Official video to Matta's "Release The Freq"
Wednesday, 09 March 2011 15:25

Matta "Release The Freq" video by Kim Holm.
Kim Holm, whose work we had already talked about here a couple of months ago when he had used Hecq's "Sura" in a showreel, has just finished and posted a new, official video to Matta's track "Release The Freq" (taken from the record of the same name and the "Prototype" CD). And what a video: original, crisp, poetic but subtle. It seems like I'm not the only one thinking this, as, accross all channels, it has reached more than 20 000 (yes, you read well) views in 20 hours. Congratulations to Matta and Kim Holm for this video.

Here's it is. Enjoy the birth of "buckstep":

Announcing The Teknoist's second album.
Tuesday, 08 March 2011 22:43

The Teknoist in the studio
Since the rumor has made the rounds of the internets in the last couple of days, let's confirm this: yes, The Teknoist's second album is coming out on Ad Noiseam in the coming weeks. 2 and a half year after "...Like A Hurricane Made Of Zombies", the madman is back with a new full length called "Trainwreck Magnetism" (adn136). This new album, hard, energetic, pounding and detail as ever (or actually more than ever before) also features an impressive list of guests. Details will come soon, along with previews and pre-orders.

The short version: The Teknoist's "Trainwreck Magnetism" album will be out on Ad Noiseam in early April, more or less at the same time as Mobthrow's untitled début album, already announced here (and for which pre-orders will start this week).

Two new free mixes from Matta.
Monday, 07 March 2011 12:51

So, have you had the time to listen to, enjoy and digest the full Enduser live-set that we posted over the week-end? We hope so, as there's more free audio coming today, in the form of not one, but two distinct mix sets by Matta (1, 2), posted today by two distinct crews.

On my left, a 25-track long podcast prepared by Matta for the french promotion team and zine BF2D, showcasing some of the bass and beats the dynamic duo will unleash live in Lyon on March 31st. This podcast is located here, and you can also get it from iTunes there.

On my right, a "mini-mix" (with 14 tracks, still), posted over at the Urban Nerds blog, with pictures and all, and celebrating the release on Skint of Matta's recent Turning Tricks" EP. This can all be listened to there.

Full Enduser live set for everybody to listen to.
Saturday, 05 March 2011 13:47

Enduser on stage, photography by Laurence Tucker
Studio mixes have become a dime a dozen recently, but it's a lot rarer for an artist to to put a full, 100% live set online for people to listen to. Respect to Enduser, who did just that with a recording of the hour long concert he gave on January 28th in Budapest. People who attended this show will be reminded how strong it was, and the other will be able to enjoy a recording of what they missed.

Here's the full live set. Enjoy, and don't miss Enduser when he comes to your neck of the woods.

Out today: Balkansky & Loop Stepwalker "Fraktals"
Monday, 21 February 2011 21:13

Balkansky & Loop Stepwalker "Fraktals" - Ad Noiseam adn142
On the heels of the extremely well received "From Memory" album by Semiomime (released a couple of weeks ago), Ad Noiseam is happy to announce its second release for 2011, the ferocious, heavy and pressed-onto-vinyl "Fraktals" by Balkansky & Loop Stepwalker (adn142). You can read more about this EP and listen to excerpts here, get the record there and its digital version there.

The renowned detailled and personal production of Balkansky (a.k.a. COOH) meet the rage and insolence of the young Loop Stepwalker, resulting in a powerful record which puts rawness back into dubstep. "Fraktals", the first collaborative release between these two artists, is an energy-packed and original record which will fit perfectly alongside Broken Note or Niveau Zero both on the dancefloor and on turntables. Dirty but subtle, hard but balanced: the first step of an exciting path.

New video to Roel Funcken's "Bluent"
Monday, 21 February 2011 19:45

Roel Funcken "Bluent" video by Sarge Grafx
It's never too late to promote a great album or track, and therefore definitely not too late to remind everybody here of last year's "Vade" album by Roel Funcken (one of the two Funckarma brothers). This album, released on Ad Noiseam back in the spring of 2010 is still making the rounds, and has gathered an impressive amount of feedback and fans.

What interests us today is a new video, "shot" by Sarge Grafx (who had already done the artwork for this album, and who you can find online here and there) for the track "Bluent" off this album. It's rather abstract but tense and very detailled, fitting very well the overall mood of "Vade". You can watch it below, or right here. Enjoy.

out today: Semiomime's "From Memory"
Thursday, 10 February 2011 00:09

Semiomime "From Memory" - Ad Noiseam adn139

Ad Noiseam is proud to release today its first album of 2011, in the form of the highly expected first CD by Semiomime, the new atmospheric, soundtrack-oriented project by Noel Wessels of DJ Hidden and The Outside Agency fame. This album is available right now on CD here or as mp3 there. And here's the page with all details and audio excerpts.

Detailled, deep, pristine: the adjectives often used to describes Noel Wessels's output as DJ Hidden or The Outside Agency are even more accurate for the long-awaited first album by his new Semiomime project. A highly evocative and changing soundtrack to a yet-to-be-written movie, "From Memory" is a tour de force in emotional, multi-instrumental music writing and production. Close your eyes and let Semiomime guide you through his mysterious, intimidating but not unfriendly sonic journey.

Pre-orders now taken for the next releases.
Tuesday, 08 February 2011 20:52

Semiomime CD, Balkansky & Loop Stepwalker 12" (adn139 & adn142)

It's this time again: the first releases of 2011 are ready, and pre-orders are now taken for Semiomime's "From Memory" album (adn139) and the Balkansky & Loop Stepwalker "Fraktals" EP (adn142). Click on each release name for more information, audio excerpts and pre-ordering links.

Semiomime is the third project by Noel Wessels, already well known as DJ Hidden and one half of The Outside Agency. A project very long in the making, this début album by Semiomime is a splendid and very complex journey through this talented musician's most atmospheric and orchestral material. The soundtrack to an imaginary movie (which still had a few trailers to be seen here), this album is the crowning of a perfectionist, painstaking composition process, and something which will mark a new turn in DJ Hidden's carreer. Semiomime's "From Memory" will be released on 11-II-11 and can be pre-ordered (with a rebate) here on CD and there as mp3.

Coming a week later, "Fraktals" is the first output of the collaboration between Balkansky (Ivan Shopov, known in the drum'n'bass world as the driving force behind COOH) and Spain's young bass-wizard Loop Stepwalker. A loud, clear and hard-hitting four-track 12", this EP is something which will fit extremely well next to Broken Note, Niveau Zero or Matta in shelves and DJ playlists. Twisted, imaginative, enthusiastic dubstep at its best. "Fraktals" will be released on February 22nd, and can be pre-ordered on record here, as mp3 there.

As usual, pre-orders are getting a rebate, meaning that people who pay for their CD, record or digital release before their release dates will not only get their music earlier than anybody else, but also cheaper.

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