A nation of endusers.
Monday, 06 September 2010 11:08


Remember his very recent mix for Electronic Explorations? Enduser is at it again, this time with a free showcase for the California-based Solipsistic Nation show, featuring a lot of new, unreleased material.

You can listen and download this free mix here, or just click below to enjoy it. The playlist is after the fold.

This post is not advertising anything.
Tuesday, 31 August 2010 17:54


No, this blog post is not going to tell you about new releases, free excerpts, new available records or new concerts. It's about something that makes us happy and bring back some energy to work on the label and all what is mentionned above. Indie labels such as Ad Noiseam need to pay their rent and food, but also like seeing that people care about what they do. Here's a perfect example (after the fold), with a fan sending us some totally unrequested signs of love. Thank you, this made our day.


Popmatters, and mixes.
Friday, 27 August 2010 19:42

This week's Friday Freebie doesn't come as a free track or a free video, but an hour long, 100% Ad Noiseam mix provided by the nice people over at PopMatters. It's not the first time that Ad Noiseam is featured on this magazine (check some reviews), but it would be a lie to say that it doesn't feel good to see a reviewer make the effort of coming up with a label mix and featuring it in a site that sports Dreamworks and Michael Jackson on his front page.

This mix, entitled "Soundscape Mix #7" is a very accurate introduction to the label, with tracks ranging from Larvae's post-rock songs to Matta's heavy dubstep or Enduser's anthems. You can listen to it below (or download it here). Check the tracklisting after the fold.

TV Berlin says: listen to more Ad Noiseam.
Thursday, 26 August 2010 17:55

Time to revise your German. Below is an interview with an interview aired on August 20th by TV Berlin, dealing with both Ad Noiseam and its sister record store, Dense. The whole thing is five minutes long, during which yours truely and Daniel Reisser get to speak about how to run a record shop in 2010, how Ad Noiseam got started, and how music promotion has evolved in the recent years. There are also excerpts from Matta's "Mass" video as well as from a Bong-Ra liveset.

New Matta mix, ransacking your stereo and pillaging your bass.
Wednesday, 25 August 2010 18:32

Image Even when they are not on stage, Matta can't seem to leave their mixing desks. The two have unleased a new hour long mix, which can be downloaded and listened to for free over here (or below).

People checking the playlist (also included below) will notice a few interesting things. To answer whatever questions might arise: Matta's "Release The Freq" will be on their next EP on Ad Noiseam. Their remix of Bong-Ra will be included in the CD version of his album, coming in early 2011, and the one for Black Lung will be included on his coming Ad Noiseam EP, to be released this fall.

Here's Matta's "Skulls & Crossfaders" mix. Enjoy, and check the playlist and more links after the fold.

Five questions to Mothboy.
Monday, 23 August 2010 14:19

Mothboy's Simon Smerdon, painting my Martin Cornish Now that Mothboy's third album, "Bunny" is out and available, we thought it might be interesting to sit down with Simon Smerdon, the musician behind this project, and speak to him about his releases, his decision to stop Mothboy after this album, his guest, tastes and future endeavours. Click below for a short interview with Mothboy, enriched with some audio excerps from all of his albums.

Free track from Subheim's coming album.
Friday, 20 August 2010 23:38
Subheim - No Place Called Home - Ad Noiseam adn133 As announced a couple of months ago, Ad Noiseam will release in the Fall the second album by the Greek project Subheim. There was already a video teaser for this album, but the moment has come to actually reveal one of the tracks from this "No Land Called Home".

It's therefore time for a new "Friday Freebie", with this first track off the duo's second album. It's called "Streets", and reflects well the mood and instrumentation of "No Land Called Home". Multi-layered but crisp, beautiful but subtle, and generally speaking very fitting on Ad Noiseam. You can listen to (or download) this track here, or just press play below:

    Subheim's "No Land Called Home" will be released on CD, 12" vinyl LP and digital in the Fall of 2010, bearing the catalog number adn133. More details? How about checking the cover artwork below or Subheim's website at www.subheim.com?  
Enduser mix for Electronic Explorations.
Thursday, 19 August 2010 15:01
Enduser - photography by Caroline Tabet.
After Bong-Ra, Broken Note, The Teknoist, Raoul Sinier, Mad EP and your humble servant, it's Enduser's turn to grace the internet airwaves with a mix for the constantly brillant Electronic Explorations show.

The 120th episode of this free internet podcast features almost an hour long mix by Enduser, presenting old and new, known and unreleased tracks. You can listen to it and download this mix here.
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