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Ab-Hinc - Farkhülse Fist Reconfigurations - 2x12"
Ab-Hinc - Farkhülse Fist Reconfigurations

2x12" (vinyl) (also available on digital)
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Widerstand / Wire Globe WS16 / LP4
File under
industrial / breakcore / noise / downtempo / experimental / dubstep & grime.

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After five years of silence, the return of Widerstand Records is very welcome over here, as while this Austrian label was never the most prolific one out there, it was always a sign of quality. No exception this time with this remix double LP of AB-Hinc's cult (and 1997-released) "Farkhülse Fist". On remix duties are a bunch of Widerstand (and allied) artists: Eiterherd (of course), Pure, Kovert, Shiver Electronics, Kajkyt, AB-Hinc himself under his Opcion moniker and others re-interpret Ab-Hinc's original, with their new tunes ranging from dark drones to massive, somber beats or, at times, some syncopated breakcore. The atmospheres are heavy, the sounds gritty, the overtones dark, and the production clever. Very recommended.
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