Pre-orders now taken for the new albums by Niveau Zero and Oyaarss.
Friday, 05 October 2012 07:00

Pre-orders are now taken for the new Oyaarss and Niveau Zero albums.

October is upon us, and will see the release of two major albums on Ad Noiseam before it is over. Announced, displayed and now available for pre-orders are two very distinct works from the two current heavy hitters that are Oyaarss (following his "Bads" album with a remasted release of his early "Smaida Greizi Nakamiba" demo) and Niveau Zero (with his long-awaited "Jasmine" second full length album).

Both of these albums will be released on October 22nd and both come on all formats: vinyl (everytime with a copy of the album on CD in the sleeve), CD and digital files. And as usual, pre-orders get a rebate: if you purchase your copy of these albums before their release date, not only will you get your copy before anyone else, but also for a bit cheaper. Act fast.

Read below for more information, images and audio from both of these albums.

Oyaarss "Smaida Greizi Nakamiba" (adn163)
Oyaarss "Smaida Greizi Nakamiba" (adn163)

On his 2011 demo, here completed, remastered and re-designed, Oyaarss already expressed all that made of his "Bads" album such a widely praised work: the intense analog noise, the bass-heavy droning, and most of all the implacable, misanthropic atmospheres. "Smaida Greizi Nakamiba": "The Future Smiles Wryly", but also very loud, as Oyaarss's music (here supported by three other Latvian musicians) sings the tune of decay and rust. Exigent, massive and calling the deepest pits of its listener's ears and soul, this album underlines Oyaarss's talent, while displaying another side of his vast repertoire.
Pre order "Smaida Greizi Nakamiba" on LP (+CD) / CD / digital files
And here already an audio excerpt, with this album's opening title track:


Niveau Zero "Jasmine" (adn161)
Niveau Zero "Jasmine" (adn161)

Two years after his "In_Sect" debut, Niveau Zero presents with "Jasmine" a very ambitious album in which he refines and improves the recipe which has made him one the highest regarded figures of European bass music. Still refusing to embrace any trend, he combines dubstep, metal, hip-hop and break-beats in an ensemble that not only stays coherent from start to finish, but constantly evolves, changes and keeps the listeners on the edge of their seats. A detailled, massive and towering display of inventivity and takent, "Jasmine" is the perfect studio-translation of what makes Niveau Zero one of the most exciting act around.
Pre order "Jasmine" on 2xLP (+CD) / CD / digital files
And here already an audio excerpt, with "The Cross", a track co-written with Aucan:

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