New Igorrr shirts and hoodies now available.
Thursday, 09 May 2013 23:00

New Igorrr shirts and hoodies now available.

Ad Noiseam shirt week, day 4 of 4: after Underhill, Enduser, Oyaarss, we close this streak of new apparel with not only a new shirt, but also a new hoodie for Igorrr's recent "Hallelujah" album (adn165).

 Contrary to Igorrr's previous t-shirts, the new one incorporate elements from the "Hallelujah" album, printed in shiny gold ink on black fabric. The hoodies up the ante further by having the Igorrr logo on the front and "Hallelujah"'s procession on the back.

You can get a better view of these shirts here. T-shirts are available in the online store here, while hoodies are there.


Oyaarss t-shirts now available
Wednesday, 08 May 2013 18:02

Oyaarss t-shirts now available

Ad Noiseam t-shirt week, day 3 of 4: after the Underhill shirts and Monday and the Enduser ones on Tuesday, today's new t-shirts are for Latvian's heavy post-noiser Oyaarss. These shirs, which were till now only sold at his concerts, are now available for both women and men straight from the Ad Noiseam online store.

As usual with Ad Noiseam apparel, these shirts are printed on fair-trade, organic cotton. You can have a better view of them here, or get yours there.

Enduser t-shirts available again.
Tuesday, 07 May 2013 15:31

Enduser "I Eat Beats For Breakfast" t-shirts.

Ad Noiseam t-shirt week, day 2 of 4: we keep on making new shirts available today. After the Underhill ones yesterday, it is Enduser who is getting some fresh apparel with the re-print of the classic "I Eat Beats For Breakfast" tees.

These shirts had long been discontinued and were just re-printed. This time around, the design is printed on red on black fabric, and it's all (as has been the case for some years now) on fair-trade, organic cotton.

You can get a better view of these shirts there, and get yours here.

Underhill t-shirts now available.
Monday, 06 May 2013 19:38

Underhill t-shirts

This week will be a t-shirt one for Ad Noiseam, as we will make four new t-shirts and hoodies available over the course of four days. The first one of this series is a brand new Underhill t-shirt, displaying the logo of this band (as used on the "Silent Siren" album and "Blind" EP). These shirts, as usual printed on fair-trade, organic cotton are now available for both women and men. You can have a better view of them here and get yours there.

Wear them proudly (for example at coming Underhill shows) and stay tuned for the other three shirts we'll make available this week.

Friday Freebie: new free mix by Gore Tech.
Friday, 26 April 2013 09:56


Friday Freebie: this is by far not the first mix we post coming from Gore Tech, but the new podcast by this musician shows yet another direction and confirms his steady rise to recognition. We had already had an Ad Noiseam-focused mixtape, a "Mainframe Warfare" presentation mix for his "Machine Throne" EP (adn166), and here comes a new mix dedicated to promoting the forthcoming PRSPCT event in Rotterdam on May 8th, during which Gore Tech will perform alongside The Outside Agency, Igorrr and plenty more people.

This new "Prspct xl17 pdcst", vowel-challenged mix by Gore Tech is somewhat more hardcore oriented than his previous ones, something which you can listen to here or below. Enjoy, attend this event if you are around, and don't miss Gore Tech, either on record or live.

On a side note, we are now taking pre-orders for the Murder Channel-released, first Gore Tech CD "From The Earth To The Skyscrapers", which will be released on May 25th. His "Machine Throne" EP is of course still available.

Ad Noiseam turns 12, we celebrate with a 12% sale.
Thursday, 18 April 2013 00:00
Ad Noiseam turns 12, we celebrate with a 12% sale.

It was on April 18t 2001 that the first ever release on Ad Noiseam (the "Krach Test" compilation) was released. Quite a lot has been done, released, played and written ever since. If Ad Noiseam was a human being, she or he would be hitting puberty, so watch out for some changes in the future.

We're not celebrating this 12th birtday with a massive compilation or a label festival or a whole birthday tour this time around, but with a 24-hour long sale on all our releases: only today (April 18th), till midnight Berlin-time, every Ad Noiseam record, CD and digital file  is 12% off in our online store (click on that link to be taken straight to these releases). Time to celebrate with us (you are welcome to send cakes our way). Act fast, and enjoy the music we've released.

New interview with Gore Tech.
Wednesday, 17 April 2013 10:51

New interview with Gore Tech.

The BhanaBlog has published a new and interesting interview with Gore Tech, in which this musician answers questions about his background, aims and music production. It's rather extensive (at least compared to other sources available at the moment), and the article describes well this producer's music.

This Gore Tech interview is available here. Happy reading.

Live video broadcast by Fausten this Sunday
Tuesday, 16 April 2013 10:26
Live video broadcast by Fausten this Sunday (April 21).

Update April 21st: sorry, due to technical difficulties, this broadcast is audio only. On the other hand, it's live now and very intense.

Fausten's eponymous debut album is coming out next Monday on 12", CD and digital files (info here / pre-orders there). To celebrate, a two-hour audio podcast will be broadcasted live this Sunday (right before this album becomes available) straight from the Fausten HQ in London. Featuring tracks from the album, of course, as well as more material from Fausten and its two members (Monster X and Stormfield) and live VJ-ing, it should be the perfect occasion for everybody to get to know this act better.


This live broadcast will be available at, starting at 10Pm GMT (that's midnight on Sunday night in Berlin or Paris, 3PM in Los Angeles, 6PM in New York, and 7AM on Monday night for Tokyo). You can also suscribe to this podcast's Facebook event page to be reminded about it.

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