More pearl from the Larvae archive with 2002's "Roomtone"
Tuesday, 03 March 2015 18:35

Larvae have been busy uploading a series of unreleased songs to their Soundcloud page, as already mentionned on our post about Mothboy's remix of "Vostok". The latest tune to escape from a (now probably dusty) hard drive is the following "Roomtone", which was written back in 2002, at the time Larvae were working on their "Monster Music" EP and "Fashion Victim" albums, their debuts for Ad Noiseam.

Not only has a lot of time passed since 2002, but Larvae's sound has also greatly evolved since these purely electronic, "dark hop" beginnings. Click below to listen to "Roomtone", then compare it to Larvae's latest album to date, the 2012 released "Exit Strategy".

Call for support: crowd-sourcing Ad Noiseam's Wikipedia entry
Wednesday, 18 February 2015 15:18

Call for support: crowd-sourcing Ad Noiseam's Wikipedia entry
The algorhythm that be have apparently decided that the current entry about Ad Noiseam on the English-language Wikipedia didn't contain enough references and "evidence of notability" (the French and Dutch sections seem safe for the moment), even though it has been sitting on its little corner of this site since 2006. This article is a bit dusty, the information there is correct but not necessarily up-to-date: an update, which so far would have been welcome, is now necessary.

If nothing happens, this article will be deleted on February 23rd. We do not want to edit the article ourselves, as we value the objectivity provided by outside actors authoring Wikipedia entries. On the other hand, we think that such an article is relevant and should stay online. Therefore: we ask you, our listeners, readers and fans to edit Ad Noiseam's article and help us keep it online. The deadline is February 23rd (next Monday). There is nothing to win, no goodies or freebies, but whoever adds something there will have done a good deed. Thank you.

Get a taste of things to come with Monolog's new podcast.
Tuesday, 17 February 2015 20:29

Having just finished to record a sequel to his "Merge" album, the "Eversleep" EP coming out soon on Dean Rodell's Subtrakt label (which you can pre-order through our online store there), Monolog sat down with Methlab and recorded a new hour-long mix, combined with a short interview about the inception of his project, his current production techniques and his future.

Click below or here to listen Monolog's MLR021 and get a taste of the excellent material he has been writing lately.

Friday Freebie: new intense DJ set by Swarm Intelligence
Friday, 06 February 2015 15:20

Friday Freebie: there is no stopping Swarm Intelligence. A few weeks after his "Onto The Abyss" mix and the "Sunken" web-exclusive track, this artist just recorded a new mix as a way to introduce his performance for the Berlin based Playground Procedure collective on February 19th. This mix is a DJ set, not a live one, but still stays very close to Swarm Intelligence's general sound and feeling.

Click here or below to enjoy Swarm Intelligence's "Playground Procedure 6" podcast. And if you are in Berlin, don't miss this show in two weeks.

Listen to Gore Tech aiming at the mainframe again.
Tuesday, 03 February 2015 14:16

Listen to Gore Tech aiming at the mainframe again.
Two years ago, we introduced Gore Tech to all Ad Noiseam listeners with a free mix which would quickly make the rounds and spread the name of this new breakcore act. The set in question, called "Mainframe Warfare" and still avalable there was a powerful and adequate presentation of Gore Tech's combination of broken rhythms, hardcore anthems, metal sensibilities and modern bass production.

A lot has happened to Gore Tech since this mix, including the release of his appraised "Machine Throne" EP on Ad Noiseam (which you can get on vinyl here or as digital files there), a plethora of live shows all accross Europe and an avalanche of good music. Rich of new experiences, new ideas and new tools, Gore Tech decided it was time to revisit the mainframe and create a new sequel to his 2013 seminal mix.

The third "Mainframe Warfare" mix has arrived and can be listened to for free here or below. Enjoy, and don't pass on Gore Tech if he plays in your neck of the woods.

Monolog holds no Grudge against grindcore.
Thursday, 29 January 2015 16:12

It's been some years since we last heard of alternative electronic acts remixing metal ones, but this doesn't mean that this idea has been put to rest. The proof today comes in the form of a remix done by our own Monolog of a track by the Brooklyn based grindcore act Grudges, as part of a remix release set to come out on End Fence. Click below or here for this ear cleaner.

Machinecode and Igorrr descent on Dresden for the "Days Of Rough Attack"
Wednesday, 28 January 2015 15:25

Machinecode and Igorrr descent on Dresden for the "Days Of Rough Attack"
People in or around Dresden, Germany, should take notice: this year's edition of the Sabotage club's Days Of Rough Attack festival has an Ad Noiseam-heavy line-up this year, with acts from the label headlining each evening.

Machinecode will headline the festival's opening night on February 20th, alongside a DJ set by Nicolas Chevreux (a.k.a. yours truely of Ad Noiseam). You can get more information about this particular night here.

Igorrr comes back to Dresden to headline the Saturday night. More information about this there.

Such an event is quite rare, all the more in Dresden, and we strongly recommend that anybody who can attend this festival does so. See you there.

Watch Swarm Intelligence's new "Destroyer" video.
Friday, 16 January 2015 14:06

Following a first video created for "Antenna", here comes a second film directed around a track taken from Swarm Intelligence's "Faction" (adn183). Once again black and white, once again fast edited, but more organic, grittier and probably darker, "Destroyer" showcases another side of this massive, dark but also imaginative and deep album.

You can watch the video to "Destroyer" here or below. It was created by Maria Mendes specifically for Swarm Intelligence.

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