Second part of DJ Hidden's "Enclosed" podcast series.
Friday, 18 October 2013 20:21

Second part of DJ Hidden's "Enclosed" podcast series.

Friday Freebie: We're getting closer to the release date of DJ Hidden's excellent and eagerly awaited third studio album ("Enclosed", coming out on Ad Noiseam on October 28th and "pre-orderable" here on double CD and there as digital files). As mentionned a week ago, DJ Hidden has embarked on an adventure of no less than 6 podcasts to present this album, each being presented by a different platform.

The first part of this "Enclosed Sessions" podcast was broadcast by Ad Noiseam and can still be listened to / downloaded here (or there). The second instalment was spread to the world today through the good people as Hard Bass Dealers, and can be listened to here or below. Rather than focusing on purely DJ Hidden material, as the first one did, this one includes almost only material from like-minded artists.

Press play, enjoy, stay tuned for the next episodes, listen again to the first one and, of course, don't pass on the opportunity to pre-order your copy of "Enclosed". As usual, pre-orders are getting a rebate.


01. DJ Hidden - Einstein (Outro)
02. Gerra Stone - Rundown
03. Rregula - Barnes
04. Hostage - Wires
05. Landscapers - Creature
06. Katharsys - Iron Sky
07. Black Sun Empire & Eye-D - Milkshake VIP
08. Proton Kid - Scary (C.A.2K Remix)
09. Gancher & Ruin & The Panacea - Stardust
10. Zardonic, Counterstrike, Gein & Robyn Chaos - Revolution (Eye-D Remix)
11. NU4M & Mistique - Panic Attack (Nouwa Remix)
12. DJ Hidden - Clockwise I
13. Billain - Supertensor
14. The Sect - Magma
15. C.A.2K - Metal Gear
16. Current Value - Equivalence
17. Fortitude - Spectral Army
18. Rregula - Lode Runner
19. DJ Hidden - Traces II
20. Noisia & Evol Intent - The Liquid
21. SkittB - Anger Management VIP
22. Hallucinator - I Am The Devil
23. Fragz & Deathmachine - Necessary Evil

DJ Hidden's "Enclosed" album (adn173) will be released on Ad Noiseam on October 19th. It can already be pre-ordered (with a discount) on double CD and as digital files.

DJ Hidden's third full length album is such a rich and encompassing experience that a few words can't do justice to its diversity and sharpness. A seamless combination of all of Noel Wessels's projects and tastes, it takes its listeners from the calmest, most evocative ambiences to the fastest, most pounding dancefloor highs. Nobody writes a track like DJ Hidden does, and we highly doubt that anybody is going to catch up with a musician whose blasts outside his expected boundaries with such commanding force, as “Enclosed” is a lot more than a regular album.

DJ Hidden "Enclosed" - Ad Noiseam adn173

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