Matta & Niveau Zero - Riot / Be Real - adn154
Friday, 15 June 2012 00:46
Matta & Niveau Zero "Riot / Be Real" - adn154Taking a break from the recording of their respective new albums, Niveau Zero and Matta, two acts at the core of Ad Noiseam's dubstep side, pair up again for two highly infectious and massive tunes. Not just the sum of Matta's pounding sharpness and Niveau Zero's club-smartness, but an actual sublimation of each of these musician's talent: both tracks on this new EP marry the weight and drive you could expect but do so with a great care for details and finesse. Molotov cocktails and riot gears have never sounded so fitting.Get this on 12" / as digital files
Watch "Kuchidomeryou", a short homage to post-Fukushima Japan, with a score by Subheim.
Thursday, 14 June 2012 13:57

Watch "Kuchidomeryou", a short homage to post-Fukushima Japan, with a score by Subheim.

"Kuchidomeryou" is a seven minute short-movie of sort directed and partly written by Thimothée Matelin, a French artists who had already designed a Subheim t-shirt for Ad Noiseam. He travelled through Japan a year after the Fukushima catastrophy, and presents his images and thoughts about this country and its situation in this movie, to a soundtrack entirely written by Subheim (and mastered by Mobthrow) for the occasion.

You can watch this movie here or right below.

Coming soon, a new collaboration between Matta and Niveau Zero
Wednesday, 13 June 2012 14:23

Matta & Niveau Zero "Riot / Be Real" - adn154

Matta & Niveau Zero "Riot / Be Real" - adn154.
This record will be released at the very end of June. Info and audio excerpt will be posted here very soon.

New live video of Whourkr's "Arithmetic Punishment"
Monday, 11 June 2012 23:00

New live video of Whourkr's "Arithmetic Punishment"

Now that you have been mishandled, slapped and trampled by Whourkr's "4247 Snare Drums" album (adn158), we've been asked quite often what a live gig by this project from Igorr and Mulk could possibly look and sound like. Is it possible to re-create the sheer complexity, madness and weight of this album in a live environment? Are the guitars sampled? Is the singer a skinny, nerdy-looking guy? Fear not (or actually, fear more), as we present you here a whole live recording of "Arithmetic Punishment" shot recently in Rennes, France.

Igorrr on live guitars? Mulk out-pigging the audience? Here we are:

"Where Are All The People": a short movie using Oyaarss's music as a soundtrack.
Friday, 08 June 2012 18:13

"Where Are All The People": a short movie using Oyaarss's music as a soundtrack.

Friday Freebie: "Where Are All The People" is a new 8-minute short movie by Jonatan Lerche Senior, showcasing a continuous soundtrack made of Oyaarss's music. Using several tracks taken from this artist's recent "Bads" album (adn159), this weird, dark short film has found the perfect score with Oyaarss for its oppressive and intense, though mysterious feeling.

You can watch this short movie here or below:

Listen to a free mix by Enduser.
Friday, 01 June 2012 19:37

Listen to a free mix by Enduser. - Photographer unknown.

Friday freebie: here comes a rare thing, in the form of a half-hour free mix prepared by none other than Enduser. Including tracks from several of his recent releases (such as his latest "Even Weight" album and "1/3" EP) as well as still unreleased track, this mix is a good snapshot of what Enduser is and sound like.

You can lisen to this mix here or below. Note that this shoudl also serve as a reminder that Enduser will perform live in Europe this Fall. We are still looking for gigs, and you can contact us or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you want to organize something in your neck of the woods.

Second excerpt from Ruby My Dear's coming album.
Saturday, 26 May 2012 10:27

Ruby My Dear - Remains Of Shapes To Come - adn157

We've announced it a few weeks ago, shown you a whole track already, and this album's release is getting closer: Ruby My Dear's "Remains Of Shapes To Come" (adn157) is now in the press, and will come out mid-June. You can already read more about this here.

Since feedback has been extremely positive about "Karoshi" (which you can listen to again below) and today is Mr Ruby My Dear's birthday, here's a second excerpt from this album, the track "Monk's Dream". Listen to it here or click play below, enjoy, and get ready for this album.

Out today: Whourkr's "4247 Snare Drums" album
Monday, 14 May 2012 20:10

Out today: Whourkr's "4247 Snare Drums" album

It is here (or rather, they are here, the 4247 of them). Whourkr's new album, "4247 Snare Drums" (adn158) is officially out today, in all its absurdly complex, insanely hard and ridiculously detailled glory. The third album by this project by Igorrr and Mulk, this album is now available on all three formats: a gatefold, clear vinyl double LP (coming with the CD as a bonuc inside the sleeve), a digipack CD and as digital files.

Harder, faster, more guitars, more growls. Whourkr is Igorrr's metal alter-ego, and "4247 Snare Drums" is this act's third full length album. The product of a painstakingly long recording process by two musicians who are already seen as some of the hardest-working perfectionist in the scene, it is also a towering culmination of extreme metal run through equations, growls laid down mathematically, and guitars calculated for maximum efficiency. Polymorphous, violent, absurd but also extremely detailled, here comes the deadliest, ugliest and most precise sow-metal you could imagine.

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