Out now: Enduser Shares Needles with The Teknoist album.
Thursday, 01 November 2012 02:17

Out now: Enduser Shares Needles with The Teknoist album.

The veins ears have been found, the syringes samplers prepared, the needles beats can be shared: out today is the "Enduser Shares Needles with The Teknoist" (adn164) album, a follow-up of sort, 10 years later, to the original "Panacea Shares Needles with Tarmvred" (adn11) three-way. The CDs are there, the pre-orders have been shipped, this insane, driven and powerful collaborative album is now availalbe right now on CD or as digital files.

The Teknoist: Truckers Road Map

10 years after "Panacea Shares Needles with Tarmvred", Needle Sharing comes back to Ad Noiseam for a new threeway collaborative project, this time pairing up with the renowned breakcore furies that are Enduser and The Teknoist. Three sound-pools, nine tracks, and three different ways to approach hard drum'n'bass, hardcore and breakcore: this new association gives birth an album which, however mercilessly hard and pounding it might be, also impresses by its diversity and the care given to its details it communicates. A long awaited, very welcome and impressively energetic album which is more than just the sum of its parts.

Enduser: I Could Stop If I Wanted To

This album is the third to be released this Autumn, following Niveau Zero's "Jasmine" (adn161, double LP / CD / digital) and Oyaarss's "Smaida Greizi Nakamiba" (adn163, LP / CD / digital). These three items will be soon followed by two others, which can already be pre-ordered: Techdiff's "P.Conv" (adn151, Nov 5th, CD / digital) and The Outside Agency's "The Dogs Are Listening" (adn162, CD / digital).

Second teaser to The Outside Agency's "The Dogs are Listening"
Monday, 29 October 2012 11:18

This time with more details and more confusion: here and below is the second video teaser to The Outside Agency's "The Dogs Are Listening" album (Ad Noiseam adn162). This album is coming out on CD and as digital files on November 10th, you can listen to some tracks and pre-order it here, or watch the first teaser again there.

December 21: celebrate the apocalypse with Ad Noiseam in Berlin.
Friday, 26 October 2012 19:37

December 21: celebrate the apocalypse with Ad Noiseam in Berlin.

As we all know, the world is supposed to end on December 21st of this year (and not only because of the release on that day of Igorrr's fourth album, "Hallelujah"). What better setting then to celebrate the apocalypse than with six Ad Noiseam live acts playing at the reknowned Berlin location that is the Berghain?

Friday, December 21st at Berghain (Berlin, DE)
-The Outside Agency (first gig ever in Berlin)
-Igorrr ("Hallelujah" album release party)
-Ruby My Dear (first gig ever in Berlin)

More information can be found on this event's official page.

Listen to a new Niveau Zero mix to introduce this year's Burn The Machine festival.
Tuesday, 23 October 2012 20:12

Burn The Machine 2012 festival

Berlin will shake for the second time during the first week-end of November during the second edition of the now established Burn The Machine festival. Two days and two floors of hard drum'n'bass, dubstep, experimental noise and techno, with this time again a very Ad Noiseam-heavy line-up (with DJ Hidden, Underhill, Niveau Zero, Oyaarss, Balkansky, Hecq, Mobthrow and yours truly) and an excellent sound quality. You can find more information about this festival here and buy your tickets in advance there.

Current Value and Dean Rodell had recorded introductory podcasts for this festival's first edition last year (here and there), but it's Niveau Zero who got behind the mixing desk this year, with a mix with celebrates the very fresh release of his new "Jasmine" album (adn164), as well as his recent releases together with Matta or Balkansky, as well as includes several tracks by like-minded musicians.

You can listen to this mix here or below, and download it either straight from Soundcloud or from Burn The Machine. Enjoy and of course, be there for the festival.

Pre-orders now taken for The Outside Agency's "The Dogs are Listening"
Thursday, 18 October 2012 13:29

Pre-orders now taken for The Outside Agency's "The Dogs are Listening"

It was announced only a week ago with this teaser, but it's already time to prepare the unleashing of the beast. The fifth album to be released on Ad Noiseam this productive Autumn is the eagerly awaited, massive and awe-inspiring new full length album by The Outside Agency (which, for those of you who haven't been listening, is the long-running hardcore project by DJ Hidden and Eye-D). "The Dogs Are Listening" (adn162), the first Outside Agency full-length release to be written as an album (and not a compilation of previous released tracks) is coming out on Ad Noiseam on November 10th as an embossed digipack CD+G (a technology not used anywhere since 1991) and digital files. Click on each format to get your copy on the cheap, as pre-orders get a rebate.

Here's already an excerpt. Point your browsers here for more information, images and four more samples.


The Outside Agency - The Dogs Are Listening - adn162
Thursday, 18 October 2012 13:08
ImageWith their first "on-purpose" album, The Outside Agency come up with the full-length album which we need, but might not deserve, and certainly not expect. This duo comprised of DJ Hidden and Eye-D have regularly brought fresh sound to the hardcore scene and repeat this feat again. Crossbreed, dubstep, breakcore? All this (and more) is included in this wildly varying and still extremely focused and driven album. If there ever was somebody who could combine cleverness, depth and masterful production to such a relentlessly hard music genre, it was them. They've done it again, probably more than ever. Are you listening? Get this on CD / as digital files.
Teaser for The Outside Agency's "The Dogs are Listening"
Wednesday, 10 October 2012 14:09

There are a few other releases coming out before this one (from Niveau Zero, Oyaarss, Enduser / Needle Sharing / Teknoist) and Techdiff, but it's already time for a teaser. Ad Noiseam is very proud of welcoming The Outside Agency to the fold and release their new album (and their first ever made-on-purpose one), "The Dogs Are Listening" (adn162).
Audio excerpts, images, info and pre-order will follow at the end of October, but here's already the teaser. Tada!

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