N5md and Spectraliquid releases now available digitally from Ad Noiseam.
Friday, 05 June 2009 16:45
N5md and Spectraliquid releases now available digitally from Ad Noiseam.
Now don't say that it's too hard to get their releases. N5md and Spectraliquid  have joined hands with Ad Noiseam and, starting today, you can not only buy these labels' CD in our mailorder catalog, but their digital downloads version as well.
We still carry (and still will) these labels's physical releases (as this is where our love and preferrence goes), but for all of you who'd rather have the "immaterial" versions, all of Spectraliquid releases (including all of their "Mutant Dubstep" series and Detritus 's A Wake A Week side-project) and 32 full lengths album from N5md (almost everything they have released in the recent years, including three albums by Gridlock's Mike Cadoo's Bitcrush project) can now be purchased immediately in digital version from Ad Noiseam. That's easy and remember, your money is then directly used to support these labels and their artists. So show your love for indie platforms and structures, there's definitely an alternative to pirated mp3s.
Get a glimpse: Ad Noiseam free compilation for Spring 2009
Monday, 18 May 2009 20:30
Ad Noiseam Spring 2009 free label compilation
Since the beginning of Ad Noiseam in 2001, every Ad Noiseam online store customer has received a CDR for free with her or his order, on which is burned a selection of tracks from current Ad Noiseam releases. Tons of these CDRs have been burned and sent out over the year, and have, hopefully, helped to spread the word about what Ad Noiseam is about.

We've decided to open these compilations  to all the visitors of the Ad Noiseam website: from now on, you can download a CD-length free mp3 compilation  containing a selection of tracks from current CDs and records on the label. We might throw some forthcoming material from times to times, and the current "Spring 2009" edition  features a video trailer prepared by Larvae for their "white label" DVD .

We hope that this compilation  will help everybody to discover some new artists and tracks, or present a broader image of Ad Noiseam to people who are familiar with only part of the roster. Again, all these tracks are taken from currently available releases. The full tracklisting is below.

This compilation can be downloaded in bandwidth-friendly resolution (but still ok quality) here . Note, however, that if you want to say a little thank you for this, you can purchase a much higer-resolution version here , for a very reduced price (5 Euro for E.U. residents, 4.20 Euro for everybody else). Part of this sum is given to Amnesty International (as we always do with digital releases ), and the rest is divided between the artists and the label. Therefore: you can check out  some new sound for free, but you can also support  the people who made them possible.

Happy listening, feel free to leave a comment  about this compilation and initiative.
out now: Somatic Responses "Reformation" (adn110)
Friday, 15 May 2009 18:58

The responses have been reformed. The new album by Somatic Responses, "Reformation" (Ad Noiseam adn110) is now out and available. This new full length album by the welsh duo is their return to Ad Noiseam, seven years after "Dying Language" (adn13), and a profound renewal of their sound.

Somatic Responses have decided to rethink their music: if their early productions were of the hardcore and techno kind, and while they later moved on to breakcore territories, Somatic Responses have now embraced more up-to-date and modern sounds, and tackled the current dubstep sound that has taken their native UK by storm. Massive, human, driven, fresh, and now released.

Lucky folks and early birds were able to score their copies at Ad Noiseam merch tables in the recent weeks, but it's now time to spread the good word: "Reformation" can be previewed here (and there), and is available on CD here and mp3 there directly from Ad Noiseam (and from plenty of other places). Therefore, follow Somatic Responses and reform instead of staying put.

Ad Noiseam festival: thank you (let's do it again)
Tuesday, 12 May 2009 21:05
Almost two weeks have passed, but some of us are still recovering. The Ad Noiseam festival which took place on May 1st at Maria in Berlin came and went. It was a huge preparation and even more fun to everybody.

Ad Noiseam would like to thank everybody who came to play, to attend, to help, and just about everybody involved in this event. We might will do it again, even though neither a date nor a line-up have been decided yet.

If you have taken any pictures or shot any video at this event, please point us to them, it would be nice to see everything from different perspectives. And remember, we have a forum if you want to post your impressions of the night.

Some videos and links to pictures are already here after the break.
A big post-festival thank you.
Saturday, 02 May 2009 13:45

Thank you to everybody who made the Ad Noiseam festival on the 1st of May such a success: the audience for partying so hard, much and long; the artists, for rocking the house from start to finish andall being great guys, and the Maria crew, for making it all possible.
We're recovering right now, but pictures, videos and whatever will be posted in the near future.

Mothboy news: dead ends, movement and bunnies.
Saturday, 25 April 2009 17:02
Mothboy might not ride with vampiyres, but other night dwellers tend to like his bass and beats: strippers were already using his music, and it's now the turn of zombies to feast of brains to the sound of the moth. Mothboy's track "Shakes" (taken from the "The Fears" album) is used in the independent short zombie flick "Dead End", which is now available on Youtube for free (parts one, two and three).
In other Mothboy news, watch out for the release on Ad Noiseam of "Beg / Movement" (adn98), a four track 12" by Mothboy, featuring remixes by Starkey and Lapsed, and to finally come out in the coming weeks. The mand has also put the finishing touches to his third studio album, "Bunny", which is obviously late for Easter but should provide some additional booty basses to everybody a bit later in 2009.
1st of May "Ad Noiseam Festival" special on Byte.fm
Friday, 24 April 2009 15:04


Our good friends at Byte.fm have taken notice (as everybody should) that the party of the year was taking place on the 1st of May in Berlin. A special feature about this event and the six acts performing there (Enduser, The Teknoist, Broken Note, Cardopusher, Hecq and Lapsed) will be aired during the "Hidden Tracks" show next Tuesday at 22:00 (central european time). Make sure to tune in in time, and even more to attend this event.

Sales on books: join the Ad Noiseam literacy program.
Wednesday, 22 April 2009 16:50
Who has said that people into music couldn't use their eyes? The Ad Noiseam store is asking if our children is learning, and does so by offering a 10% sales on all books in the catalog. Some contain creepy crawly monsters, some are full on street art, and there are plenty more. So go ahead and get something to look at while you listen to good music. And don't worry, it's all written pretty big and comes with pretty images.
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