Mothboy - Bunny - adn123
Wednesday, 24 March 2010 23:16
Mothboy - Bunny - Ad Noiseam adn123 Third and final studio album by Mothboy. With "Bunny", one of the most varied and innovative act on Ad Noiseam brings a chapter to an end with an album that condensates everything Mothboy has been known for: a very rich sound, heavy basses, infectious rhythms, well chosen and even better used vocals, and of course a moving, lush jazz touch. Cute, sweet, but dangerous and bloody, here's a an album well illustrated by its cover artwork, and which both crowns and expands Mothboy's essential and personal sound. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
T-shirt reprints (and a glimpse at new ones)
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 00:15

They have been selling very quickly, so it was time to reprint them: the Broken Note t-shirts are back in stock in several sizes, alongside the Ad Noiseam label t-shirts and the infamous "Enjoy Noise" classics. This still doesn't mean that they will be available for ever, so head over quickly to the online store to secure yours.

Spring has arrived (at least in Berlin), so it might also be time to sport some hoodies, and we have received a new batch of Ad Noiseam hoodies, ready to bring you some warmth and protection from the rain.

Finally, look at the image above: there's another t-shirt coming soon. Very soon. Soon as in "nexst week". But can you guess what exactly is?

Remember, all these shirts are now produced and printed on fair-trade, organic fabric.
Catering to the byte players.
Saturday, 20 March 2010 22:22

It's been a rather digital-oriented week over at the Ad Noiseam online store. While our heart still lays on the side of big black circles of wax and other rotating discs, we're imcreasing the amount of digital releases sold directly through the store. We started with Ad Noiseam ones, of course, then included some friendly labels or artists, and have added this week four releases which are related to Ad Noiseam records in some way.

First comes "Dr Doom" by Niveau Zero (also available on vinyl), which is the latest EP by this Paris-based artist, and should help you to get acquainted with his infectious combination of dubstep and, well, everything else, before his "In_Sect" album arrives on Ad Noiseam, in a few weeks. This EP is now available here as mp3

Then come the first and third volume of Funckarma's "Dubstoned" series (I guess we won't have to remind you that the second one was released on Ad Noiseam and is here to grab on vinyl or digital), which are now both available as mp3 directly from this site (here's the first, there's the third). The vinyl version of the first 12" is sadly sold out, and we're waiting for the third one to arrive. 

Finally, Bong-Ra's long time collaborator and MC Deformer has a new EP out in a month on Mindtrick (also containing a Bong-Ra remix), but we're already able to present its digital version.
Second batch of extras from Roel Funcken's "Vade" album.
Wednesday, 17 March 2010 23:18

Another week has passed, bringing us that much closer to the release date of Roel Funcken's "Vade" album (adn122). This also means more extras enabling a better and deeper look at this rich album by one of the two Funckarma brothers.

First, Roel Funcken has prepared a new medley made of various tracks from this CD, which you can listen to here or below these lines. And in case you were wondering, the first one is still there.

Then, the website dedicated to this release,, has reached a new phase, in which the careful visitor can get some extra information, images and audio from the CD. A "mobile" version is also available, for those of you who browse the web with their cell phones (which is fine with us, though listening to the album this way might not be the best way to "get real"). 

Roel Funcken's "Vade" will be released by Ad Noiseam on CD and digital on March 29th. Both versions can now be pre-ordered.
More guns, more bass, more Niveau Zero videos.
Wednesday, 17 March 2010 22:51
Same place, different party and line-up: we had already shown you a video of Niveau Zero live in Paris in February, but this new Ad Noiseam act packed the floor of the Glazart again last weekend, together with the likes of Headhunter, Ital Tek and Architect.

As required in the age of web 2.0, it was all videotaped, and we bring you here a new video of Niveau Zero torturing subwoofers in Paris for the great pleasure of its audience on the 13th of February 2010. 

Niveau Zero's debut CD album, "In_Sect" will be released on Ad Noiseam in the Spring of 2010.
Pre-orders now taken for the new Enduser & Roel Funcken releases.
Sunday, 14 March 2010 15:57

On the trail of this week's new record ("The Lost" by Matta, announced here), two more releases will pop up on Ad Noiseam at the end of March: a new EP by Enduser (coming both on vinyl and CD) and a first full length album by Funckarma's Roel Funcken. You remember we_ve talked about this already, don't you?

The news of the day is that you can now pre-order both of these releases, in all their formats. Staying true to the tradition, all the pre-orders are getting a rebate, meaning that, if you buy your record, CD or mp3 from Ad Noiseam before March 29th, you'll get them not only early, but cheaper.

He be links: you can read more about Enduser's "1/3" here, and pre-order it on record, CD or mp3. More information about Roel Funcken's "Vade" is there, and you can pre-order this album on CD here, on mp3 there. Some extras from this album can also be checked on Ad Noiseam's Soundcloud page, or on, and better looks at both covers are to be seen on Ad Noiseam's Flickr page.

Enduser's "1/3" (adn125) and Roel Funcken's "Vade" (adn122) will be released on Ad Noiseam on March 29th.
Matta's debut record: out and available.
Friday, 12 March 2010 00:20
Ad Noiseam is proud to announce the release of Matta's debut record, "The Lost". The records are now in stock and being dispatched, while the digital version has also appeared on our servers.

The first record by this promising british duo, "The Lost" packs three varied but equally intense and heavy dubstep tunes, which are receiving a lot of praise and airplay at the moment. Ad Noiseam is happy to welcome Matta to the fold and to be able to present this young project to its audience. We're convinced that these two producers (with whom you can read an interview here) are here to make a lasting impression, and are already looking forward their next productions. 

For the moment, though, let's focus on "The Lost". Some audio from this record is available below, the record can be ordered here, and the mp3 there.
A deeper look at Roel Funcken's "Vade" album.
Monday, 08 March 2010 22:20


While the release of his first album gets closer, Roel Funcken (who is, we'll repeat it a few times again, one half of Funckarma) has prepared quite a few things to help everybody dive deeper into this dense, complex and lush debut full length.

Besides the four tracks which you can listen to on the "Vade" page on this very site, a brand new site has been sent up over at, entirely dedicated to this album. Be sure to play with it and have a good look (and listen), as it contains many layers and additional information and sounds for those who are ready to hunt them.

Finally, Roel Funcken has prepared four medleys of tracks taken from the album, which we will be presenting on a weekly basis till the release of the album, and made of short mixes of tracks from the CD. The first one can be heard over here (or below).

Roel Funcken's "Vade" will be released by Ad Noiseam on CD on March 29th.

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