Not so silent sirens: an introduction to Underhill
Friday, 24 February 2012 01:05


All of you who read this website (or follow Ad Noiseam on various social websites) should now have heard about Underhill, whose first album, "Silent Siren", will be rleeased in a few weeks. But even though you might have heard a little bit from them or seen a short teaser of their coming video, we guess that many people do not really know who, what (and why) is Underhill. Three drum'n'bass musicians, an MC and a female singer from the metal scene is a pretty rare combination. We sat down with Martina Astner, Ivan Shopov and Dean Rodell to get some more information about Underhill:


Can you present shortly the five members of Underhill?
Dean: UnderHill is Ivan Shopov (Balkansky, Cooh, Drumkid), Tim Eliot (Current Value, Machine Code), Marvin Hay (MC Coppa), Martina Astner (Therion, Dreams Of Sanity) & myself Dean Rodell (also of Machine Code). To shortly break down each and one of us is pretty hard as the output from all individually is pretty intensive to say the least... I suppose loosely we are all connected through the d'n'b scene one way or another.

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Preorders now taken for Oyaarss's "Bads" (adn159)
Monday, 20 February 2012 18:43

Preorders now taken for Oyaarss's "Bads" (adn159)

Pre-ordes are now taken for Oyaarss's debut album, "Bads" (adn159), which will be released by Ad Noiseam on March 12th, 2012. And not only that, but you can now read about this impressive album while listening to excerpts from it here. Once convinced, head over here to get a copy of the CD, or there for its digital version (on mp3 or FLAC). And as usual, remember that pre-orders get a rebate, so not only will you get your copy before anybody else, but also for cheaper.

Here's an excerpt already, with the track "Parejošs kaut kas" (here are the Youtube / Soundcloud links, so you can repost it around)

Bleak, fiercely heavy, distorted and yet so close to the soul: Oyaarss's debut album is an impressive work of pulsions, subtlety and coldness. Tapping from electronic experimentations as much as from metal atmospheres, "Bads" builds massive tracks of noisy percussions towering on the most desolate icy soundscapes. Something to close you eyes to or to head-bang along, a highly gifted album of gritty strings, antagonistic beats and detailed builds-up; a colossal, self-imposing work of extremely rare power and depth.

New bace-y mix by Roel Funcken.
Thursday, 16 February 2012 16:20


Celebrating the release of his "Fes Bace" 12" (now available in our online store), a follow-up of sort to the "Vade" album (adn122), Roel Funcken has prepared a new mix for the nice people of Headphone Commute. Entitled "Waistband Fall mix 2012", it features a lot of this musician's material, new and / or unreleased, as well as tracks from the likes of Reso, Kuedo or Phoenecia.

You can stream the mix below, download it here, or read about it there.

Sounds, loops and more goodies from Enduser and Hecq
Wednesday, 15 February 2012 19:02

Sounds, loops and more goodies from Enduser and Hecq

Do you remember's TechDiff's NYE give-away of patches, sounds and plugins? It is now the turn of Enduser and Hecq to try and make sure that all of you producers out there get a glimpse of their techniques and benefit from their experience.

First, Enduser is selling a big archives of drum loops and effects, directly through Paypal. It's a big, organized package, and costs US$12, which is quite cheap considering what you're getting. Click this link here to buy it through Paypal.

Then, Ableton ran last week a short article about Hecq, including some notes about his soundtrack works, for example for the credits of the OFFF 2011 festival. Coming with it is a free live pack, which you can use in Ableton Live 8.1.5 or higher. Go clicky here to read this article and get this pack for free.

More previews of the coming Underhill video.
Friday, 10 February 2012 01:38

More previews of the coming Underhill video.

You've seen a short teaser, then a timelapse of the shooting, and here come three screenshots of the coming video to the song "Hiding The Light" by Underhill, off their forthcoming "Silent Siren" album (adn146, coming out mid-March). One is right here on top of this post, two are below, and while we won't reveal anything about the story of this video, it will be released online in time for the album.

Free download of seven tracks from Matta.
Tuesday, 07 February 2012 08:54

Free download of seven tracks from Matta.

Friday Freebie on a Tuesday (just because): Matta have assembled a llittle package containing seven tracks they have been giving away for free recently via various social networks. Click here to download it and enjoy these two new tracks and five remfixes of originals from Björk, Pablo Gad, Suzanne Vega and others.

Timelapse video of a shooting for Underhill
Sunday, 05 February 2012 14:06

Timelapse video of a shooting for Underhill

We've shown only a very short teaser so far, but there's a full length video coming for Underhill's track "Hiding The Light", off their forthcoming "Silent Siren" album (adn156, to be released on March 12th on vinyl and CD). The shooting of this video took place on January 16th at Berlin's Subland club, and while it shows little of what the final video will look like, here's a little timelapse of this shooting, also providing a small excerpt from the song "My Shadow" off "Silent Siren".


Underhill "Silent Siren" album teaser.
Thursday, 02 February 2012 19:01

Mysterious and inviting? Here is the teaser to Underhill's first full length album, "Silent Siren" (adn156), which will be released on March 12th on Ad Noiseam, on CD, vinyl and digital.

Underhill is Martina Astner, MC Coppa, Current Value, Ivan Shopov (Cooh / Balkansky) and Dean Rodell. "Silent Siren" is an album which will single-handedly define a new genre (we look forward to the new style names). Mp3s previews, full video and more information will follow soon.

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