New Raoul Sinier exhibit in Paris.
Friday, 09 January 2009 17:25
The world is finally taking notice: a selection of painting by Raoul Sinier will be exhibited for a month starting Jan 21st at the Estace art gallery in Paris. All the info is here, and you should stop by if you happen to be in Paris (all the more for the opening on January 22nd). And of course, we got the music to go with this, here, there and there.
Pre-orders now taken for the new releases
Tuesday, 06 January 2009 00:40
ImageKeep up with the New Year's joy with Ad Noiseam, as not only is the new Sickboy 12" out now, but pre-orders are now taken for the new releases by The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble ("Mutations EP", adn105) and Math Head ("Stab City" 12"). Both are coming out in the second half of January (except for the LP version of TKDE's "Mutations", coming in early February).
And if this wasn't enough: pre-orders paid for before the release date of these items are all getting a rebate. To cut a long story short: if you order now, you not only get your items first, but you also get them for cheaper.

-The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble "Mutations" (adn105): information / pre-order the CD / pre-order the LP / pre-order the mp3 version
-Math Head "Stab City" (adn98): information / pre-order the 12" / pre-order the mp3 version

Bigger and sicker: time to play with some wax.
Monday, 22 December 2008 14:48
ImageIt was promised, announced, and here it is: while Sickboy's latest album ("Time To Play", adn106), was released a couple of months ago on CD, the first of the two vinyl 12" for this album is coming up in a week, and can now be pre-ordered.
Featuring four tracks from the CD  (the rest being for the second 12", to be released in Feb / March), This "Time To Play vol. 1" features Emily Hasselhoof and Droon's artwork in much bigger version, a loud, bassy cut, and enough dancefloor goodness to send you raving into the new year.This record will be released right at the end of the year, on December 29th.
You can already pre-order it and, good news, all orders paid before the official release will have small rebate. So don't wait, and pre-order your copy of the record  (or its digital version) now. The CD can be found here .
January 13th: Ad Noiseam in ze radio.
Sunday, 21 December 2008 18:32
An hour-long interview with Nicolas Chevreux (aka your humble servant over here at Ad Noiseam) will be broadcasted on January 13th on the german  radio, between 10PM and 11PM during the "Hidden Tracks" show . The interview is in German, but also features a selection of tracks (including some new, unreleased material), so even people who don't understand Goethe's or Schwarzenegger's language should tune in. The whole info is over here .
Celebrate New Year's Eve in Gent with Ad Noiseam and Bug Klinik.
Wednesday, 17 December 2008 00:14
Who need fireworks when you can have beats?
Your humble servant will be part of a huge NYE 2009 celebration in Gent, Belgium, organized by the good people of Bug Klinik , playing alongside I:Gor, Xanopticon, The Doubtful Guest and others. All the info is in the live section . If you're around the area for new year's, make sure to come and party as you should for the new year.
Cake and couscous with Scorn.
Friday, 05 December 2008 16:22
The video website Schnaps  has just published a five minute long interview  with Scorn shot at his concert in Berlin in mid July 2008, in which Mick Harris talks about his beats, his drones, happiness, midlife crisis, the river and couscous (and you get to see a little bit of the show).

A heavier hurricane: The Teknoist's debut album now available on 2x12".
Saturday, 29 November 2008 00:49
ImageThe hurricane has now gained its full force, the zombies are unleashed: the 2x12" vinyl version of The Teknoist's first album, "...Like A Hurricane Made Of Zombies" (adn103 ) is now in stock and available , fresh from the pressing plant. More information and mp3s can be gathered over here , while you should go clicky here to get your copy  before your brains are eaten. Or read further after the click for more Teknoist related goodness.
Busy autumn: six new releases out now, and more coming.
Monday, 10 November 2008 14:42
ImageA new website wasn't enough: Ad Noiseam is happy to release no less than 6 new items to commemorate the new face of the label. Click on the titles for more information, or read more.
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