Words from Wilt's cemetary.
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 17:03
Now that Wilt had turned 10 years old, and that the anniversary double pack "Cemetary Road / Dead Electroniks" (adn116) has been released, people can dwelve deeper into the past and present of this act thanks to a new blog created by Wilt and providing more information about this release. Each track is presented individually, with texts and images, and background information is being given about the release.
You can read this blog over here, or check the main one for Wilt. Or, of course, check out "Cemetary Road / Dead Electroniks" on this very site.
AZ-Rotator interview with Sennheiser
Saturday, 28 November 2009 14:59

As part of their Muuma campaign / website (nothing to do with what is, according to Wikipedia, a Pokemon), Seinheiser has shot a video interview with AZ-Rotator, asking him about his first step as a producer, the tools of its trade and its most recent productions. The whole thing is in Spanish with English subtitles and can be watched right here:
Mindtrick & Sustained catalogs now available on as mp3 from Ad Noiseam.
Wednesday, 25 November 2009 20:41
Yes, it all full of love but don't worry, we're not going to go all p.l.u.r. on anybody here.
After Tympanik a couple of weeks ago (and N5md and Spectraliquid before that), two new labels are now distributed digitally in the Ad Noiseam mailorder store: UK's Sustained Records (with records by such people as I:Gor or Ad Noiseam regulars The Teknoist and DJ Hidden) and Holland's Mindtrick (home of Atiq, The Eerier Child or Charlie Lynch).
Ad Noiseam now carries now only the records and CD by these labels, but also their digital versions. So in case your turntable is broken (which it shouldn't be) or you just need some fodder for your mp3 player, head over to the Ad Noiseam online store. Here's Sustained's catalog, and here's Mindtrick's.
Live Dragons: more free tracks from TKDE.
Friday, 20 November 2009 03:04


The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble are now on the road for a few weeks, touring Europe to support their new album, "Here Be Dragons" (adn120). The live dates are all here, and we strongly recommend everybody to attend these shows (most of all, of course, the one in the Ad Noiseam home town of Berlin).

As an appetizer to those of you who will see TKDE live, or as a consolation for those of you who won't, here comes a second "extra" to "Here Be Dragons" (the first is still here): a simply entitled "Two Live Tracks", showcasing how rich, deep and somewhat "different" The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble are on stage. These two tracks, as well as a handful of live pictures, can be downloaded for free here. Enjoy, spread the word, and don't miss the shows.

And for more TKDE enjoyment, here's a new video reel to "Lead Squid" (also from "Here Be Dragons") below:

Tympanik Audio's catalog: now available on mp3 from Ad Noiseam
Sunday, 15 November 2009 19:30
Tympanik Audio / Ad Noiseam

Ad Noiseam is now carrying the whole catalog of the american label Tympanik Audio in its digital form. We have been distributing the CD from this young label since its inception in 2007 (and we still do, here), but people who prefer to get their fix of music as bits and bytes rather than on a shiny plastic disc can now head up to the Ad Noiseam online store and find the whole Tympanik discography (save for the compilations) available there in the format of their choice. The prices are the same as for Ad Noiseam releases (or the digital versions of items from such lables as Spectraliquid or N5md), and Tympanik Audio has also joined Ad Noiseam's program in donating a part of their digital sales' profits to Amnesty International.

Here are all the Tympanik Audio releases in the Ad Noiseam catalog, there are the CDs only, and here the digital versions only. Enjoy.
Larvae in interview with Igloo Mag.
Sunday, 01 November 2009 19:04
Rather than just posting a review of Larvae's latest album ("Loss Leader"), Igloo Mag has just published an exhaustive interview with Matthew Jeanes of Larvae, asking him about his creative process, the inspiration behind this CD, the future of Larvae, and what kind of a super hero he would like to be. The interview is here, and more information about this album is there.
And now for a little pause in our program.
Thursday, 22 October 2009 02:47
Update Oct 30th: we're back, now on with the processing of every email and order received last week.
Now that all the new releases have been born and are out in the open, we need to breathe out a bit. 6 CD and 3 records, that was quite some work.
Better said: we're taking a week off starting Thursday (Oct 22nd) till the 29th. And since we won't have an internet connection, there will be absolute silence on our end in the meantime. But we'll come back in full force, with new t-shirts and other goodies.
All emails and orders will be answered, processed and shipped again starting on October 30th. Note that, if you purchase digital releases, you'll be able to download them automatically, without any waiting, though.
Sorry for the inconvenience, and see you in a week.
Another look at Raoul Sinier's new DVD
Wednesday, 21 October 2009 03:54
Following two video trailers (one, two), here comes a video taken from Raoul Sinier's new "Tremeny Industry" luxury CD + DVD pack. The following video, done for the title track of the album, sees Raoul Sinier gets acquainted with another of the weird but cute critters that enables his fantasy world.
This video is only one of the several featured on the 2 hours + DVD of "Tremens Industry", and also appears on the CD.
"Tremens Industry" is out now and available from Ad Noiseam.
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