out today: Stavros Gasparatos's "Expanded Piano"
Friday, 21 August 2015 16:42

out today: Stavros Gasparatos's "Expanded Piano"

We are proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Stavros Gasparatos's second Ad Noiseam album, "Expanded Piano" (adn186). Following "Seven" (adn170, 2013), the new album by this Greek composer was recorded in 2014 at the EMPAC hall in Troy, NY and is the fruit of a study of the concept of the piano as a musical instrument.

"Expanded Piano" can be purchased right now on vinyl (coming with a download code), on CD or as digital files. You can listen to several excerpts here, or to a full track on Ad Noiseam's Soundcloud page. A short video shot of the performance during which this album was recorded is available here.


Brillant video of Stavros Gasparatos performing "Expanded Piano" in Athens.
Wednesday, 19 August 2015 09:37

Brillant video of Stavros Gasparatos performing "Expanded Piano" in Athens.

With the release of Stavros Gasparatos's "Expanded Piano" album drawing very near (it is coming out this Friday, and pre-orders are now being shipped), we are proud to present you a video of this artist performing this piece at the prestigious Athens Festival's Megaron Concert Hall, last June.

The "Expanded Piano" album was recorded (in all its 24 channels glory) at the EMPAC hall of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, but this performance is meant to be repeated and presented to audiences worldwide. The video below documents this piece's second live execution, which took place a couple of months ago in Stavros Gasparatos's native Athens.

We are thankful to the Athens Festival team for the efforts they put into inviting Stavros Gasparatos and enabling him to perform in such excellent conditions. We strongly recommend you to dim the light, enjoy this great video, and spread the word about it.

Monolog draws the line with a free new track.
Tuesday, 18 August 2015 13:53

Monolog draws the line with a free new track.
Freebie, but this week not on a Friday: Monolog is celebrating a new milestone in his Facebook follower-count by giving away a new, free track. Hard, sharp and fast, the "Drawing Lines" he just offered us are reminiscent of his "2 Dots Left" Ad Noiseam debut, and the rumor has it that they might also appear on a forthcoming (longer) Monolog release.

Click here or below to listen to Monolog's "Drawing Lines" and, of course, go and support this artist on Facebook as well.

Announcing Swarm Intelligence's "Rust" album
Saturday, 15 August 2015 18:06

We've putting the finishing touches to the artwork at the moment, and will therefore use at the moment a photo of this album's test pressing to announce Swarm Intelligence's forthcoming sequel to his 2014 Ad Noiseam debut "Faction" (adn183):

Swarm Intelligence's "Rust" (adn188) will come out in October on double gatefold, clear-vinyl LP, on CD and as digital files. Stay tuned for more information, audios and pre-ordering links (while we also take this opportunity to remind you about the impending releases of Stavros Gasparatos's "Expanded Piano" and the vinyl version of Igorrr's "Nostril").

Announcing Swarm Intelligence's "Rust" album

Friday Freebie: a short live set from Monolog, a long DJ one from Swarm Intelligence
Friday, 17 July 2015 13:59

Friday Freebie: a short live set from Monolog, a long DJ one from Swarm Intelligence
Friday Freebie: this week's Ad Noiseam free extra is double, very fresh, and unequal in its part. Both Monolog and Swarm Intelligence (among many other people) played at the 2015 edition of Freqs Of Nature, a yearly festival taking place outside of Berlin every July. Both recorded their sets and both have made them (or part of them available) for us all to enjoy, and you can listen to both below.

Each artist had his particular approach to the festival and his recording: whereas Monolog's played a live drum'n'bass set and chose to make only 6 minutes available here (don't blame him, he had another full podcast out this week), Swarm Intelligence went for a DJ-set, available in all its 2 hour glory there.

Click below for both sets, we hope they'll be an adequate start to your week-end.

Monolog takes us by surprise with a new ambient set for SeekSickSound
Wednesday, 15 July 2015 12:56

Monolog takes us by surprise with a new ambient set for SeekSickSound
Even though both Monolog's album on Ad Noiseam so far have been of either the furious or the heavy kind, our favorite Berlin-based Dane is no stranger to calmer and glitchier sounds, as demonstrated in his past discography. He underlined this part of his art recently playing a live gig alongside Subheim in German capital, drowning an art gallery in semi-improvised soundscapes and dark atmospheres.

A recording of this show has been made available through the French magazine SeekSickSound. This new podcast can be listened to below or with the accompanying article (in French) over there. Click here to download this set.

out today: 2methyl "Layer 8"
Sunday, 12 July 2015 16:31

out today: 2methyl "Layer 8" - Ad Noiseam adn187

Ad Noiseam is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of 2methyl's "Layer 8" (adn187). Coming a year after his first release on the label ("Orb", adn175), this album is the debut full length for this very talented musician.

You can purchase "Layer 8" on CD here and as digital files there.

Click here to know more about this album, listen to it and get your copy.


"Summer", second part of Semiomime's "Nocturne" podcast.
Friday, 03 July 2015 11:46

Semiomime - Nocturne #2: Summer
Friday Freebie / Ad Noiseam podcast: as promised three months ago when he introduced us to his new "Nocturne" series, Noel Wessels brings today a second part to Semiomime's "Nocturne" seasonal podcasts. Following "Spring" is "Summer", which you can listen to from now on.

With Semiomime, Noel Wessels steps outside of the dancefloor he cherishes as DJ Hidden and The Outside Agency to rather focus on more cinematic and atmospheric moods. This was already the case with the "From Memory" album (adn139, 2011), then demonstrated again in March's "Spring" mix. This new "Summer" one is less glitchy, unfolding slowly from ambient tracks to thicker, more beat-based material, all the while staying very introvert and personal.

You can listen to Ad Noiseam's podcast #7, Semiomime's "Summer" nocturne here or below. The tracklisting is after the cut, and its predecessor is here. Tune back in three months for "Autumn" and remember that "Winter" will be followed by a brand new Semiomime album. Finally, note that Semiomime's "Nocturne" podcast series is not a first for Noel Wessels, who had already signed a six-part "Enclosed" odyssey as DJ Hdden.

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