Friday freebie: listen to a fan-made, vinyl-spun set from Brazil.
Friday, 27 July 2012 15:06

Friday freebie: what we have for you this week is not a collection of free tracks or an artist live set, but an unrequested fan mix, which surprised us even more as it comes from a country where Ad Noiseam's music doesn't seem to be the most natural choice for people to listen to, Brazil. And on top of that, it was apparently mixed entirely on vinyl.

The following "Protesto 2012" mix was played on the 29th of April in Sao Paulo, Brazil, during a Zandozcorp event (as far as we know), and features a collection of very diverse Ad Noiseam tracks, with recent material by Mobthrow or Enduser, as well as older by Tarmred and Scorn, alongside less-spun tunes by Hecate and The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble.

You can listen to this mix below, and download it there. Enjoy.

Remix contest for Niveau Zero's "First".
Thursday, 26 July 2012 17:52

Remix contest for Niveau Zero's "First".

Time to show us what you are made off: grab your samplers, synths and other instruments, as Ad Noiseam and Fixt invite you to remix the anthemic "First" track, taken from this artist's "In_Sect" album (adn129).

Niveau Zero's currently putting the finishing touches to "Jasmine", his second album which will be released on October 22nd, and it's time for everybody out there to revisit one of his best known track so far. In the vein of our old "1/3" Enduser remix contest, Fixt and Ad Noiseam are providing you with stems, and you have till September 16th to come up with your best remix. Read below for prizes and conditions.


The Teknoist: Like a Hurricane of freebies.
Friday, 20 July 2012 17:51

The Teknoist: Like a Hurricane of freebies.

Friday freebie: when he's not defying gravity and sanity, The Teknoist (pictured above) writes and plays music. A lot. And not only does he releases albums and EP on Ad Noiseam (one two three) and other labels, but he also likes to throw beats and breaks online like beats in the crowd. We're in for a special treat from this madman this Friday, as he's just made available no less than twelve (12) free EPs, collaboration, compilation and sample packs.

That's no less than 55 tracks, ranging from club-bangers from full live-sets, mostly from The Teknoist himself but featuring material from the likes of Duran Duran Duran, Sickboy, Macheen Boi, Schemeboy (lots of boys here), Septic Insurgent and others, which you can download for free on The Teknoist's Zombfree page.

New Ad Noiseam record sleeves
Friday, 20 July 2012 13:38
Ad Noiseam's 2012 records sleeve

New Ad Noiseam record sleeves: away from solid black, and no smudge magnets anymore. Bonus: they are all printed on recycled cardboard.

Listen to DJ Hidden's whole set from this year's Glade festival
Friday, 13 July 2012 20:01


Friday freebie: we're pretty late with this one, but it's probable that many people haven't heard this yet. DJ Hidden played at this year's influential British festival Glade, and the people behind this event have made his whole set available online for free.

From drum'n'bass to hardcore and his very own kind of dubstep, there's, of course, a lot to listen to and dance to in this set by this master producer and DJ. And remember, this was recorded live, without computer or safety net. You might also want to check out what this set very first track (the tracklisting is the first comment on this page) is, as it will give you an idea of things to come.

New free mix by Matta.
Wednesday, 11 July 2012 17:55


22 tracks in less than 40 minutes: here's what on the menu of Matta's newest free mix, this time prepared for Kmag. Coming right on the heels of their latest EP, the "Riot / Be Real" collaboration with Niveau Zero (Ad Noiseam adn154), this mix showcases many new sides of the duo's tastes, from rather atmospheric moments to club-fillers.

You can listen and download to thix mis here or below, as well as check other mixes by Matta (one two three four)

Out today: Ruby My Dear's first album and a new EP by Matta and Niveau Zero
Friday, 29 June 2012 17:42

Matta & Niveau Zero "Riot / Be Real" - Ruby My Dear "Remains Of Shapes To Come" - Ad Noiseam adn154 & adn157

Out today on Ad Noiseam: two releases, two formats, three artists. Today's release date for Ruby My Dear's first full length album, "Remains Of Shapes To Come" (adn157, CD & digital), which brings back breakcore to the map in a fresh, interesting way, as well as Matta & Niveau Zero's infectious and heavy "Riot / Be Real" (adn154, 12" & digital). Both of these items are now available in the Ad Noiseam online store.

Ruby My Dear "Remain Of Shapes to Come" - adn157

Breakcore for the thinking, feeling man: Ruby My Dear's long awaited début album is an organic ride through open musical horizons. Sharp and efficient, beautiful and varied, these "Remains Of Shapes To Come" all fit together in a particularly coherent whole which puts back hard and broken music on the center stage. Songs rather than track, a complex balance rather an exploded insanity: Ruby My Dear is a master of controlled melting pot of genres and sounds and signs here an album which brings new blood, energy and enthusiasm to free-form, musically impressive electronic music. Call it breakcore, call it IDM, or hurry and find a new name, as these "Shapes To Come" are here to stay.

Matta & Niveau Zero "Riot / Be Real" - adn154

Taking a break from the recording of their respective new albums, Niveau Zero and Matta, two acts at the core of Ad Noiseam's dubstep side, pair up again for two highly infectious and massive tunes. Not just the sum of Matta's pounding sharpness and Niveau Zero's club-smartness, but an actual sublimation of each of these musician's talent: both tracks on this new EP marry the weight and drive you could expect but do so with a great care for details and finesse. Molotov cocktails and riot gears have never sounded so fitting.

(French) interview with Ruby My Dear.
Monday, 25 June 2012 15:10

Ruby My Dear "Remains Of Shapes To Come" - Ad Noiseam adn157

This interview might be in French, but it's extensive enough to be featured in an blog post in English. The remarkable French webzine Modern Zeuhl has just published an interview with Ruby My Dear, serving as a perfect introduction to the release of his coming album, "Remains Of Shapes To Come" (adn157), not later than this very Frdiay.

You can read this interview here, and since we're at it, press play below (or point your browsers here) to listen to some excerpts from "Remains Of Shapes To Come":


Monk's Dream:


Ruby My Dear's "Remains Of Shapes To Come" will be released on Friday on Ad Noiseam. You can now pre-order it on CD or as digital files.

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