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2methylBulbe1ol - Quelques Siècles D'Insomnie - 12"
2methylBulbe1ol - Quelques Siècles D'Insomnie

12" (vinyl)

- Ep00
File under
electronica / downtempo.

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The release of his new "Golem" EP is a reason for us to go back through 2methylbulbe1ol's discography and offer his very first, self-released 12", the 2009 "Quelques Siècles D'Insomnie". While everything from him since this record has been sticking to the dubstep genre, the five tracks of this début are a lot more free-form. Already featuring a lot of sounds that we can hear in his later releases, these centuries of insomnia are more of a muscular (and at times broken) downtempo electronica EP, which might appeal a bit less to the dancefloor then its successors, but gains in soul what it lost in club-appeal.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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