Listen to Gore Tech's breakcore remix of Underhill's "Rivers Of Hades"
Wednesday, 15 August 2012 10:18

Gore Tech's breakcore remix of Underhill's "Rivers Of Hades"

Now for a change of pace: the young and remarkable breakcore / darkstep producer Gore Tech (whose remix of Balkansky & Loop Stepwalker's "8.9" had received a honorable mention in our remix contest for this tune) has just signed a remix of Underhill's anthemic "Rivers Of Hades" (taken from their "Silent Siren" album, adn156). If the original was a big-sound, vocal-focused headbanger song, the remix by this British musician is a hard, pummeling and shattered breakcore number.

You can listen to an excerpt of Underhill's "Rivers Of Hades (Lake Of Fire remix by Gore Tech) here or below. This track will be appear on the free compilation given to people attending the Maschinenfest 2012 festival (where Underhill will be performing). Go there to get your copy.


Announcing Niveau Zero's second album, "Jasmine" (adn161)
Saturday, 11 August 2012 13:37


Niveau Zero "Jasmine" - Ad Noiseam adn161

The wait is not over yet, but we've never been that close to the release date of Niveau Zero's sophomore album, "Jasmine" (Ad Noiseam adn161). Coming out on Ad Noiseam on double gatefold vinyl (which will include a copy of the CD, as we did with Enduser's "Even Weight" and Whourkr's "4247 Snare Drums"), digipack CD and digital, this new album is the coming-of-age full length for Niveau Zero, which shows with it a greatly extended scope of his talent. Featuring collaboration with Aucan, Octopus (of Dälek), Ill Smith, Dubsidia and others, as well as remix of France's metal combo As They Burn and a floor-packing remix by The Unik of Niveau Zero's "In_Sect", it is a powerful, massive, but deeply crafted and very detailed album.

Samples and more information will come soon. In the meantime, you can already check the cover artwork below, as well as listen to Niveau Zero's remix of As They Burn's "Distorted Rules", which will be featured on this album. And don't forget the ongoing remix contest for Niveau Zero's "First". You have 5 more weeks to submit your remix and win excellent prizes.

New Igorrr and Mobthrow t-shirts now available.
Wednesday, 01 August 2012 19:14
New Igorrr and Mobthrow t.-shirts now available.

We had kept them exclusive to live shows so far, but it's now time to make them available to everybody: new Igorrr and Mobthrow t-shirts are now in stock and can be purchased in the Ad Noiseam store (here for Mobhtrow, there for Igorrr).

Both bearing the (very different) logos from these bands, they are, as usual with Ad Noiseam merchandise, printed on fair-trade (as in "sweat-shop free"), organic cotton. The Mobhtrow shirts come in blue or black (but we sadly do not have any women-sized of them anymore), and the Igorrr ones only in black (and we do still have women shorts for them). More pictures after the break.

New audiovisual showreel from Matta & friends.
Tuesday, 31 July 2012 16:50

New audiovisual showreel from Matta & friends.

Following their participation to a recent NSPC TV spot, Matta have paired up again with the advertisment agency 3angrymen for a short but intense showreel. Showcasing Matta's beats, bass and melodies together with 3angrymen's images, it might appear as something "different" for most Matta fans, but underlines well how talented the duo is, and how far reaching their music can be. You can watch this showreel here or below.

Loop Stepwalker goes electro in his latest mix.
Monday, 30 July 2012 11:04

Loop Stepwalker goes electro in his latest mix.

Start your week with some loud beats and reminisce the week-end's booty shaking with a new minimix by Spanish bass-master Loop Stepwalker, in which he not only presents a couple of unreleased collaboration tracks (with Niveau Zero and Dub Elements), but also several tracks of his new, less dubstep and more electro, clubby moniker, Voltage. No laser show or funky helmet yet, but these new sounds are certainly aimed at  big-system, crowded dancefloors.

You can listen to this mix here (where you can downooad it as well) or below:

Friday freebie: listen to a fan-made, vinyl-spun set from Brazil.
Friday, 27 July 2012 15:06

Friday freebie: what we have for you this week is not a collection of free tracks or an artist live set, but an unrequested fan mix, which surprised us even more as it comes from a country where Ad Noiseam's music doesn't seem to be the most natural choice for people to listen to, Brazil. And on top of that, it was apparently mixed entirely on vinyl.

The following "Protesto 2012" mix was played on the 29th of April in Sao Paulo, Brazil, during a Zandozcorp event (as far as we know), and features a collection of very diverse Ad Noiseam tracks, with recent material by Mobthrow or Enduser, as well as older by Tarmred and Scorn, alongside less-spun tunes by Hecate and The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble.

You can listen to this mix below, and download it there. Enjoy.

Remix contest for Niveau Zero's "First".
Thursday, 26 July 2012 17:52

Remix contest for Niveau Zero's "First".

Time to show us what you are made off: grab your samplers, synths and other instruments, as Ad Noiseam and Fixt invite you to remix the anthemic "First" track, taken from this artist's "In_Sect" album (adn129).

Niveau Zero's currently putting the finishing touches to "Jasmine", his second album which will be released on October 22nd, and it's time for everybody out there to revisit one of his best known track so far. In the vein of our old "1/3" Enduser remix contest, Fixt and Ad Noiseam are providing you with stems, and you have till September 16th to come up with your best remix. Read below for prizes and conditions.


The Teknoist: Like a Hurricane of freebies.
Friday, 20 July 2012 17:51

The Teknoist: Like a Hurricane of freebies.

Friday freebie: when he's not defying gravity and sanity, The Teknoist (pictured above) writes and plays music. A lot. And not only does he releases albums and EP on Ad Noiseam (one two three) and other labels, but he also likes to throw beats and breaks online like beats in the crowd. We're in for a special treat from this madman this Friday, as he's just made available no less than twelve (12) free EPs, collaboration, compilation and sample packs.

That's no less than 55 tracks, ranging from club-bangers from full live-sets, mostly from The Teknoist himself but featuring material from the likes of Duran Duran Duran, Sickboy, Macheen Boi, Schemeboy (lots of boys here), Septic Insurgent and others, which you can download for free on The Teknoist's Zombfree page.

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