electronica to dubstep and drum'n'bass.

Head on over there to read Mobthrow's interview (in French) and listen to this "Goûtes Mes Mix #41", which is also streamable below.

New music in the making from Ben Lukas Boysen / Hecq.
Wednesday, 03 September 2014 16:17

Below is a new track (or an excerpt thereof) by Ben Lukas Boysen / Hecq. Whether this might be a follow-up to "Gravity" (adn168) or "Conversions" (adn174), only time will tell. In the meantime, enjoy.

Ben Lukas Boysen's new sound design for OFFF Mexico.
Tuesday, 02 September 2014 20:15

When he is not working on his new album as Hecq or material under his real name, Ben Lukas Boysen likes to keep himself busy with frequent collaboration with the video arts OFFF Festival. He had written the music for the opening titles in 2011, did it again in 2013, had his "Sura" track used in a post-festival souvenir in 2010 and participated to a short film shown there in 2012.

Even though Ben Lukas Boysen's participation to the opening sequence to 2014's OFFF Mexico edition might not surprise us anymore, it is still a splendid score that this musician created this year. You can watch (and listen to) the resulting thing over there and below. Make sure to turn the volume up.

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