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16 Pad Noise Terrorist / Tlic / Cyperkid - Flop 3 - 12"
16 Pad Noise Terrorist / Tlic / Cyperkid - Flop 3
16 Pad Noise Terrorist / Tlic / Cyperkid

12" (vinyl)

Flop Beat Disc flop003
File under
industrial / breakcore / drum'n'bass & jungle.

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16 Pad Noise Terrorist, a young d'n'b / breakcore act from Leipzig, gets the lion share on this 12", with an A side focusing on a combination of his beats (very d'n'b on the main track, more industrial on the following remix) and a very Drumcorps-esque, hardcore metal voice. Efficient, but your neighboors won't like this one. The B side is a bit more experimental, with noisy and syncopated tracks by Tlic and Cyperkid. The whole thing is well cut, quite loud, and rather original.
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from 3 to 12 inches in 45rpm