Videos of Karsten Pflum live in Berlin last week
Saturday, 18 September 2010 12:37

It's all in night vision, it's pretty much focused on the stage, but it's also half an hour of head-nodding beats and heavy basses: somebody has had the good idea to shoot three videos of Karsten Pflum showcasing his "Nemo Loon" record (adn130) at the Impulse party in Berlin last week. Here's the first, and the other two are after the cut.


Short video to Hecq's "Sura"
Monday, 13 September 2010 14:58

Here's a very nice looking short video shot and edited by Kim Holm of Toxic™, documenting his visit to this year's OFFF festival in Paris to the sound of Hecq's "Sura" (taken from the record of the same name, adn128). The video uses only the track's intro, but I guess we can all picture crumbling buildings and biblical catastrophes hitting the cities right when the beat hits.

Niveau Zero mix for Electronic Explorations
Sunday, 12 September 2010 19:20

It's clearly the season (if not the year) of French producer Niveau Zero. We posted an impressive live video of one of his recent gig yesterday, and here he's back on the spotlight, this time with an hour-long mix for the prestigious Electronic Exploration show.

Recorded right before the recent Niveau Zero tour in North America, this mix taps on the diversity and weight which had made "In_Sect" such a favorite (and got Niveau Zero to be commissioned for this mix in the first place). Featuring some album tracks as well as material from label mate Karsten Pflum and Loop Stepwalker or other french dubstep sensations Von D or Uzul, this Electronic Explorations mix is a heavy mastodon, rich in low frequencies but flowing elegantly.

You can listen to this mix (and download it) right here. The playlist is after the fold. Enjoy.

Niveau Zero rocks harder than you.
Saturday, 11 September 2010 15:58

It's a bit of a slow day here today, so we thought we would ring some welcome wake up call with this live rendition by Niveau Zero of a track from his "In_Sect" (adn41) album:

Do you have something to say? Here's how.
Saturday, 11 September 2010 10:44

The astute among you might have noticed some few changes on this website since yesterday (besides the fact that the whole thing was offline for a couple of hours): you can now comment on articles directly below each post. The comment system is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, OpenID and some more, meaning that you don't need to register to any new site. It doesn't get any easier to spill your guts or state your love.

Additionally, we've removed the forum section from the site. It wasn't used much, can be pretty much replaced by the comments, and this will make the navigation a bit easier. So, what do you say?

A nation of endusers.
Monday, 06 September 2010 11:08


Remember his very recent mix for Electronic Explorations? Enduser is at it again, this time with a free showcase for the California-based Solipsistic Nation show, featuring a lot of new, unreleased material.

You can listen and download this free mix here, or just click below to enjoy it. The playlist is after the fold.

This post is not advertising anything.
Tuesday, 31 August 2010 17:54


No, this blog post is not going to tell you about new releases, free excerpts, new available records or new concerts. It's about something that makes us happy and bring back some energy to work on the label and all what is mentionned above. Indie labels such as Ad Noiseam need to pay their rent and food, but also like seeing that people care about what they do. Here's a perfect example (after the fold), with a fan sending us some totally unrequested signs of love. Thank you, this made our day.


Popmatters, and mixes.
Friday, 27 August 2010 19:42

This week's Friday Freebie doesn't come as a free track or a free video, but an hour long, 100% Ad Noiseam mix provided by the nice people over at PopMatters. It's not the first time that Ad Noiseam is featured on this magazine (check some reviews), but it would be a lie to say that it doesn't feel good to see a reviewer make the effort of coming up with a label mix and featuring it in a site that sports Dreamworks and Michael Jackson on his front page.

This mix, entitled "Soundscape Mix #7" is a very accurate introduction to the label, with tracks ranging from Larvae's post-rock songs to Matta's heavy dubstep or Enduser's anthems. You can listen to it below (or download it here). Check the tracklisting after the fold.

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