Friday Freebie: listen to live sets by Enduser & Niveau Zero.
Friday, 16 December 2011 07:00

Friday Freebie: listen to live sets by Enduser & Niveau Zero.

Friday freebie: the spirit of Christmas is on us full force at the moment: after having presented you full sets by TechDiff, Karsten Pflum and DJ Hidden, here come two full live recordings of shows by Enduser and Niveau Zero.

Both recorded at Minus One on October 28th during the 10 Years Ad Noiseam birthday party which took place in Gent (BE) on that night, these two sets should bring back memories to all of you who were there, and help sweeten the pain to those who missed out.

Both sets are here or below, and can also be downloaded for free there. Enjoy and rave on.

First is Enduser's set:

And here's Niveau Zero's:

Thanks to Herz for organizing this night with us and recording these sets.

Introducing Ivan Shopov (Balkansky)'s "Lights & Shadows" book and album.
Thursday, 15 December 2011 16:22

Ivan Shopov "Lights & Shadows"

There's no stopping or slowing down for Ivan Shopov. When he's not behind his desk writing music as Balkansky (for example his two records and an album with Loop Stepwalker for Ad Noiseam), Cooh or Drumkid (his new techno moniker), this artist grabs pens and brushes to lay down some very intricate artwork. Some of these drawings have already found their ways on record covers, t-shirt and even a mural at Berlin's Subland club, and here comes the book. In pure Ivan Shopov style, though, it's not just a book of drawings, but also a full length album.

"Lights & Shadows" features illustrations he drew, as well as photography by Ivo Christov and a full CD album of laid back, atmospheric tunes. It is now out of the press, and you will be able to order it soon from the Ad Noiseam online store. In the meanwhile, you can check the teaser video below or stream the music part of this item over there. And yes, we think as well that this is the perfect come-down music after a night of heavy thrashing to "Adhesion".

Update January 12th: this book & CD is now available from the Ad Noiseam online store right here.


Detritus & Niveau Zero as a soundtrack to a big bang.
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 12:16

Detritus's " Haunted (remix by Niveau Zero)" in the "Genesis" video by Andreas Wannerstedt

The snowy, eerie first shots of Andreas Wannerstedt's new "Genesis" video are quickly replace by a weird, humanless sci-fi experiment. Following his equally futuristic video for Matta's "Inquisition part III", this Swedish artist has outdone himself with a great looking new short film whose soundtrack is the track "Haunted (remixed by Niveau Zero") by Detritus, from his "Things Gone Wrong" album (adn121).

A tour de force in computer imagery, this video captures well both the meditative and beautiful side of this track and its deep, underlying force. You can watch it here or below. Once you're done, make sure to check the "making-of" video here (most of all if you are a 3D artist as well and want to learn a few tricks), which itself flows to the sound of Detritus's "Ghostwritten" (also taken from "Things Gone Wrong").


2012 is near, here's how it will start.
Sunday, 11 December 2011 19:08

Easy choice of an illustration.

2011 is reaching its end, but instead of looking back and writing about what a year 2011 was (we'll do this in due time), it might also be time to already give a glimpse of what's coming at the beginning of next year on Ad Noiseam:

  • 2012 will start in an excellent way with two high-profile and highly expected EPs: Hecq's "Enceladus" (adn149, featuring Skyence, Mobthrow and Knight Riderz) and DJ Hidden & Broken Note / Niveau Zero & Balkansky "Existence / Obey" (adn155 and yes, that's quite a line-up).
  • a bit later in February, we'll present the first album by Underhill, "Silent Sirens" in which this band formed by Martina Hornbacher (of Therion fame), MC Coppa, Dean Rodell, Current Value and Ivan Shopov (Balkansky & Cooh) create something which will surprise many people and delight even more.
  • Niveau Zero might already be heard on the "Existence / Obey" EP mentionned above, but he'll also have another collaborative record out a bit later: Matta & Niveau Zero "Riot / Be Real", coming out in late winter / early spring.
  • Already announced here a few days ago is also the third album by Whourkr, a.k.a. Igorrr's insane metal project, joined this time behind the mic by Mulk.
  • TechDiff and Dead Fader are also putting the finishing touch to their new albums, which we expect to be able to present in the first half of the year.

That's already quite an earful which we are working on for early 2012. But stay tuned for more material from Larvae, Matta, Niveau Zero, Broken Note, Loop Stepwalker, Igorrr, at least a yet-to-be-announced new act and a couple of other surprises. 2012 might be our and your last year ever, so we'll make sure it is a good one.

Friday freebie: two full sets by DJ Hidden, and a Semiomime bonus
Friday, 09 December 2011 22:45

DJ Hidden, photo by Nicolas Chevreux

Friday freebie: after free mixes by Karsten Pflum and TechDiff, we're treating you this week with two full recent mixes by none less than DJ Hidden. Both aired on radioshows recently, these mixes are also particular in the sense that they feature introductions in two different languages: the first is in French, prepared and aired by the Hard Bass Dealers show, while the second is in Dutch was recorded live for in Gent, hours before the 10 Years Ad Noiseam party there on October 28th, 2011.

DJ Hidden's Hard Bass Dealers show is here, the one is there, and both can also be listened to below.

In other DJ Hidden related news, note that this artist is also selling on his Bandcamp page a collection of old Semiomime material, which was not included on this project's "From Memory" album (adn139).

Visual impressions of Whourkr's new sessions.
Thursday, 08 December 2011 19:16


Many of you are still recovering from the slap in the face that was last year's "Nostril", Igorrr's third album (adn132). The most courageous have got a second and a third plate with the recent re-release of his "Poisson Soluble / Moisissure" first albums on double CD (adn147). And yet some others have witnessed the madness that is Igorrr live. But only very few are prepared to Whourkr, Igorrr's metal project.

Harder, much more metal-oriented, rawer and not less insane: Whourkr is Gautier Serre's parrallel project to Igorrr, and the one in which he lays down his love for guitars and metal. After 2007's "Naät" album on Suprachaotic and 2009'S "Concrete" on Crucial Blast, the time has come to Whourkr third album, to be released in the first half of 2012 on Ad Noiseam.

It's too early to lay some of this super heavy, hard suidae sound on you yet, but below are some photos from the recording (and rest) sessions by Igorrr and Whourkr singer Mulk.

Friday Freebie: listen to an hour long jungle set by Karsten Pflum.
Sunday, 27 November 2011 17:56

Karsten Pflum

Friday freebie: like last week's TechDiff set, this week's dosis of free music is an hour long mix prepared by an Ad Noiseam artist. This time, Karsten Pflum delivers a "5 cents for the ferryman i love snaredrum" set which you can listen to here or below.

While Karsten Pflum's " Nemo Loon" EP (adn130) was a resolutely deep and bassy dubstep record, this danish musician has been known to dwelve in other waters as well. His early releases were very IDM oriented, and there's always been a little bit of jungle thrown into the mix, most of all during his live set. This free mix is an hommage to this style: no wobbly bass, no electronica trickery here, but 60 minutes of jungle, bouncy tracks. Let's the raving begin. And if you're in Berlin, remember that Karsten Pflum is playing live this Saturday.

New fan-made video for Niveau Zero's "Gracilicornis"
Tuesday, 29 November 2011 19:25

New fan-made video for Niveau Zero's "Gracilicornis"

Don't let strangers inside, and be specially weary when they wear gas-masks. This seems to be the message behind a new fan-made video we've been sent today. Directed and shot by Sonar Fates for Niveau Zero's tune "Gracilicornis" (taken from "In_Sect", adn129) , it is less bloody than this one for Matta and less all-out-insane than this one for Igorrr, and really quite well done.

Missing any background information about this video, its authors and its script, we'll just recommend you to watch it here or below, and thank Sonar Fates for this work.

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