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2kilos &More - Kurz vor5 - CD
2kilos &More - Kurz vor5
2kilos &more


Audiophob auphcd 018
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electronica / downtempo.

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Though this is the third album by the French duo 2kilos &more, "Kurz vor 5" is the first one I get the listen to, discovering very uncommon but quite mature material which doesn't let itself be pigeonholed. What we get here is a combination of long drones, heavy, repetitive beats, and a lot of these semi-electronic, semi-ethnic or rock elements that are also to be found in Von Magnet (it's therefore no surprise that Phil Von appears on a track here, and one of the member of 2Kilos &more is now part of Von Magnet), with some rock instrumentations added towards the end of the album. Pretty intense, quite raw, and definitely very original.
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