Friday Freebie: listen to Swarm Intelligence rocking Berlin.
Friday, 27 March 2015 10:05

Friday Freebie: people are screaming, raving and asking for more in the background of this live recording of Swarm Intelligence playing live in Berlin last week (remember, this was the gig which was introduced by .this other free set) Not only does it show how closer you get when recording from the room than from the mixing table, but also that this gig went down very well with Berlin's heavy techno audience.

Swarm Intelligence is playing at the Elektroanschlag festival in eastern Germany this week-end, keeping on his live showcase of his "Faction" album. Will he play the same beat-driven set? We'll report and very probably have something for everybody to listen to. In the meantime, enjoy these 10 minutes of Swarm Intelligence live at Modulate.

Semiomime starts a new podcast series with a free "Spring" mix
Tuesday, 24 March 2015 13:14

Ad Noiseam podcast #5 - Semiomime "Nocturne 1: Spring"
Ad Noiseam podcast: Semiomime, the calmer, more cinematic and electronica minded project by Noel Wessels (also known as DJ Hidden and one half of The Outside Agency) embarks today on a new series of four podcasts, each linked to a particular season, which will end in the Winter of 2015 / 2016 with a follow-up album to his "From Memory" debut (Ad Noiseam adn139, 2011).

While "From Memory" and the "Six Steps" EP were somewhat claustrophobic and highly evocative pieces of cinematic music, this "Spring" part of the "Nocturne" series is a somewhat gritty and ambient trip. Starting with Cordell Klier's sharp and very cold glitches, then featuring material from such a wide array of musicians as Oneohtrix Point Never, Wilt, Xela, Deaf Center or Sigur Ros, this "Spring" showcases an often overlooked side of Noel Wessels's tastes and talents, and might give us hints of what to expect with Semiomime's sophomore album.

You can listen to Semiomime's "Nocturne 1 - Spring" podcast on Ad Noiseam's Soundcloud page (and the Mixcloud one) or below. The tracklisting is after the break.

Friday Freebie: listen to Swarm Intelligence's Modulate set.
Friday, 20 March 2015 16:38

Friday Freebie: listen to Swarm Intelligence's Modulate set.
Friday Freebie: Swarm Intelligence doesn't spend much time away from his computer, distortion pedals or mixer. We've already featured two sets from this Berlin-based, Irish-born artist in our Friday Freebies series recently, and here comes a third. The DJ set which you can listen to here or below was commissioned by Berlin's Modulate crew, who invited him to play at their latest party on March 21st (this is tomorrow at the time of writing).

Noisy as ever, heavier on the techno side than usual, this DJ set contains material by Swarm Intelligence (some of which from his "Faction" album) as well as from like-minded artists. Click play to listen to this perfect way to kick-start your week-end.

Listen to Broken Note remixing I Am Legion.
Thursday, 19 March 2015 16:41

Notorious perfectionist Broken Note just remixed I Am Legion, the superband formed by Noisia and Foreign Beggars, giving his treatment to "Powerplay", off their so far only album.

The result is short, heavy and very powerful, in a typical Broken Note way. Enjoy (and note that yes, you can download this track for free):

Announcing Gore Tech's "Futurphobia" (adn185).
Tuesday, 17 March 2015 13:07

Announcing Gore Tech's "Futurphobia" (adn185).

Ad Noiseam is happy to announce its first release for 2015, Gore Tech's new multi-format "Futurphobia" (adn185). Coming out on vinyl and CD as well as as a limited-edition poster-print and as digital files, this follow-up to 2013's "Machine Throne" will be available on April 13th. You can already pre-order it all (12" / CD / poster / digital) and listen to excerpts from all the tracks there. Click below for a video teaser to this powerful yet somber release.

Friday Freebie: a short present by Monolog, live and raw.
Friday, 13 March 2015 17:25

This week's Friday Freebie is a short but intense one: Monolog recently played an intimate but loud, smoky and raw gig for the Hardboiled gig in Berlin on the heels of the release of his new "Eversleep" EP. As usual, he recorded the whole set from the "outside" (as opposed as directly from his computer). Here is a little excerpt from this set, which should give you an idea of what a Monolog live gig sounds like (and there is more to listen to).

Enjoy this Monolog live track here or below, we hope it will kick start your week-end:

Free, new version of Igorrr's "Pavor Nocturnus"
Friday, 06 March 2015 10:11

Friday Freebie: Almost five years after the release of the original version of this track on "Nostril" (adn132), Igorrr went back to the studio to record "Pavor Nocturnus" in a new way. Invited behind the mic were, as expected, Igorrr's live band singers Laure Le Prunenec and Laurent Lunoir, whose voices transform this track into a song fitting closely with the new sound Igorrr has been pursuing.

Click here or below to listen to this 2015 version of Igorrr's "Pavor Nocturnus", and there to download it.

New t-shirts available for Igorrr & Ruby My Dear's "Maigre" EP
Wednesday, 04 March 2015 14:10

Now that you have had a couple of months to enjoy "Maigre", the long-awaited and much-praised collaboration between Igorrr and Ruby My Dear, as we wait for its vinyl version to be repressed (it should be available again at the very end of March, and is still in stock on CD), and as the season for t-shirt is getting closer (at least in the northern hemisphere), it is time to show your support and fly the colors of the best known greyhound in breakcore.

Now available are brand new "Maigre" t-shirt, proudly displaying Fortifem's artwork for this EP as well as its name (which, we remind our non-French speaking audience, means "thin" in Igorrr and Ruby My Dear's language). The greyhound comes in black on grey fabric, and these shirts are fair-trade and organic, of course.

Click here to get a better look, or there to get yours.

Igorrr & Ruby My Dear "Maigre" t-shirts

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