Spotlight on Matta's "Release The Freq" and "Prototype", plus a free mix.
Wednesday, 10 November 2010 18:00

Fourth article detailling one of the many new releases on Ad Noiseam this Autumn, and this time about two items which are now available: Matta's new vinyl EP, "Release The Freq" (adn137) and first CD, "Prototype" (adn138) were released yesterday, and can now be purchased in the online store.

Featuring three new tracks, the "Release The Freq" 12" is the follow-up to the remarked "The Lost" (adn126) released in the Spring. It showcases again Matta's knick at writing dubstep tracks which go far beyond the usual clichés of the genre: heavy, but subtle, dark, but balanced, club-friendly, but detailled. "Release The Freq" is available now on vinyl and as mp3.

Coming up at the same time (which is now) is "Prototype", Matta's first CD. Like last year's "Terminal Static" by Broken Note, this release compiles most of Matta's vinyl output for all those of you who prefer your discs five inch-wide and silvery. "Prototype" contains all the tracks from "The Lost" and "Release The Freq" as well as Matta's remix from Hecq's "Sura", two tracks from their digital "Vice" debut and an exclusive tune. It can now be purchased on CD or as mp3.

Matta just played an excellent and very remarked gig at this year's Maschinenfest festival (so remarked, actually, that we sold out of all the copies of "Prototype" we had there), but for all of you who weren't there, how about enjoying both these releases as well as a brand new free mix from this duo?

The tracklisting for this new "Decrease The Peace" mix as well as more pictures and tracks from the two new releases are below.

Click here for a better view of this image.

"Release The Freq" is taken from both the EP of the same name and the "Prototype" CD:

"Inquisition part III" appeared on "The Lost" and is also to be heard on "Prototype":

And here is the tracklisting for the "Decrease The Peace" posted above:
1. Broken Note - Flood (Ad Noiseam)
2. Downlink - Ghost (Rottun Records)
3. SkisM - Back Off (Matta Remix) (Never Say Die Records)
4. SkisM - Elixir (Never Say Die Records)
5. Niveau Zero - First (Ad Noiseam)
6. Matta - Hit The Switch (Heavy Artillery)
7. Matta - Chest Rocker (Dub)
8. Sebastian - Greel vs Dreams 2.5 (Matta Re-edit) (Ed Banger Records)
9. Matta - Turning Tricks (Dub)
10. Coki - Goblin (Ringo Recordings)
11. Matta - Chaos Reigns (Ad Noiseam)
12. Broken Note - Aporia (Ad Noiseam)
13. Broken Note - War In the making (Niveau Zero Remix) (Ad Noiseam)
14. Matta vs Niveau Zero - Venom (Komod.O.Dragon)
15. Black Lung - Succulent Bruises & Bruised Roses (Matta Remix) (Ad Noiseam)
16. Karsten Pflum - Nemo Loon pt3 (Ad Noiseam)
17. Roel Funcken - Lajor Mazer (Matta slowed it down and added vocals refix) (Ad Noiseam)
18. Skream - Dark Light (Freeizm)
19. Niveau Zero - Evil League (Hecq Remix) (Ad Noiseam)
20. Matta - Sub Rosa (Dub)
21. Enduser - Interruptuon 4 (Cardopusher Remix) (Ad Noiseam)
22. Hecq - Sura (Matta Remix) (Ad Noiseam)
23. Bong Ra - Megasaurus (Matta Remix) (Ad Noiseam)
24. Matta - Future Shock (Dub)
25. Matta - Puncture (Dub)
26. Matta - Outlaw (Ad Noiseam)
27. Hecq - I am you (Hymen Records)

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