More videos of Niveau Zero's live rampage.
Saturday, 18 December 2010 15:44

You remember that Niveau Zero rocks harder than you, right? Or that he put the Maschinenfest crowd to its knees a couple of months ago? Here we are at it again, with three new videos showing more than half an hour of the man wrecking havoc in Rennes, France last month. Mind you, this town is also the cradle of the famous Peace Off / Ruff labels, so Niveau Zero couldn't afford to under-deliver. But I'd definitely call this "over-deliver" this time around.

Here's the first part of these three videos. The other two are after the cut.

Videos of Nov. Impulse party with Hecq & Nicolas Chevreux
Tuesday, 14 December 2010 14:24

Click below for five videos shot on November 24th at Berlin's Mikz during the Hecq live show and DJ set by your truely at the Impulse / In Beat We Trust party. They were all shot in night vision, which gives quite a military look to everything, but rest assured that all we were assaulting the audience with were heavy beats and deep basses, except for the occasional cigarette smoke.

Black Lung's new album censored in Australia?
Saturday, 11 December 2010 19:33

File under: we kid you not. It appears that a shipment of copies of Black Lung's new album ("The Soul Consumer", adn136) and EP "The First Tender Cut", adn135) has been seized by the Australian autorities and will not be released under further notice.

It's not the first time that David Thrussel / Black Lung has a run with the power that be, and Australia doesn't seem to take kindly to cannibal jokes, so I guess one could expect that with a background story such as the one used for "The Soul Consumer", a few eyebrows might be raised. Isn't it a bit absurd, though?

Anyway, read below for Black Lung's statement about this, and note that a brave Australian fan confirmed that he actually received his ordered copy of "The Soul Consumer". So some parcel are actually let through down under.

New t-shirts for Niveau Zero and Subheim.
Tuesday, 07 December 2010 19:56

While some early birds had been able to snatch them at the Maschinenfest last month, here they are, officially out and available for everybody, the new Ad Noiseam t-shirts. This time around, you'll be able to wear proudly your support of Niveau Zero and Subheim. Heavy basses and metal, or orchestral atmospheres and jazz tones? Maybe both.

These two t-shirts are, as it has become the norm on Ad Noiseam, printed on fair-trade, sweat-shop free and organic cotton. They are available directly from us here for Niveau Zero, and there for Subheim. Photos are below, and info pages are here (Niveau Zero / Subheim).

Subheim interview on Headphone Commute
Saturday, 27 November 2010 17:44

The Headphone Commute webzine had already lent their mixer to Subheim for a free podcast a few weeks ago, and they just sat down and had a chat with this musician for an interview which you can now read over there, in which the inception, future and "No Land Called Home" (adn133) present of the band is discussed and explained.

Preview mix of Matta's "Prototype"
Friday, 26 November 2010 13:59

We had already shown a few tracks and given away some previews, but here's the whole thing mixed for you all to check out: Matta have prepared a free mix featuring all the tracks from their "Prototype" CD (adn138), which you can now listen to here or below.

"Prototype", the first CD by Matta, contains all the tracks from their Ad Noiseam EPs "The Lost" (adn126) and "Release The Freq" (adn137), as well as their remix for Hecq's "Sura" (adn128) and a few other tracks. It is now available directly from Ad Noiseam on CD and digital. And here's the preview:

Trailer to "something a bit different"
Sunday, 14 November 2010 21:25

This winter, it will indeed sound a bit different: Ad Noiseam is proud to present below three trailers to "From Memory" (adn139), the début album by Semiomime, the new project by Noel Wessels, known here as DJ Hidden and half of The Outside Agency. No sound excerpt or more information yet, but believe us, this one will be something very special.

Here's the first trailer, there are more after the fold.

A bit of silence this week.
Saturday, 13 November 2010 18:20

Update: we're back, and processing all orders now. Allow for a bit of delay, but things are getting back to normal. Ad Noiseam's been pretty active recently, don't you think? With no less than seven new releases out in the last two weeks (Igorrr, Subheim, Broken Note, Black Lung EP, Black Lung album, Matta EP, Matta album), it's high time for a little break to get some energy back. In other words: it's vacation times. Therefore, the Ad Noiseam corporate headquarters will be closed from Monday November 15th to Wednesday, November 24th.

No parcels will be shipped during this time. Orders will be received and items reserved, but we'll be able to ship them on Nov 25th only.

Sorry for this short inconvenience, we all have to recharge our batteries. And there'll be no better way to prove it than with this party with Hecq and Nicolas Chevreux (your humble servant) in Berlin on Nov. 24th.

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