Fourth and final medley from Roel Funcken's "Vade"
Friday, 07 May 2010 00:00
Friday Freebie: Fourth and final medley from Roel Funcken's
Friday Freebie: Roel Funcken's debut solo album, "Vade" was released a month ago (and is available on CD or as mp3), and we thought that it would be a good timing to present the fourth medley he prepared out of tracks from this CD.
You can listen to this track here  (or below), and check out the  first three that Roel Funcken had prepared to give a taste of what "Vade" is about. Asking for more? There are several full length previews to be heard on the "Vade" info page, or you could always check this recent live set by Funckarma.
And finally, don't forget the special interactive site dedicated to this album, over at

Enduser remix contest.
Tuesday, 04 May 2010 20:09
Enduser remix contest.
Now that Enduser's new EP, "1/3" is out and available, here comes your chance to have a take at it. Enduser, Ad Noiseam and Fixt are partnering to present a remix contest of the track of the same name.

This contest enables anybody to download the soundfiles for this tune, remix it, and submit their own remix, all for free. In two months, Enduser, Ad Noiseam and the Fixt community will vote for the best remixes, the best three receiving prizes from Korg, Fab Filter and Prime Loops.

So get behind your samplers, synths and work machines and enroll in this remix. It's not every day that you get to show what you are made of by remixing Enduser. Here's the official remix contest page, and there are more details about Enduser's "1/3".
Pre-orders for the new Niveau Zero and Hecq releases.
Monday, 03 May 2010 23:21
Pre-orders now available for the forthcoming Niveau Zero and Hecq releases.

On the trail of the recent Enduser, Roel Funcken and Mothboy releases, Ad Noiseam is keeping busy and getting ready to present two very hot and bassy releases in the coming weeks. Both are now in the queue, and pre-orders are now taken for both releases. Remember, as usual, customers who buy their records, CD or mp3 in advance get a rebate, meaning that they not only get their music earlier, but also cheaper.
The first of these two releases is Niveau Zero's full-length album, "In_Sect", in which this frontrunner of the french dubstep scene demonstrates how you can conjugate this genre differently, outside of the regular paths. Mixing his massive basses with breaks, metal and hip-hop, Niveau Zero comes up with an energetic and relentless fusion of genres, assisted in the process by such people as Ben Sharpa, Broken Note and Hecq. More information and audio here. Pre-orders are now taken for the CD and the digital version of this album.
Speaking of Hecq, the second release available for pre-order is the long-awaited return to vinyl by Berlin-based wizkid, who finally present with "Sura" the infectious and huge tracks he's been showcasing live in the recent years. Sharp, masterfully produced and deadly efficient, "Sura" also features a remix by Ad Noiseam's young talent Matta. More information and audio here. Pre-orders are for the record here, for the mp3 there.
Mothboy's soundtrack to a movie you've never seen.
Monday, 26 April 2010 16:41
With his third full length album ("Bunny", pictured above) just out in the open, Mothboy is spending some time digging tracks from his archives. May it be old unreleased tracks or new edits such as this one, there are quite a few things that Mothboy wrote in the past years and that never saw the light of the day.

Here's a new one of these hidden pearls: the music written to accompany the credits of the short-movie "Help Wanted" (about which we do not have more information that what's written here). We haven't seen this movie, but this sountrack of sort sounds quite sinister, laid back and slightly jazzy, in the vein of Mothboy's calmest moments on "The Fears" and "Deviance".

It's not the first time that Mothboy's music is used in the movie, as mentionned here (this film has been yanked off Youtube, though), but it's the first time that this "Theme to Help Wanted" is available. Here's the track. Click "play", sit back and enjoy:

Mothboy "Bunny" album out now.
Monday, 19 April 2010 19:11
Image The bunny is out of his hole: Ad Noiseam is proud to announce the release of Mothboy's third (and sadly final) full-length album, "Bunny". This album is now available straight from the label, here on CD, and there as mp3.

Following 20045's "The Fears" and 2006's "Deviance" as well as the "Exonian" and "Beg / Movement" 12", "Bunny" is Mothboy's at its warmest, most varied and most accomplished. Ranging from bouncy electro to hip-hop, and featuring several high-profile guests again (from Akira The Don, a regular Mothboy collaborator, to Ted Parsons of the Swans / Godflesh or Martin Carr of The Boo Radleys), here's an album that condensates everything Mothboy has been known for.

You can read more about this album, and check four audio excerpts over here. Below (or there) is also another full length track to preview. Follow the bunny, pay a last tribute to Mothboy (and hope he will come back), and enjoy this album.

Mothboy feat Suzi C. "You / Me"
FAQ: Funckarma's Audio Quality.
Thursday, 15 April 2010 16:43
With the first full length album by Roel Funcken ("Vade") just released, Funckarma have been playing a few live gigs recently, and have just uploaded a full recording of their set at the FAQ Festival in s-Hertogenbosch on April 9th, 2010.
This live set, which contains new and old material from Funckarma as well as Roel Funcken, can be listened to here (or below). And you can find here more information and audio taken from the "Vade" album.
A glimpse into the future with AZ-Rotator
Wednesday, 14 April 2010 22:49
AZ-Rotator performing at Madrid's ARCO fair

Madrid's AZ-Rotator can't be separated from his machines: it's been only a few weeks since Discontinu released his free "Spam" net release, and yet he is back twisting his knobs for a new release on Ad Noiseam. After his "Science Of Chance" debut and the "Freaky Vintage Disco Breaks" EP, this will be the return of the spanish wizkid to Ad Noiseam after three years spent releasing a collaboration on Japan's Hypermodern, an album on Lovethechaos, a 3" CD on and two free netreleases '(or giving interviews to Sennheiser or performing for Sonic Youth, or doing sound-design for web2.0 movie trailers, or being interviewed by one of Spain's main radio stations).  

There's still a long time to go before we can put your hands on this new material by AZ-Rotator, but here's a free track already, "Redycom Flow", which should show you where the new recordings are headed. It seems like Uge Ortiz has the dancefloor clearly in mind with this insanely catchy, melodic and booty-shaking track.

Here's the track, which you can also download here. Listen to it loud, and dance the day (or night) away.

New Enduser and Roel Funcken releases now available.
Sunday, 11 April 2010 20:57
Enduser & Roel Funcken releases on Ad Noiseam
We have written about them, posted extra audio from them, or even sighted them in real life, but let's make it official once and for all: the new releases on Ad Noiseam are here, in stock, and available.

First comes the long-awaited new EP by Enduser, "1/3". Enduser is back after a long year of silence, and presents us an extremely solid four tracker (counting a remix by Cardopusher). Sharp, melodic and beautiful, "1/3" is Enduser at the top of his form. This release is available as a (splendid looking) 12" record, CD ep, or mp3 files.

Also out now is the deep and lush first full length album by Roel Funcken, one of the two Funckarma brother. "Vade" is a long trip through plenty of current-days genres, from lush electronica to heavy dubstep, but always seen in the particularely dense and detailed Funcken sound. We've posted a few medleys from this album already, but you can now get the whole thing on CD or as mp3.

Ad Noiseam is proud to present these two new releases. Check them out, enjoy them, and prepare as well for the new Mothboy album, or the forthcoming releases by Niveau Zero, Hecq, Karsten Pflum, Igorrr & co: we've got a lot of good things coming.
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