First taste of Karsten Pflum's coming EP
Friday, 18 June 2010 21:38
Karsten Pflum
On the track of the recently released "Sura" EP by Hecq, Ad Noiseam is getting ready to release another piece of massive and bassy wax, the "Nemo Loon" record by the experienced beatsmith (but label newcomer) Karsten Pflum.

Featuring four infectious, heavy but crystal-clear and very dynamic new tracks, "Nemo Loon" is both a spacious mystic affair and a very club-friendly one, as demonstrated over and over at Karsten Pflum shows and festival all over Europe. This record once again confirms that this Danish-born, Berlin-based producer is a name to count with. Don't forget that this will be demonstrated again at Karsten Pflum shows with Hecq and Matta in Berlin on June 30th and Hamburg on July 2nd.

Karsten Pflum's "Nemo Loon" will be released on Ad Noiseam on July 5th. More information is here, and you can pre-order the record already (or its digital version).

And since it's Friday, it's time for a new Friday freebie, this week with, of course, a track taken from Karsten Pflum's "Nemo Loon":
Karsten Pflum - Nemo Loon - adn130
Friday, 18 June 2010 20:17
Karsten Pflum - Nemo Loon - adn130 Beatsmith extraordinaire and relentless live performer Karsten Pflum delivers with his mysterious "Nemo Loon" his take at the dubstep sound. Towering, imposing, and yet extremely dynamic and percussive, the four tracks on this EP are obviously not the output of a newcomer, but of an experimented producer. Marrying catchy melodies, tectonic bass lines and sharp drums, "Nemo Loon" is both a spatial, mystic monolith and a heavy, head-nodding alien creation. Get this on 12" / as mp3
Panacea is back and quite filthy.
Monday, 14 June 2010 22:12
Panacea in Interview for Barcode and Ad Noiseam
Remember the "Street Chic" EP, pictured above, from back in 2004? No, we're not announcing a sequel or a re-release, but still, (The) Panacea is back on the Ad Noiseam website. The man has a new album (available here from the Ad Noiseam online store) on his ressuscitated Position Chrome label, and has even taken the task of rejuvenating his Squaremeter project (same thing, we have the new album here).

To celebrate all this, the nice people over at Barcode Recordings have asked him to prepare a podcast (or better said, "filthcast") for them, which is supposed to hit over the internet in a couple of days can be downloaded for free here, the tracklisting being there (remember the recent one by DJ Hidden?). As a preparation for this mix, Barcode has sit down with Panacea, asked him a few questions, and handed the interview to Ad Noiseam to host. So here it is below, (The) Panacea in interview with Barcode.
Out now: Hecq's "Sura" (adn128)
Friday, 11 June 2010 23:40
The goddess has emerged: "Sura", the new record by Hecq, is now out and available on Ad Noiseam. You can get it on vinyl here, or as mp3 there.

Showcasing some of very heavy, crystal-clear and particularely insidious tracks that Hecq has been playing live over the past years, "Sura" is the long-awaited translation onto wax of Hecq's current sound. Keeping up (or improving) the excellent production quality of this musician's output, it is also his most club-oriented material to date, and should throw a new light at this rising producer. Add to this a remix by label-mates Matta, and you get a record which is definitely not to be passed on. Oh, and did you read that every copy of the 12" comes with a big poster?

There are more images and sound files below, and more information here.
Hecq: please wait while loading.
Monday, 07 June 2010 20:18
Speaking of doom: Hecq's new record "Sura" was supposed to be released today (June 7th), but our dear friendly neighboorhoud pressing plant has managed to miss the deadline once twice again. Put it simply: the records were supposed to be there some time ago, and there still arent'.

Apparently, we should receive them in the coming two or three days. Every pre-order will then be shipped immediately, and all wholesale orders will be filled on the day we get these records. Sorry for this regretable inconvenience. Those of you with Hecq or Ad Noiseam voodoo dolls are asked to remove the pins now.
Of Igorrr and his effects on today's youth.
Tuesday, 01 June 2010 19:47
Robert Smith of The Cure? The ghost of Slipknot's recently deseased bass player? We're not quite sure who this masked avenger is, but his recent fan-made, unofficial video, done for "a school project" is for sure a reason to write a bit about the new Ad Noiseam act Igorrr.

The solo project of Paris-based multi-instrumentalist Gautier Serre, Igorrr has been making quite some noise through and with a couple of self-released album in the past years (one of which was later put out as mp3 by the good people of Acroplane). 2010 will see Igorrr take a whole new step, though, with first a vinyl version of a past album on Impulsive Art (which will be available through the Ad Noiseam online store upon release), enriched with some crunchy remixes by Rotator & alii. In the fall, it will be time for Igorrr's brand new album, "Nostril", which will be then released on Ad Noiseam (you already want a catalog number? adn133, coming in October).

You will hear and see a lot more about Igorrr, his insane combination of breakcore, baroque music (baroque-core is the new buzzword) and metal. But first, let's see a mask fan pay tribute to this project. There are more videos and links after the cut.

Hecq: supersized, outnumbered but not outgunned.
Monday, 31 May 2010 23:40
Hecq "Sura" poster
Ready to dive head first into doom damnation? Hecq's new record, "Sura" is coming out very soon, and we know have the posters that will be given with each 12". Using the same (but fully featured and full-sized) artwork as the record or its companion t-shirt, these big posters will be the little extra to be found with each copy of "Sura".

The full artwork is below. And remember that you can now pre-order your copy of this record or of its digital version. All pre-order are getting a small rebate, on top of that.
Berliners, Hamburgers, and three slices of bass.
Friday, 28 May 2010 23:56

Time to get your dancing shoes again: with new records by Hecq (adn128) and Karsten Pflum in the pipeline and Matta's "The Lost" still hot from the pressing plant, Ad Noiseam is bringing all these acts together for two shows in Germany in a few weeks.

The first gig will take place on June 30th at Berghain Kantine in Berlin, and is one of the now well known Killekill weekly parties. It should wake Berlin up a bit and remind everybody there not only that Matta are newcomers to watch very closely, but also that Berlin has its very own pearls, Hecq and Karsten Pflum. Killekill / Crazy Language stakhanovist Weedbeat will also be on board with a DJ set.

A couple of days later, we'll bring basses to the haven and see whether Hamburg can resist a sound-made tsunami. The show will take place at Hafenklang on July 2nd (yes, that's where Drumcorps played very recently). Same line-up, same goodness, and enough great audio to wake the whole city.

Don't miss on your chances to witness the talent and diversity of Matta, Hecq and Karsten Pflum live. To update an old breakcore saying to today's flavor, our scene can outbass your scene 24/7.
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