Preview mix of Matta's "Prototype"
Friday, 26 November 2010 13:59

We had already shown a few tracks and given away some previews, but here's the whole thing mixed for you all to check out: Matta have prepared a free mix featuring all the tracks from their "Prototype" CD (adn138), which you can now listen to here or below.

"Prototype", the first CD by Matta, contains all the tracks from their Ad Noiseam EPs "The Lost" (adn126) and "Release The Freq" (adn137), as well as their remix for Hecq's "Sura" (adn128) and a few other tracks. It is now available directly from Ad Noiseam on CD and digital. And here's the preview:

Trailer to "something a bit different"
Sunday, 14 November 2010 21:25

This winter, it will indeed sound a bit different: Ad Noiseam is proud to present below three trailers to "From Memory" (adn139), the début album by Semiomime, the new project by Noel Wessels, known here as DJ Hidden and half of The Outside Agency. No sound excerpt or more information yet, but believe us, this one will be something very special.

Here's the first trailer, there are more after the fold.

A bit of silence this week.
Saturday, 13 November 2010 18:20

Update: we're back, and processing all orders now. Allow for a bit of delay, but things are getting back to normal. Ad Noiseam's been pretty active recently, don't you think? With no less than seven new releases out in the last two weeks (Igorrr, Subheim, Broken Note, Black Lung EP, Black Lung album, Matta EP, Matta album), it's high time for a little break to get some energy back. In other words: it's vacation times. Therefore, the Ad Noiseam corporate headquarters will be closed from Monday November 15th to Wednesday, November 24th.

No parcels will be shipped during this time. Orders will be received and items reserved, but we'll be able to ship them on Nov 25th only.

Sorry for this short inconvenience, we all have to recharge our batteries. And there'll be no better way to prove it than with this party with Hecq and Nicolas Chevreux (your humble servant) in Berlin on Nov. 24th.

Spotlight on Subheim's "No Land Called Home"
Saturday, 13 November 2010 14:25

Fifth and last spotlight article in our series about Ad Noiseam's Autumn 2010 releases, this time about Subheim's long-awaited "No Land Called Home". Coming two years after this act's "Approach" debut, Subheim's sophomore effort is this band's rise to maturity and (hopefully) long-deserved recognition. This album is a theatre of transformations and relocations: acoustic and organic sound have taken to the front of the stage, providing this act's introspective and grandiose songs with a more humane touch.

"No Land Called Home" is available now on vinyl LP (whose sleeve also includes the CD, meaning that you then get both formats in one package), on CD, and as mp3.

Subhim's new album is the fruit of both long efforts, a clear artistic vision and the collaboration between several musicians and vocalists, resulting in a whole which Ad Noiseam is particularely proud to produce. Do not pass on it, and spread the word: Subheim have now relocated to the UK, making it a lot easier for them to play shows across Europe. If you are a promoter, get in touch to organize a gig such as their remarked concert at the Maschinenfest 2010 (video below).

You can find more information here, and enjoy some audio excerpts and videos below.

Free "Winter" mix by Loop Stepwalker.
Friday, 12 November 2010 14:29

The winter is not really there yet, and probably even less so in Mallorca, where Loop Stepwalker is based, but this didn't stop this new Ad Noiseam signing (whose first release for the label will be a collaboration with Balkansky called "Fraktals", to be released soon-ish) to prepare and record a "Winter 2010" mix for all of us to listen, enjoy and dance to.

The mix is there or below, and features quite a lot of new tracks, both by Loop Stepwalker and others. Enjoy, this should make you move enough to stop the freezing process.


Matta and Niveau Zero profiles on
Thursday, 11 November 2010 18:57

To err is human, but that's not the point of This slick-looking, Sweden-based website might look at first like something focusing on the more techno and minimal side of things, but, lo and behold, it has also published articles and mixes by both Matta and Niveau Zero recently.

Check here the article about Matta, which also features again their "Skull & Crossfaders" mix (and remember, there's a more recent one here) as well as the official "Mass" video.

The article about Niveau Zero is very recent, and allows you listen to a full live-set by this musician, performed in Paris last month. Check it out there or below.

Listen to a live set by Karsten Pflum for Wunschkonzert.
Thursday, 11 November 2010 10:59

The name of the Wunschkonzert website could be translated in "wished for concert" or "concert à la carte". I have little background information about this site, but the great Karsten Pflum is gracing the latest episode of this size with a 15-track live set in which he mixed both his material (including two from his "Nemo Loon" EP, adn130) with some from friends such as Hecq or Bjørn Svin.

This set, which is introduced by a 9-track DJ set by one of the site's curator, can be downloaded here, and you can stream it or read more about it there. The playlist is after the break.

Spotlight on Matta's "Release The Freq" and "Prototype", plus a free mix.
Wednesday, 10 November 2010 18:00

Fourth article detailling one of the many new releases on Ad Noiseam this Autumn, and this time about two items which are now available: Matta's new vinyl EP, "Release The Freq" (adn137) and first CD, "Prototype" (adn138) were released yesterday, and can now be purchased in the online store.

Featuring three new tracks, the "Release The Freq" 12" is the follow-up to the remarked "The Lost" (adn126) released in the Spring. It showcases again Matta's knick at writing dubstep tracks which go far beyond the usual clichés of the genre: heavy, but subtle, dark, but balanced, club-friendly, but detailled. "Release The Freq" is available now on vinyl and as mp3.

Coming up at the same time (which is now) is "Prototype", Matta's first CD. Like last year's "Terminal Static" by Broken Note, this release compiles most of Matta's vinyl output for all those of you who prefer your discs five inch-wide and silvery. "Prototype" contains all the tracks from "The Lost" and "Release The Freq" as well as Matta's remix from Hecq's "Sura", two tracks from their digital "Vice" debut and an exclusive tune. It can now be purchased on CD or as mp3.

Matta just played an excellent and very remarked gig at this year's Maschinenfest festival (so remarked, actually, that we sold out of all the copies of "Prototype" we had there), but for all of you who weren't there, how about enjoying both these releases as well as a brand new free mix from this duo?

The tracklisting for this new "Decrease The Peace" mix as well as more pictures and tracks from the two new releases are below.

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