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2methylbulbe1ol - Golem - 12"
2methylbulbe1ol - Golem

12" (vinyl)

Overclockheadz OCHDZ02
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dubstep & grime.

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We've been saying good things about 2methylbulbe1ol for quite some time now. This French musician has released some great tracks on Ruff (including a split with Niveau Zero) and Komod.O Dragon last year, and here comes what is probably his most ambitious release so far, in the form of a full artwork-ed, blue vinyl-ed 4 track EP. Again, what we're confronted to here is a heavy, sci-fi sounding but quite emotional kind of dubstep, at the same time contained and forward-going. Having Hecq remix the title track to close this record and asking Mobthrow to master it all made a lot of sense, and we can't but strongly recommend this record. Congratulations.
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