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Abstractive Noise - Of The Adder's Bite - CD
Abstractive Noise - Of The Adder's Bite
Abstractive Noise

CD (CD) (also available on digital)
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Abstractive Records (Impulsive Art) IMA 007 / ABR 001
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electronica / downtempo.

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Very nice and convincing debut album by Abstractive Noise, the project of the founder of Greece's (highly regarder) Impulsive Art label. It shouldnt come too much as a surprise that we are that enthusiastic about "Of The Adder's Bite", as this album fits very well with the rest of the very interesting (and here often praised) nascent Greek scene: Abstractive Noise's electronic rely on a heavy dose of accoustic drumming and strings to build very evocative, cinematic atmospheres without ever falling into full-on ambient material. Somewhere of a combination of some influences from Subheim, Mobthrow's calmest tracks and Stavros Gasparatos, Abstractive Noise sign here an album which we strongly recommend.
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