Interview, mixtape and presentation from Gore Tech
Thursday, 14 March 2013 12:39

Interview, mixtape and presentation from Gore Tech.

With the release earlier this week of Gore Tech's first solo EP, the "Machine Throne" EP (adn166), there's quite a lot happening around this young British breakcore act. Besides presenting you the EP in itself,we showcased this act's most recent mix ("Mainframe Warfare"), and here comes a new hour of Gore Tech-related goodies with a special show dedicatd to him by Belgium's Urr Obscuur's radio program.

You can listen to this whole show here or below. Non-Dutch speakers shouldn't be scared: while the introduction of the show is in Dutch, the interview in itself (starting at the 19 minute mark) is in English. And once you've listened to Gore Tech's speaking about his music, raves and taste for naked Belgians, the man starts showcasing his material with a live set recorded for the occasion.

Live video of Hecq's Ben Lukas Boysen with VJ-ing by Geso.
Wednesday, 13 March 2013 13:16

Live video of Hecq's Ben Lukas Boysen with VJ-ing by Geso.

Besides writing music as Hecq or composing soundtracks for movies and ads, Ben Lukas Boysen has been keeping himself busy recently with new material he wrote under his own, full name. A first release under this moniker (the sountrack to the "Restive" movie) came out last year, and more is to be expected in 2013 (make sure to read this site in the future, as you'll see this name pop up here again).

While most of this musician's shows have been given under the Hecq name so far, some are starting to showcase the music he wrote as Ben Lukas Boysen, such as one which took place a few weeks ago in Leipzig during the Applied Sound Arts 2013 festival. Ben Lukas Boysen's sounds were there presented in combination with videos by Geso (one of the two artists formerly at the core of the Belio magazine).

Below is a 15 minute shot of this concert, which should give you a better idea of what kind of material Ben Lukas Boysen writes outside of the Hecq umbrella, as well as the kind of graphics created by Geso. Enjoy and again, expect more of this in the future.

Listen (and try to watch) to an entire live set by Niveau Zero.
Tuesday, 12 March 2013 17:42

Listen (and try to watch) to an entire live set by Niveau Zero.

With cameras getting smaller, their batteries lasting longer and their microphones now able to record a not-totally-ear-wrenching sound, it's become possible for amateurs to document whole live set. This is exactly what Youtube user MilzMilz did when attending Niveau Zero's concert in Oberhausen last week-end (during this act's "Jasmine" German tour.

Below are 55 minutes of dark, blurry, seak-sickness inducing video capturing the whole show. It's quite a challenge to watch it, but the sound is relatively decent and should give an idea of what Niveau Zero plays lives. Still, we'd strongly recommend just going and experiencing his live gigs in person.

Out now: Gore Tech "Machine Throne" (adn166)
Monday, 11 March 2013 18:46

Gore Tech "Machine Throne" - Ad Noiseam adn166

We've written several times about it, and here it is: the first Ad Noiseam release for 2013, Gore Tech's "Machine" Throne" (adn166) is out now and available on 12" record and digital files.

Thrashers, DJs and all fans of hard electronic music rejoice: Gore Tech's new EP is an undeniable proof that breakcore is back, (un-)healthier and more broken than ever. Taking all the elements of this bastard child of hardcore, drum'n'bass and punk with today's improved production techniques but coming with open ears and fresh ideas, this adequately titled record is made to become a classic for everybody who like their beats raw, their bass heavy and their tempo shattered. Take good care of your turntable, as we guarantee repeated plays.

You can listen to several audio excerpts here, check a medley of the entire EP there, look at how the record looks here, and finally get your copy of this record or of its FLAC / mp3 versions.

Plenty of ways to Machine Code yourself "under the sun".
Wednesday, 06 March 2013 18:39

Plenty of ways to Machine Code your way "under the sun".

It is hard to admit and we are aware that this news might come as shocking to some, but yes, there is some good music out there which is not released on Ad Noiseam. All the more when it is being written by two members of an Ad Noiseam act (in this case, Underhill) and comes from our good friends of Subdivision / Subtrakt.

We've received copies of the new album by Machine Code (a.k.a. Dean Rodell and Current Value), "Under The Sun"), and are now offering it in a variety of formats (mp3, FLAC, CD and double 10"). Note that we also got our hand on a limited stock of Machine Code t-shirts, which you can either buy alone or as part of a reduced price "value pack" containing the two records, the CD and a shirt. Oh, and did we also mention that people getting this album and Underhill's "Silent Siren" also get a rebate.

Head on to the online store to grab this excellent piece of modern drum'n'bass and if you need a bit more convicing, check the introductory set below.

Now you know,
Tuesday, 05 March 2013 11:53
New free mix by The Teknoist for Signal Flow.
Tuesday, 05 March 2013 08:45

New free mix by The Teknoist for Signal Flow.

A couple of months after The Outside Agency's mix for Signal Flow, it is the time for The Teknoist to play and record a mix for this series. Clocking at almoust an hour and featuring quite a lot of new material by the man himself (solo or working with collaborators) and like minded purveyors of all things hard and broken, this free mix is also surprising subtle and balanced.

You can listen to The Teknoist's Signal Flow #49 podcast here or below. Enjoy, and check the playlist after the break.

Extreme kayaking set to Hecq's music.
Monday, 04 March 2013 20:00

Extreme kayaking set to Hecq's music.

 Hecq's music has been used in many kinds of films and setups, but extreme sport seems to be quite a new context for this musician's material. This is one thing to cross off the list now, though, as the following "Cascada" short film showcases (in very nice shots, actually) several athletes kayaking down cascades in Mexico, all the while with a selection of Hecq tracks playing in the background (including "Sura", off the EP of the same name, adn128).

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