Listen to a shorter version of Ben Lukas Boysen's "Sundays" score.
Thursday, 07 May 2015 14:09

Listen to a shorter version of Ben Lukas Boysen's "Sundays" score.

You very probably remember "Sundays", the sci-fi short movie which made a strong enough impression on Hollywood that rights for a feature-length versions were quickly bought up by a major studio? And more important for people reading this line, this short movie had a beautiful soundtrack created by Ben Lukas Boysen (who some of you might know better as Hecq).

Back when when we wrote about this movie, several of you commented by asking where they could get this soundtrack. Its full length version is available for purchase on iTunes, but Ben Lukas Boysen has now uploaded a shorter version for all of us to enjoy and which you can listen to here or below. We strongly recommend you take 7 minutes of your time to turn the volume up a bit and enjoy this splendid track.

Friday Freebie: free c0ma remix of Gore Tech's "Heretic"
Friday, 24 April 2015 12:12

Friday Freebie: free c0ma remix of Gore Tech's "Heretic"
Friday Freebie: we take it that everybody reading this line has listened to Gore Tech's new release, the "Futurphobia" vinyl EP / CD album (adn185), or has at the very least heard of it (if not, what are you waiting for?). New material from our this young British breakcore artist doesn't mean that his older tracks aren't relevant anymore, all the more when they are given a facelift by like minded musicians.

This week's freebie is a remix of Gore Tech's "Heretic" (originally released on Peace Off as a 12") by Buenos Aires's c0ma. The track has taken a somber, more industrial feel while staying true to Gore Tech's futuristic mix of breakcore and drumstep, and is probably the first time that we come across this kind of music from Argentina. Note, finally, that we're starting a new "Freebies" playlist on Ad Noiseam's Soundcloud profile, which will serve as a virtual drawer for this kind of goodies.

You can listen to (and download) Gore Tech's "Heretic (c0ma remix)" here or below. Enjoy.

Listen to Larvae revisiting their "Seclusion Dub" classic
Monday, 20 April 2015 11:05

Larvae keep on the cleaning of their drawers and hard drives, which results in a series of unreleased tracks, old drafts and unknown remixes finding their way to the band's Soundcloud page. Following the 2002 gem "Roomtone" or a Mothboy remix of "Vostok" is a remix created by regular Larvae collaborator Miles Tilmann of "Seclusion Dub", a well known Larvae tune taken from a 2003 released 7" on their own Sub:Marine label.

This track can be listened to here or below. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more Larvae material coming in the future (which should and will include fresh tunes as well, as opposed to archive ones).

Ad Noiseam turns 14, we celebrate with a 14% sale.
Friday, 17 April 2015 19:30

Ad Noiseam turns 14, we celebrate with a 14% sale.
14 years: we don't know whether labels age like dogs, but it's been a while since we started this whole journey. 185 releases and many more shows later, Ad Noiseam is still going strong, with plenty of good music coming out in the coming weeks and months. Today is a a day to pause and celebrate, though. We're not doing it with a special compilation, we're not doing it with a special gig and tour, or with a label-special night. We're doing it in private, raising our glasses to the label, eating some cake, and thinking about how to prepare an adequate celebration for our 15th birthday in 2016.

This is not only our birthday and it shouldn't be only our cake, though. We're extremely grateful to all of you fans, customers and supporters who have been with us on the road since 2001 and still listen, promote and make Ad Noiseam possible. This is a reason why we're going on this year again with our birthday-related sales, giving everybody a chance to grab what they miss off our back catalog for a nice price: all our physical releases (and shirts) are 14% off today in our store. Here are the vinyl releases, there the CDs, and there the shirts (as to why we're not having a sale on the digital releases: Ad Noiseam was created as and is still a label for physical formats at heart. We want to celebrate vinyl and CDs first).

Happy birthday, stay tuned for more news soon, and cheers to the coming year.

out now: Gore Tech "Futurphobia" - adn185
Monday, 13 April 2015 00:00

out now: Gore Tech "Futurphobia" - adn185
Ad Noiseam is happy to announce the release and availability of Gore Tech's second release on the label, "Futurphobia" (adn185).

Released as a 6-track EP (pressed onto translucent orange vinyl, as pictured above), 11-track CD, a poster-print with download code (immediately sold out and soon in stock again) and as digital files, "Futurphobia" is the definitive coming of age release for this new main figure of the breakcore scene.

You can read more about "Futurphobia" here, listen to a full track over there, and watch the video trailer here or below. Enjoy, and stay paranoid.

Listen to an advance track from Gore Tech's coming album.
Friday, 03 April 2015 12:51

Listen to an advance track from Gore Tech's coming album.

Friday Freebie: ten days are left before the official release date of Gore Tech's new piece of dystopian breakcore, the heavy, gritty and powerful "Futurphobia" (adn185). You have already been able to listen to excerpts from all the tracks on this release on its official page. Here comes a full-length preview of one of the most recent tracks on the album, "Optical Hybrid".

Mashing up heaving beats with post-amen breaks ragga undertones, this track showcases the strength and originality of Gore Tech's new sound. Turn up the volume, press play, enjoy, and don't forget that you can pre-order your copy of "Futurphobia" on vinyl, CD, as a poster-print with download code and as digital files.

Watch Swarm Intelligence performing at Elektroanschlag 2015
Tuesday, 31 March 2015 16:52

Another week, another Swarm Intelligence live-set. After this short excerpt from his set played for Modulate in Berlin, this musician appears in the latest video by the one-man industrial archiving machine that his Youtube's Oppatria user. The whole thing is not mastered and was both filmed and recorded from the middle of the audience, which means that the sound and image quality leave a bit to be desired but should also give an adequate impression of what it felt like to experience this show.

The live video of Swarm Intelligence's performing at the 2015 edition of the Elektroanschlag festival can be watched here or below.

Watch "Sundays", scored by Ben Lukas Boysen.
Friday, 27 March 2015 10:32

It's been a year and a half since we posted the trailer to "Sundays" (we've seen worse), a sci-fi short movie created by director Mischa Rozema and his Postpanic crew and sporting a full score by Ben Lukas Boysen (which I guess some people still know better as Hecq). This tour de force has finally been completed and can be watched online for free here or below.

There is a bit of "Inception", a bit of "The Matrix" and a bit of "District 9" in there, both in the storyline and the visuals. Make sure to turn up the volume really high, though, and let the music encompass you, as it adds a lot to the visual effects to support the script (which is apparently working quite well, according to this story about Warner Bros buying the rights to a full length version). Sit back, press play, and lift your glasses to Ben Lukas Boysen for this.

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