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2562 - Fever - CD
2562 - Fever


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One thing is for sure, 2562 is not a man to repeat himself. This third album (and the first LP on his own, new label) is miles away from the highly regarded 2008's "Aerial" or the somewhat transitional 2009 "Unbalance". There's almost no trace of dubstep to be found anymore, and the man has pumped up his track quite a notch, which results in a full length which might still be accessible, but is less melodic and considerably more not-minimal techno oriented than anything I had heard before. Less smooth than one would think at first, probably appealing more to fans of Ostgut than to Tectonic's, it's all well done, and has gained in mass-appeal what it might have lost in originality. A strong effort, let's see how the fans react.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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oh i hope fatty bass will help/save us all :)