Matta - The Lost - adn126
Saturday, 13 February 2010 19:07

Matta - The Lost - adn126 With their d├ębut record, Matta bring the excitement back to dubstep. Shifting genres, adding weight, sharpening the production: this young duo come up with an immense three tracker that taps in a variety of style and unite influences into an enormous and coherent release. Not for weak soundsystems, but clearly for all bass addicts. (Get this on 12" / as mp3)

AZ-Rotating between a daydream nation and a teenage riot
Thursday, 11 February 2010 22:39

All the information available about this is in Spanish, but it's still very worth mentionning: Ad Noiseam's spanish wizkid AZ-Rotator was recently invited to perform at the opening of an exhibition in Madrid about and with Sonic Youth, during which he played his own reworking of some of this band's material.

Here is an article and a video about this event, and one can check some pictures of the whole thing here. Finally, a podcast of the whole thing can be heard over there.

Finally, Madrilenian readers might note that AZ-Rotator has also been asked to perform a set during something set up by Radio3 during the contemporary art fair ARCO 2010. We couldn't find any details on this event's website, but watch out for the program if you happen to visit this event.
Broken Note and Teknoist t-shirts.
Tuesday, 19 January 2010 15:23

They are finally there. Announced last decade, the brand new Broken Note and Teknoist t-shirts are there, printed and in stock. They are the first Ad Noiseam shirts to be printed entirely on
100% sweat-shop free and organic cotton
. As explained in an earlier post, we've finally decided to jump the gun and stop producing shirts whose production we could not agree with. No child-labor and ecological devastation overe here.

The Broken Note shirts show the band's logo and come in two colors. The Teknoist's ones recommend you a way of dealing with zombies, commemorating the "...Like A Hurricane Made Of Zombies" album, with prints on the front and the back. See below for some pictures of both shirts.

Moreover, note that some older shirts have been reprinted, all on the same fair-trade / organic fabric: the Ad Noiseam hoodies are back, ready to keep you warm this winter, as well as the "The Devil Lies Below 100Hz", "Enjoy Noise" and Ad Noiseam logo t-shirts.
Raoul Sinier is The Savior.
Saturday, 16 January 2010 14:09
Raoul Sinier - The savior, alternative rush

There had already been two video trailers for Raoul Sinier's latest album, the "Tremens Industry" CD / DVD (Ad Noiseam adn115), and you had already been able to watch online one of the videos from the DVD. Guess what, a second one has now been uploaded for everybody to see. A tale of robots, spaceships and mice, "The Savior (alternative rush)" should give you another insight at Raoul Sinier's video art in general, and "Tremens Industry" in particular. Remember, this DVD is packed with videos of this kind.

You can watch this video here on Vimeo, or just scroll down. Oh, and remember that Raoul Sinier's also releasing a graphic novel these days.
Wilt and Detritus praised by D-Side.
Friday, 15 January 2010 21:10
The new issue of France's long-running D-Side magazine features not only very positive reviews of the latest albums by WiltDetritusRaoul SinierDJ Hidden and Broken Note, but also three pages of interviews with Wilt (about the tenth anniversary of this project and its celebration with the "Cemetary Road / Dead Electroniks" double CD) and Detritus (focusing on the progresses made with the new "Things Gone Wrong" album), alongside other articles about the likes of Massive Attack, Rob Zombie or Douglas Coupland.

Even more, the CD coming with this magazine features tracks by both Detritus and Wilt, taken from their respective recent albums. And finally, since Ad Noiseam and D-Side are of the generous kind, new subscribers to D-Side can choose to receive a copy of Detritus's "Things Gone Wrong" for free with their new issue. Now, what's your excuse again for not learning French and reading this magazine?

Still in French, the first issue of the free pdf magazine Essmaa features, among many others, a new interview with Raoul Sinier and a lengthy review of the man's earlier "Huge Samurai Radish" CD. This first issue can be downloaded for free here .
New mixes by DJ Hidden & Cardopusher.
Thursday, 14 January 2010 15:41

Rich week for free DJ mixes by Ad Noiseam artists, as DJ Hidden and Cardopusher each deliver a free online mix each.

Following shortly (and celebrating) the release of his latest record, "The Words Below Limited Vinyl Series vol. 3" (Ad Noiseam adn124), DJ Hidden got behind the mixing desk to deliver a new "filthcast", i.e. a new podcast for the reknowned UK Barcode label. It's all hard, quite furious and very detailled, and can be downloaded here. The playlist is below.

At the same time, Cardopusher also dug through his record collection for a mix  for the Electronic Explorations website, in which he plays a lot of his new material as well as a salvo of dubplates from like minded artists and friends. The download is here and, again the playlist is below.

Two different artists, two very different mixes and genres, but two quality recordings to make your mp3 player boom and twitch. Enjoy.
DJ Hidden's Third "Words Below" record out now.
Monday, 11 January 2010 21:34

2010 starts with a bang and pretty early, as Ad Noiseam's first release of the year has landed: DJ Hidden's "The Words Below Limited Editions Vinyl Series vol.3" (adn124) is out now and available.

This 12" record is the third volume of the vinyl pendants to "The Words Below", DJ Hidden's second full length album, released last October on Ad Noiseam. While the first two volumes (adn114 and adn119) featured re-worked, DJ-friendly versions of tracks from the CD, the material on this third one is exclusive to the record. On the A side, Eye-D (a.k.a. DJ Hidden's partner in crime in The Outside Agency) offers a crazy, rich and intense remix of "The Narrators" and, on the B side, DJ Hidden's re-wrote his own "Devil's Instant", turning it into an even more percussive, drier monster of a track.

You can find more infomation and audio snippets about this third volume here, purchase it here on vinyl or there in its digital version.
First graphic novel by Raoul Sinier.
Sunday, 10 January 2010 14:08

  The french publisher Editions Fée will release next week Raoul Sinier's first graphic novel, a full length book he co-authored and illustrated together with Sylvie Frétet. The story of two friens hired to test a new video game system which slowly reveals itself as an unsettling and bizarre psychiatric tool, "Les Aveugles" will be officially released on January 14th. You will be able to order it directly through Editions Fée starting Jan 14th, and later on through the Ad Noiseam online store.

To celebrate the publication of this book, Raoul Sinier and Sylvie Frétet are also inviting everybody to a dedicated evening in Paris on Thursday (Jan 14th) at Café de Paris (158 rue Oberkampf) on 8PM, during which both authors will sign the book, several short films and animations by Raoul Sinier will be shown (hint: you might also want to check Raoul Sinier's "Tremens Industry" CD and DVD to be able to see these films in the comfort of your home), and DJ dDash will take cake of feeding your curious and open ears. 

Check the evening's trailer and some pages from "Les Aveugles" below. If you're in Paris, make sure not to miss this party and, if you're not, don't forget to get your copies of this graphic novel, as Raoul Sinier's long-awaited jump into the world of cartoons is something which should definitely be taken seriously.
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