So, who wants a copy of Warp20?
Sunday, 04 October 2009 18:57
Unless you've been living in outer space recently, you've heard that Warp  just turned 20, and released a limited edition luxirious boxset to commemorate the occasion.

And by luxurious, we mean an oversized box with a book, two CDs and five 10". Très awesome.

Ad Noiseam has managed to secure a couple of copies, which are new, unopened, shrinkwrapped, and extra packagded in an additional cardboard box (so one more box than on the images below).

Since this item is expensive and heavy to ship, we are reserving this for people who either
pick it up from the Ad Noiseam office in Berlin or at the Ad Noiseam table at the Maschinenfest n
ext week-end.

Therefore, if you want to get a copy, email us as soon as possible with your name and tell me whether you will pick up this box in Berlin or at the Maschinenfest. And if you really, really want to mailorder it, let me know as well. But note that shipping will be expensive.

The boxes are, again, totally new, cost 200 Euro a piece, and will go on the first come, first served basis. Act fast.

You can stop asking, both boxes are gone.

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