Free Subheim mix for Headphone Commute.
Thursday, 04 November 2010 10:23

We'e just days from the official release date of Subheim's "No Land Called Home" (hint: this also means you have only days to pre-order it on the cheap), and we're not the only one looking forward this magnificent full-length: the very nice Headphone Commute webzine has just published a free mix prepared by Subheim, showcasing several tracks from this album as well as unreleased tracks by Mobthrow (from his upcoming Ad Noiseam album), Hecq and others.

Check out thix mix here or below (and download it there), and don't forget to ready your eyes and ears for "No Land Called Home" (and come and see Subheim live this week-end at the Maschinenfest festival, incidentally).

Spotlight on Broken Note's "Flood"
Tuesday, 02 November 2010 23:03

Third part already in our spotlight series about all the new Ad Noiseam releases, this time around with an item which is available right now. Broken Note's "Flood" (adn134) was released today, alongside the two new Black Lung releases mentionned yesterday (which also means that all pre-orders have now been shipped).

The new four track EP by a project that has become an Ad Noiseam regular features three new tracks (including the title one, which you might first have heard in this mix months ago) as well as "Mask Of Gas", which was a CD exclusive back then on "Terminal Static" (adn117). We've heard you, though, and it has now been pressed on thick, loud black vinyl.

As a celebration, how about several live dates in America, even including some in Mexico City and Bogota? All the details about this are in the live section of this site. Some of us will be able to attend these shows. But for everybody, here comes the "Flood", available right now on vinyl or as mp3. Enjoy the audio excerpts and pictures below.

Spotlight on Black Lung's "The First Tender Cut" and "The Soul Consumer"
Monday, 01 November 2010 14:22

Onwards with the spotlights series on the new Ad Noiseam items, this time with the two new releases by Black Lung, to be released no later than tomorrow (November 2nd).

David Thrussel, a.k.a. Black Lung and Snog, went through particularely intense and strange experiences last years, which he then translated into sounds on Black Lung's new "The Soul Consumer" album (adn136) and its vinyl pendant, "The First Tender Cut" (adn135). Bloody, raw, psychotic but very fun, the australian veteran of all things electronics and surprising is back with a vengeance.

Both items will be released on Ad Noiseam on November 2nd, meaning that you have half a day left to pre-order them at a reduced price. Act fast to grab "The First Tender Cut" (on record or digital) and "The Soul Consumer" (on CD or digital) straight from Ad Noiseam.

And while you wait for Black Lung to fill your plates with some new delicious tunes, check the audio previews and photos below for some guilty pleasures.

Spotlight on Igorrr's "Nostril"
Saturday, 30 October 2010 22:30

We bring the spotlight today to one of the forthcoming releases on Ad Noiseam, the first non-self released full length album by the french breakcore ("baroquecore") act Igorrr, "Nostril" (adn132).

This 14 track CD album will be released on November 9th, and will finally bring some very well deserved attention to Igorrr, who has been tearing up stages and stereos for quite some years with his extremely energetic, crazy and expertly produced mixture of rapid breaks, classic music and metal vocals. You don't believe us? Then check the excerpt below for some aural cleansing. You can find more information and audio excerpts about "Nostril" over here, or pre-order the CD here and its mp3 version there (don't forget, pre-orders get a rebate).

Moreover, Igorrr and Ad Noiseam have also partnered with the Aentitainment label, which is bringing out at the same time a vinyl companion to "Nostril", the "Baroquecore EP", which you can now pre-order here, as well as an Igorrr t-shirt, to proudly wear your love to this young act.

Rejoice, the great fresh hope of breakcore is coming. There's not long to wait, and you can already feast your ears and eyes on the previews below.

Free Ad Noiseam label compilation, Autumn 2010 edition.
Thursday, 21 October 2010 00:55

Third volume for the Ad Noiseam free label compilations: it's been a long time since we hadn't brought up a volume of the free label sampler series, and now that the days are getting shorter and many new hot releases are on their way, it's time to offer again a taste of things that are and things to be.

The concept is still the same: this compilation features 13 tracks taken from past and future releases (and a video). It is given on CDR to each and every purchase from the online store. You can now download this compilation for free in a bandwidth-friendly resolution. And if you like what you hear and want to support the label and the artists, you can purchase a "supporters" edition, encoded at maximum quality and available for really cheap.

The first five tracks of this compilation are taken from forthcoming releases, it's therefore everybody's first chance to get a real taste of all the albums and EPs coming out on Ad Noiseam in November, from Igorrr, Subheim, Broken Note, Black Lung and Matta. The rest of the compilation features tracks from albums released in the last year. Who knows, maybe you don't know them all already. Enjoy.

Pre-orders now taken for all the new Ad Noiseam releases.
Sunday, 17 October 2010 16:36

The moment has finally arrived: we had told you recently about a heavy salvo of new releases coming out this Fall. They are all there now, and pre-order season is open. While there are still a few weeks to wait till these records, CD and mp3 will be officially released, you can already secure your copy, and get a rebate along the way. As usual, every order placed before the official release date gets an automatic rebate, meaning that you will not only get your releases before anybody else, but also for cheaper.

Information, images and mp3 excerpts about all these releases have been posted as well, you can check them after the cut or in the Discography section. The pre-orders are taken here, in the online store.

Heavy mix by Balkansky, showcasing sounds to come.
Saturday, 02 October 2010 15:47

Those of you who have read the schedule of forthcoming releases on Ad Noiseam will have noticed that it contains an EP by Balkansky and Loop Stepwalker, planned for the end of the year. Some snippets have been posted here and there, and here's a chance to hear some of these tracks in situ.

Ivan Shopov, a.k.a. Balkansky (also well known in the drum'n'bass world as Cooh) has prepared for the first episode of the Australian based webzine Bassfreqs, in which he mixes up a lot of very hard hitting, oppressive dubstep of the kind that we like a lot over here. And not only does it include two tracks written with Loop Stepwalker (and going to be released on Ad Noiseam), but also "Flood", from Broken Note's coming single (adn134).

Step up, get ready for some serious headbanging and enjoy this excellent Balkansky mix (listen to it below, or download it there). The playlist is after the break.


Hecq and Roel Funcken: the large remix collision.
Thursday, 30 September 2010 17:42

No, we're not powering them down: with the release of the "Vade" album and "Sura" EP, the audio hadrons that are Roel Funcken and Hecq were meant to collide. And while many other releases will see the light of the day on Ad Noiseam before this one, we thought we might want to mention that a remix 12" for Roel Funcken's "Vade" would come out on the label in 2011, including a remix by Hecq.
Here's already a clip from this remix. You'll have to be patient, though: as said, this remix record will come next year. Enjoy, but focus on the nearer future at the moment.

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